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    Corsair Sale at Best Buy

    I picked up the K95 from this sale. Keys are quiet and feel great to type on. The volume wheel is really handy to have while in-game. Great upgrade from the Blackwidow that always gave me issues.
  2. J

    Is 'SimCity' Homelessness a Bug or a Feature?

    Hate to say it, but this actually happened: I remember this making local headlines here in Austin. It was interesting idea to say the least, but if I recall the "wages" paid...
  3. J

    Painkiller Black Edition $9.95 at

    If you go here and only select Painkiller, it comes out to $5.99:
  4. J

    Cryostasis Code Giveaway!

    Used T1AY-7A1B-04MK-CA5K. Thanks!
  5. J

    Compaq Cq60 help

    I would clone the partition using Norton Ghost, Acronis True Image or something similar (haven't done this in a few years) and restore the image to the new drive. The big caveat here is that the new drive must be bigger than the cloned partition. You may be able to resize your current OS...
  6. J

    Trouble with laptop after replacing MB

    One thing I recommend is using the repair guide they provide for your exact model. It makes it a lot easier to tear down and reassemble. :) Good luck!
  7. J

    Trouble with laptop after replacing MB

    I checked your model, and since you have an Nvidia chip it's probably affected by the bad GPUs. It looks like the same problem I had with my dv9000 series. I could boot into a Live Linux disk just fine, but I couldn't install and load the OS without weird video artifacts. When I tried to load...
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    How to do a reflow (performed on a DV 2000)

    I am typing on my just-repaired dv9339us! It seems to be working great! No more rainbow vertical lines, and it actually boots into the OS! I am quite stunned that it's actually working. It's been a brick for well over a year at this point. Thanks for all the detailed instructions on the...
  9. J

    How to do a reflow (performed on a DV 2000)

    Decided to try this myself on my dv9339us. I just heated up the GPU and now waiting for it to cool down. Will post again with results. The expansion port works with a pretty nice elevated docking station. I bought mine with an extra power adapter for $60 from a surplus vendor. That was just a...
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    Metro 2033 - 75% off ($12.50), keys can be registered on Steam

    Nice find. Purchased and key delivered in about 30 minutes. Works in Steam just fine!
  11. J

    Steam: 2K Huge Games Pack (20 Games for $54!)

    Awesome price on a lot of games! Bioshock Prey Civ City: Rome Civilation IV Warlords Civilation IV: Beyone The Sword Railroad Tycoon 3 Railroad Tycoon II Platinum Freedom Force Freedom Force vs. The 3rd Reich Shattered Union Sid Meier's Civilization...
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    Realtek Onboard sound: Buzzing Noise?

    I've heard that using ferrite core shields on the cable will help reduce the buzzing sound you can get from GSM interference. The same concept should apply here, I'd think. They come on some USB cables packed with devices.
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    Galaxy Gives it Away!

    Nice. Sponsors can't hurt. :)
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    HDMI to HDMI issues

    Nope, the warranty ran out for me just a short while ago. I would have raised a stink if I had realized the problem before. It showed up a little blurry on my HDTV, but I didn't think it had to do with my laptop. And I doubt they'll replace my laptop. They wouldn't replace my faulty battery...
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    HDMI to HDMI issues

    I realize this thread is several months old, but I just happened to be Googling about this and it came up on HardForum. Can anybody confirm there's an issue with the DV9000's HDMI out?
  16. J

    Blu-Ray 480i?

    Thanks for the info guys! I'm glad I won't have to wait to get an HDTV to be able to play them at all. I guess the BB employees were taught to throw the misinformation as a sales pitch.
  17. J

    Blu-Ray 480i?

    Over the weekend, I was perusing the local Best Buy's DVD section and came across the Blade Runner five disc collection on Blu-Ray disc. I have a PlayStation 3 at home, but my television is a standard definition CRT with component inputs. The salespersons at Best Buy have told me that I would...
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    Email Notification: Secondary Address?

    Suggestion: It would be very convenient to allow a secondary email address just for the notifications. I realize the problem behind allowing new registrations via free email services, but it would be great to be able to send thread update and PM notifications to my Gmail account. I'll even...
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    Firewall GUI? Blocking an application from accessing the internet.

