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    X-Fi Titanium Fatal1ty Pro Series or Onboard Audio? new headset?

    Since my sound card is years old are the on board sound superior? not to sure what to use. I have an Aorus z390 pro board with ALC1220-VB sound chip. Im getting ready to buy a new headset for gaming currently im on a samson sr850 but looking for a new head set looking to spend no more than...
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    bought beat saber on the steam can i play it on oculus quest?

    So i have a rift but i bought most of my vr games on steam will i be able to play these games on the quest or do i need to re purchase them on the oculus store ughh.
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    Sandy bridge 2500k system enough for my 1080ti?

    i recently got a 1080ti and was wondering if i can get more out of its potential with an upgrade of my system and if its worth it. my system is in sig. ive been complimenting on upgrading but i use my pc strictly for gaming and regular computer use. i dont do any photo or video or picture...
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    no knowledge on the topic of HTPC need insight.

    I really have no idea on the concept of htpc. The question i have is that can and HTPC replace a cable company and capable of doing everything cable tv can? i ask this question cause my cable company goes up every year and its getting annoying. If an HTPC can replace cable tv what would i...
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    Asus GL503VM-BI7N13 1060 Laptop $1050 Best Buy

    Seems like a good deal i know people will complain that its only a 3gb version of the 1060 but i cant find any other laptop at this price point with a 120hz gsync screen with a 1060. What do you all think? i am thinking of getting it. going from a 970m laptop decent upgrade...
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    Steam games into external drive used on different computers?

    Is this possible? using an external drive to install steam games and using that drive to play games on different pcs?
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    looking for ultra wide 1440p need your input

    Looking for a ultra wide monitor. my budget is 800 dollars. What would u guys recommend? I do have a gtx 1070 gsync would be nice but not necessary since freesync monitors are a lot cheaper. im looking at the AOC Agon ag352ucg but reading reviews that motion blur may be a problem. and i...
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    15.6 thin 120hz vs 15.6 thicker 120hz with gsync?

    Looking to get a laptop 15.6 inch screen with a gtx 1070. is it important to have gsync with 120hz screen? i still dont even really understand the whole 120hz and gsync and what it really does vs a standard 60hz screen i am so used to. the laptops im looking at seem so only have 120hz with a...
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    what are my options 15.6 1070 1080p 120hz

    looking for these specific things in a gaming laptop what are my options?
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    Any such thing as 2k 32 inch 144hz gsync monitor

    looking for a 32 inch 2k 144hz gsync monitor do these exist?
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    My MSI RMA experience

    Hello all i just wanted to share my experience with MSI RMA. I read a lot of horror stories and wasn't expecting much. I live local to the RMA place in Walnut CA. My video card didn't really have a problem just a fan blade broke off was pretty certain RMA wouldn't cover that. I gave it a...
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    California full phone price tax any way to avoid?

    hi yall im from california and they have this dumb tax with cell phone by taxing you for the full price of the phone instead of your discounted price. I was wondering if any one knows if i upgrade my phone out of state like in nevada would i still be hit with that tax?
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    his iceq 2 7970 coil whine or something else?

    I just got a great deal on 2 7970 on craigslist. brought then home 1 seems like its working good and the other has a whine to it. I have been reading about coil whine and a lot of people say they get it when get super high frame rates like in menus. The whine i have only starts when in game...
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    Any 27 inch and up 1920x1200 monitor?

    been looking all over a 27 inch or bigger 1920x1200 monitor. I currently have an old hanns-g 28 inch tn panel. Anything new and better out there at 1920x1200? any ips led ones?
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    ensquared mobile insurance any one have experience with them?

    been looking around trying to get insurance for my phone ensquared looks good cuz they cover lost or stolen phones. i notice when i go to there website it is a candian website. is there a USA version? if not can i sign up even though its canada?
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    Gaming headset usb or 3.5 jack?

    I do have a x-fi card looking for a new headset under 100 dollars. i notice there are alot of usb headsets now are these better? any recommendations on headsets?
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    do they ever answer the phone MC Tustin/OC?

    been trying to call since yesterday no answer.
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    Hanns-g 28 inch monitor problem

    had this monitor for 4 years now and for the past 2 years my monitors has been needing to warm up for about 5 mins before showing a picture. things have been getting worse. now it take even longer to warm up and now there is some distortion like lines that come and go. lines are not to bad...
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    galaxy nexus idle battery drain

    My galaxy nexus is rooted with aokp with franco kernal. over night if its on 4g when i wake up 8 hours later i gor from 100 to 68 percent and my battery stats say phone idle as the top drainer. I have tried wifi over night and i drop only about 8 percent. does any one else have this problem?
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    Is the dota community dead?

    installed my wc3 and wanted to try out dota again havnt played it for years. got on bnet cant find any games or people in games. Is the game dead?
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    Upgrade from a Hanns-g 28 incher?

