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    Sigh.. Swan M50W dead after 30 seconds

    My Swan unit came in a few days ago and I just got around to setting them up. About 25-30 seconds in to listening to a song the thing just cut out and died. It made a sound like someone ripped out the audio in cable. Now the control module is getting no light so I am guessing the amp or a fuse...
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    How can i hook up this sub into my existing setup?

    I found myself some old audio gear my parents had hidden in a closet and I am wondering if I can get the sub connected and playing nice with my M-audio av40s. I know that connecting active monitors to an active sub can be problematic but I'm no expert so I'm turning to you guys for some...
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    PS4 Online Multiplayer to Require PS Plus Subscription So much for that caveat...
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    Newegg Windows 8 Full Version Core [$69.99] / Pro [$109.99]

    Decent deal for those that need a license for new systems Newegg Promo codes expire 10/25 Full version of WIndows 8 - $69.99 Promo Code - EMCJNJA83 Full Version of Windows 8 Pro - $109.99 Promo Code - EMCJNJA87
  5. D Holiday Sale~~

    blah delete someone already made a thread didnt see :(