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    MSI GTX 970 bios delay with GA-Z68X-UD3H-B3 motherboard

    Wondering if anyone else has experienced something like this. I got a MSI GTX 970 graphics card. Now when I boot the PC it hangs at the bios splash screen for over 1 minute. The PC beeps several times and no input is allowed at all except ctrl-alt-del which starts the boot process again. I...
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    Crysis 3 - Crossfire issue, only black screen on launch

    When launching the game it opens the window in windowed mode, then goes full screen. After that I just get a black screen, no sound and can't do anything, even ctrl-alt-del. If I disable Crossfire the game loads perfectly. Running 6950CF with 13.2 beta 6 drivers on windows 7 64. Anyone...
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    Long term PC for apocalyptic situation?

    Let's say you were building a PC for an end of the world as we know it scenario. The main goal of this PC would be to last you as long as possible. To store records, documents, books (survival guides, instructions, entertainment etc). You may play some light open source/indie games, but I...
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    IBM Server reboots over 4 times after hard reboot before it boots to Windows Server 2

    I have a new IBM 3550M4 - machine 7914AC1. You can do a soft reboot once the server is running and it will come up in one attempt. However, if you have to power off the server, then it will have to go through the entire boot cycle and restart over 4 times before it comes back up. As you can...
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    7970 Trifire... doable on any single PSU?

    So I can make plans for when I inevitably hit the lottery. In all seriousness... that would be pretty cool. Could it be done or would you have to go multi-PSU? On HardOCP's review it seems to be pulling ~370W stock at full load and ~460W @1.26 ghz. Seems kinda pointless to slap 3 of...
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    A sad day for PC enthusiasts everywhere

    Personally I am not mad at AMD for the performance of Bulldozer, nor do I want to trash them. I think everyone knew in their hearts that this release would lag behind Intel. For shits n giggles, Intel vs AMD Research and development expenses, from Yahoo Finance: 2010...
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    Anyone get big improvement with CF in 11.10 part 2?

    I was experiencing massive glitchiness/microstutter in Caspian Border (and to a lesser extent outside in Metro) with my CF 6950s. So this morning I noticed that preview driver part 2 had been released. So after installing and loading up Origin, I find that the beta has ended minutes after I...
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    Anti-aliasing options in BF3

    BF3 beta currently offers options of both: Post-processing AA, at low - med - high settings (I assume this is FXAA or MLAA?) Deferred AA at MSAA 2X - 4X - 8X Any thoughts as to what may offer the best blend of image quality and performance? I know that each individual form of AA will not...
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    Will fillrate take a backseat as shader based AA gains popularity?

    As shader based AA methods continue to gain steam, will we see an end for the need of high fill rates in cards (aside from multi-monitor)? Will amount of rops stop increasing and more unified shaders/cuda cores get crammed on cards? Don't get me wrong, I would like to have MSAA as a viable...
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    Blower style and dual fan style 6950 in same system

    I didn't really think too much about this when I ordered my second 6950... is this going to be a problem? My current card is a reference Saphire 6950 2GB and I'll be adding an XFX 6950 2GB dual fan design. Should I stick the saphire card on the bottom to prevent the heat from getting dumped...
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    Are 6950s from Newegg/Amazon going to drop in price when SI drops?

    Or are they just going to be out of stock? Want to know if I should buy my second 6950 for crossfire now or will I be able to get it NEW cheaper soon? Thanks.
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    Crossfire basics question

    Just a couple of basic questions about crossfire: I have an unlocked Saphire reference 6950... running 6970 bios clocks 920 - 1375 +20% power in catalyst control center. I'd like to add a second card... which will likely be a 6950 due to money, power supply and cooling issues. I currently...
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    Why the lack of displays w/ higher resolution than 1080p?

    I only see this in monitors 27 inches and higher. This would allow those of us without the money or space to run an eyefinity setup an avenue to increase our display enjoyment in another way. Why not 2560x1440 in a 24 inch or smaller screen? Why not even higher? People buy into iphone 4...
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    Add a second 69XX to my unlocked 6950 or wait for Southern Islands?

    I'm wondering what is going to give me the best bang for the buck. I'm using a corsair 750W modular power supply... so I'm not entirely sold on running 2 6970s on that amount of power, but I think I could manage it. My current 6950 is flashed with 6970 bios and clocked at 920 mhz + 6970...
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    67 C in the cores under max load too hot for E8400?

    Just got a new ATI 6950 which is quite outpacing my E8400... so I'm trying a bit of OCing to balance it out a bit. Using prime95 stress benchmark... Stock (3.0 Ghz) temps in the cores are about 58 C after 30 minutes of full load. OCed to 3.6 Ghz core temps are about 67 C. Strangely enough...
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    Would 2x PC4200 sticks work fine in my dell system that has 2x PC3200 already?

    I've got 2x PC3200 DDR2 512 sticks in my Dell 4700, and I want to move up to 2 gigs of total ram. I can get 2x sticks of 4200 10 bucks cheaper than 3200. Should I just go with the 4200 to save the 10 bucks, or would I be better assured of compatibility (dual channel and stuff) by going with...
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    is PC2 4200 backwards compatible with PC2 3200?

    I've got a dell dimension 4700 with a gig of PC3200 DDR2 in it (2 512 slots). So I wanted to go with 2 more 512s to utilize the dual channel and get 2 gigs of total ram. Just so you know, I want this for faster battlefield 2 and CS:S loading, as well as lag free general operation. I also have...
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    Would I be crazy to buy a x800XL now?

    I've recently started working at circuit city, and I can get an 800XL 256 MB for 180$ bucks through ATI's employee purchase program. Would I be crazy to do this now? Is there something way better right around the corner that I'd be better off waiting for, or are we talking near christmas...
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    Omega drivers?

    How do the omega custom drivers stand up to the standard Nvidia drivers? I've got a geforce 6600GT. Thanks for any responses.
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    Half life 2 Vsync question

    Vsync in Half Life 2 annoys me because the limit continually jumps between 60 fps and back down to 30. This happens a good deal now that I have enabled 4X AA at 1280 x 1024 (running on a geforce 6600GT), and I seem to be pretty much in between 30 and 60 fps most of the time. I only get tearing...
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    Any long term dust related or other problems to running computer with case open?

    My dell system runs quite hot with my geforce 6600GT, and I can help this problem alot by running with the case side panel open. Are there any problems to doing this? Should I look into alternative cooling solutions rather than doing this? Thanks for any responses.
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    MSI 6600GT cooling dilemna - advice please

    Let me preface this by saying that I have already purchased one 6600GT from newegg, which ran at 82 C+ while testing the card with World of Warcraft, until the card subsequently died from overheating while I was running a quake 3 timedemo at max details and full anti-aliasing/anisotropic...
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    MSI 6600GT HSF question

    Let me preface this by saying that I have already purchased one 6600GT from newegg, which ran at 82 C+ while testing the card with World of Warcraft, until the card subsequently died from overheating while I was running a quake 3 timedemo at max details and full anti-aliasing/anisotropic...
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    MSI 6600GT running at 78 C during WoW... should I be worried?

    My new card is running at 78 Celsius while playing World of Warcraft at max details 1280 1024 resolution.. should this worry me?
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    Will my 305W Dell power supply be sufficient for my new 6600GT?

    I'm running a Dell Dimension 4700 with: a P4 3.4 Ghz 1 Gig of 3200 DDR Ram 160 GB 7200 RPM SATA HD Only 1 DVDRW drive Currently a radeon x300 SE This is all running on PCI express I've got a new MSI 6600GT coming in the mail from Newegg, and I'm wondering if my current Dell power...