    Been on my 28 inch hanns-g since early 2008 i think my monitor is failing on me i dunno but everytime i first turn on my comp my picture goes in and out and stays out at one point for a minute then goes on and stays on without any problems after that unless the monitor goes into sleep mode then...
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    Small ssd just for OS only worth it?

    Thinking of going ssd but they are very expensive. I dunno if this will work to any advantage but does installing os in ssd and installing games and everything else on a regular hard drive worth it as far as speed with stuff that isnt installed on the ssd. sorry to sound lost but pretty...
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    Any Difference going for 6870x2 vs 6870 crossfire?

    Is there any advantages over the other between the 2? i always here problems with crossfire on some game on how there is microstutter or sometimes less fps vs single card is getting a 6870x2 more safe?
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    Best Gaming Laptop for under $1200

    Friend is looking for a gaming laptop at around 1200 dollars. Doesnt have to be 1080p. He wants to be able to play bf3 and decent playable settings. what do you all recommend hes coming off a single core 939 system lol.
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    Best Gaming Laptop for under $1200

    Friend wants to buy a gaming laptop but doesnt want to spend more then 1200 what is the best he can get?
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    GTA 4 Graphics mods?

    Ive seen some screen shots of gta 4 and when i play the game it looks nothing near what i have seen even at max settings. does anyone know the best looking gta 4 graphics mods?
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    free text message with android how?

    need to lower my pricing plan on verizon but it will remove my unlimted text. how would i go about getting a free text message app and how does it work?
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    planning on getting i5 2500k what mobo for Matx?

    looking for a decent mobo that OCs well that is matx. any sugestions?
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    Best video card for around $150?

    friend is looking to upgrade his 4850 but his limit is 150 havnt been in the video card game for a while i still have my 4870. so i am not to familiar with all the new cards out. any suggestions, his Full system specs are e8400, 4 gigs of ram, 27 inch asus monitor, his power supply is what...
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    movie library launcher what is needed?

    I have seen some htpc with a movie library launcher like it shows cover art and a small description of the movie. I want to do this what are the requirements to be able to do this?
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    any way to password protect storage transfer?

    i would like to be able to open the files that i have in my storage hard drives w/o a password, but want to protect my storage files from being copied any way to do that?
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    tansfer steam games to another computer.

    I have a PC at my gfs place but her internet is really slow. so i have games on my pc that i have at home and i want to transfer some of the steam games to her PC how can i go along to do this? What u have so far is and external drive i can take that with to my gfs place but i dunno exactly...
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    Best gaming laptop for under $1300

    My brother wants to get a gaming laptop what is the best one that u guys would reccomend that is under $1300?
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    New to HTPC what do i need to mainlhy turn m PC to a DVR?

    im sure there are alot of post about this topic but juss looking for a few quick answers. this is for my gf her PC is in my sig, is her PC good enough to become a htpc? what else would i need? do i still need to get a cable box from the tv company?
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    motherboard seems to not hold the OC anymore which mobo now

    i have a g33m ds2r mobo i had my e8400 clocked at 3.8 for years with no problems. i have now noticed that when my pc starts up it will say e8300 @ 3.8 423 fsb x9. but when i get to windows and turn on cpuid its at stock 3.0 speed? do you think this is a mobo problem?
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    Bios says cpu is at 3.8 but start up screen says 3.0??

    so i have a e8400 its usually clocked at 3.8 today when my comp loaded it said 3.0ghz so i went to the bios and the fsb is set to 423 and enabled yet every time i reset it goes back to 3.0 but the bios still says 423 fsb enabled. whats up with that?
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    how do i set up a webcam at home and see the stream on my laptop while on vacation?

    This weekend my gf and i are goin to vegas we have a few cats and she scared to leave them and i told her i believe there is a way to stream through a webcam and we can see it the stream through our laptop we bring to vegas. this is possible right? if so what do i need to be able to do this?
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    Whats the best way to get VHS to Your PC?

    I know there are alot of things out there to transfer VHS to your PC. i for one have the diamond one touch video capture and the quaility really blows. How are those Dazzle brand ones? or does any one know the best way to get the best quality transfer?
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    Starcraft 2 runs great at beggining then huge battle = lag

    for 1v1 no issues there but. 2v2 and more in big battles my frames go down to 20 ish. i play at 1920x1200. everything max cept shaders is high and shadows medium. i start off at near 100 frames in the very begging of the game. then it drops in battles pretty bad im sure this is normal since...