    I'm talking out of my arse here, but I think Linux is mostly secure because you don't have GUIs for everything and you have to look everything up. That's just my gut feeling on the matter, though. At least, that's what Linux "gurus" would like us to believe. I'm all for a clean GUI on all the...
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    How to choose Ubuntu version

    I don't think you'd need the server edition for what you are doing. Likely you would have to install the BT software for server just as you would for the desktop version. The server edition probably comes preinstalled with mostly server software such as MySQL/Postgre, Apache HTTP, firewall, etc...
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    Glib-2.0 header files?

    Just for clarification, in case the OP doesn't know about sudo yet. sudo apt-get build-dep gaim Yup, that works. I used that trick on a fresh install a couple weeks ago. Also, it will save you a headache if you don't realize which packages are optional for building, such as those for sound...
  22. J

    change the Gnome Menu?

    Oh, whoops. It certainly looked like it at first glance. I'll do me research next time.
  23. J

    change the Gnome Menu?

    That's "Slab" from SLED 10 (SuSe Linux Enterprise Desktop). You can get it through Automatix.
  24. J

    Xbox 360 Premium: $299

    I just bring the deals as I sees 'em. :p
  25. J

    Xbox 360 Premium: $299

    The minute you order a current model. When else?
  26. J

    Xbox 360 Premium: $299

    Whoops, I missed that. Still, $100 off ain't too shabby if you don't mind.
  27. J

    Xbox 360 Premium: $299 special: Dagumit, I paid too much for mine a couple months ago! :mad:
  28. J

    best place to buy an xbox 360 live subscription?

    Well, being eBay, they come and they go. Because I had to start a new account, I feel like the card code he emailed me was from a promotional giveaway.
  29. J

    best place to buy an xbox 360 live subscription?

    Be careful on the eBay auctions. I bought a 12+1 month card for $35, what seemed to be the same as what they sell in stores, but you have to activate a new account with it. Waste of money because I'd have to start over and lose my progress. I've just given up on that account and stayed with my...
  30. J

    God of War: Chains of Olympus Demo UMD Better hurry. Supplies are limited! :)
  31. J

    360 Elite Impressions

    It just irks me that I could have held out a couple months and got six times the storage for only an $80 upgrade. I would have jumped on that. I'm just grumpy, that's all. :mad:
  32. J

    360 Elite Impressions

    Yes, got that. What I mean is, how is it different than any other notebook hard drive? From what I understand, nada.
  33. J

    Favorite game you never beat?

    Hah! I've been trying to play through FF7 since 1997! Ten years and I can't get through it! First time, I was near the end and my memory card was corrupted. The last several times I've tried to play through it I just got bored because I remembered playing everything. I've got to try again this...
  34. J

    360 Elite Impressions

    I don't know about that. It seems likely that used Premium consoles won't fetch what they did before the Elite came out. I'm wondering if selling a Premium for what you can and getting the Elite would add up better than just buying the 120GB HDD for $180. As much as I like the idea of a...
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    Consolers: Gamestop B&M Buy 2 Used Get 3rd Free Sale!

    I wait to buy my console games for these sales at Gamestop B&M. You can usually snag up older classics you've missed out on for cheap. Now they're even cheaper! Here's a direct link to the weekly ad. I picked up Metal Slug 4/5, Tekken 5, Mega Man Collection, Mega Man X Collection, and a...
  36. J

    Company of Heroes $29.99 @ Gamestop

    EDIT: Whoops, misread. I posted in the Gogamer thread for Supreme Commander. Gamestop has them both at $29.99. I posted this in the Gogamer thread and somebody mentioned their local B&M wouldn't honor the price change. :( My advice is to print out the weekly ad to show to management if they...
  37. J

    Supreme Commander $24.90!

    Sorry to hear that. I saw this in the weekly ad, which is supposed to carry over into their B&M stores. If you had it printed out it may have helped, but I guess we'll never know! :)
  38. J

    Supreme Commander $24.90!

    Gamestop just lowered their price to $29.99 for all you B&M fans.
  39. J Weekend Deals

    Pricematch to Costco?
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    woot off tonight!!!!

    Refurb or no, they're cheap! :) Beats buying the knock-off iPods for the same price.