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    32" 5K Glossy monitors exist?

    So I've been using a 32" 4K Glossy and would like something with higher PPI while keeping the 32" size (27 is too small and 40 is too big) 32" is a good middle ground. Are there ANY 32" glossy 5K out there yet?
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    Why isn't AR treated glass more common on monitors?

    Instead of using Matte coatings which reduce image quality and make everything look dull, why isn't AR treated glass laminated to the LCD panel used instead? even on very high-end $1000+ monitors have Matte coatings. Not even a $2000 monitor has AR treated glass except for the Dell UP2715k and...
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    Do you use different monitors for different things?

    I use a glossy 1440P Qnix 2710 PLS @ 96hz for gaming and a glossy AH-VA HP Spectre 32" 4K for general use like Facebook, Youtube, forums like this, movies, reading. So do you think this is a good idea? I think it's a great idea since no perfect monitor exists :( my dream monitor is a Glossy 32"...