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    MSI GTX 970 bios delay with GA-Z68X-UD3H-B3 motherboard

    Wondering if anyone else has experienced something like this. I got a MSI GTX 970 graphics card. Now when I boot the PC it hangs at the bios splash screen for over 1 minute. The PC beeps several times and no input is allowed at all except ctrl-alt-del which starts the boot process again. I...
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    State of Decay. Coming to PC.

    I picked this up today, having never played the console version. Spent some time fiddling with the graphics, was not able to get the "ultra" (very high) version running at what I consider to be an acceptable frame rate, but it was fairly smooth on "maximum" (high). Maybe this will help someone...
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    Crossfire severely flawed?

    I'm not privy enough about the specifics of framerate / frame capture technologies to make my own judgement on exactly how these technologies work. I can offer some anecdotal evidence though. In both BF3 and Crysis 3, I got good results with Crossfire. All framerates observed with FRAPS...
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    Crysis 3 - Crossfire issue, only black screen on launch

    And it's not working again, even using this method. Sometimes I curse AMD and their drivers.
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    Crysis 3 - Crossfire issue, only black screen on launch

    Clutch answer!! This is working now. Now I'm getting 55-70 fps at 1920x1200 at high with 2X SMAA. What a weird glitch. Especially weird that it only affects me with Crossfire enabled. Thanks.
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    Crysis 3 - Crossfire issue, only black screen on launch

    When launching the game it opens the window in windowed mode, then goes full screen. After that I just get a black screen, no sound and can't do anything, even ctrl-alt-del. If I disable Crossfire the game loads perfectly. Running 6950CF with 13.2 beta 6 drivers on windows 7 64. Anyone...
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    Long term PC for apocalyptic situation?

    Let's say you were building a PC for an end of the world as we know it scenario. The main goal of this PC would be to last you as long as possible. To store records, documents, books (survival guides, instructions, entertainment etc). You may play some light open source/indie games, but I...
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    IBM Server reboots over 4 times after hard reboot before it boots to Windows Server 2

    I have a new IBM 3550M4 - machine 7914AC1. You can do a soft reboot once the server is running and it will come up in one attempt. However, if you have to power off the server, then it will have to go through the entire boot cycle and restart over 4 times before it comes back up. As you can...
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    NVIDIA Adaptive VSync Technology Review @ [H]

    As it looks like some have said in this thread, it would have been nice to get a bit more information about input lag and this technology.. Not having any input lag is far more important to me than avoiding some tearing. I normally can't stand playing with Vsync at all because input lag is...
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    Pc building simulator tool

    Seconded. If you don't know enough to know what to pick then you should do a little more research before building a PC. 1) Start with the processor you want. 2) Decide what kind of graphics solution you want. 3) Pick a motherboard that is compatible with cpu, supports the number of...
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    7970 Trifire... doable on any single PSU?

    So I can make plans for when I inevitably hit the lottery. In all seriousness... that would be pretty cool. Could it be done or would you have to go multi-PSU? On HardOCP's review it seems to be pulling ~370W stock at full load and ~460W @1.26 ghz. Seems kinda pointless to slap 3 of...
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    I feel like Im running to hot...2600k

    Yes... that is definitely hotter than you want to run that chip. Are you confident that you have applied thermal paste properly? Also, I definitely second that the software OC could be giving you voltages that are way too high. It's also possible that you got a 2600k that just can't run...
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    Seconded... I have this same case. Does the job perfectly.
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    Poll: iPad as a gadget is...

    My fiance and I own an ipad2 together, but really only she uses it. I find that for general computer usage it's just way too slow to navigate and type on. I've had both an iphone 3G and an iphone 4 so it's not a lack of familiarity of the OS, just that I feel the touch UI just doesn't allow...
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    microstutter / stutter 100% FIX!

    I may try this is a replacement for Vsync at 60 FPS. If it could prevent tearing and not cause my framerate to dip unnecessarily below 60 I may try it. 30 FPS is not good though. Discerning gamers can definitely tell it's not as smooth as it can be.
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    Skyrim on the Frostbite 2.0 engine

    How the heck does Witcher 2 bring your system to its knees? I typically get 90+ FPS maxed out (except for the features I don't like) at 1920x1200.
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    Ready to thump with the Xim3.

    At less than professional level play certainly a gamepad user could defeat a KB/M user. If however if you were to pit to similarly skilled players against each other the KB/M user should come out ahead. At professional/expert level of play it would be a slaughter.
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    Possible for two people to play bf3 on one pc?

    If this Sandboxie program works as advertised I don't see why this couldn't be possible. I feel like my rig has powerful enough hardware to make this happen. My CPU currently hits less than 50% overall running a single instance of BF3. That's with ultra and both types of AA enabled. Both...
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    Crossfire & Refresh rate issues

    Are you living in the real world? Availability of 120 hz monitors is extremely limited. I would love to have one so I wouldn't have to deal with tearing over 60 hz but I just can't justify the expenditure at the moment. My personal goal with framerates is to maintain a minimum framerate...
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    Standard Benchmark for BF3 Coming?

    I think an easy way to simplify this comparison is to just keep your eye on only minimum framerates. I think the lowest I've ever seen with my 6950 CF rig @ 1920x1200 ultra 2XMSAA FXAA High setup is about 55 FPS.
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    Do I upgrade my computer? Or Replace it?

    At a minimum to get a very solid performance in modern games you want to play you'll need to go with a new motherboard, cpu, video card and memory. You could reuse other stuff if you wanted, but personally if I'm going to do all that I'd prefer to get a new case. Food for thought about your...
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    Asus 6870 fan noise.. options needed.

    You didn't really specifiy what kind of noise it was... is it some sort of buzzing sound or is the fan too loud?
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    PSU Watt monitor

    I've used a Kill A Watt... It gives me results that would be expected based on my hardware.
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    Battlefield 3 flying practice and joystick configuration server

    Yeah this is a big value I need to make myself practice on these servers.
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    Pure FPS games gone for good?

    I'm not dissing capture the flag... but for many players game types like this don't promote a proper suspension of disbelief. We're gunning people down and slaughtering foes left and right... to run a flag back to our base. That's one reason why many games have moved to more realistic...
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    Am I the only one sitting BF3 out?

    I gave Dark Souls a shot... artistically it just seemed very uninspired to me. Does that drab dull design get any better later in the game?
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    Pure FPS games gone for good?

    I think that most gamers just want a little more than the old standard FPS we played back in the day like Quake and doom. Alot of people get more invested in the game when they are able to customize their character and make it as their own. Crysis 2 seems pretty close to what the OP wants...
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    Am I the only one sitting BF3 out?

    Haven't read this whole thread but I just have to say that I really feel that for the most part BF3 has excellent gameplay and is very impressive technically. A couple maps are bad on certain game modes but overall I think the map design is good. Gameplay is balanced and very fun. I find...
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    Geforce 560ti 100 degrees C under BF3 load?

    If you plan on keeping the card for a while it would certainly be great to keep it around 90C or less. As a rough rule of thumb that's a good goal for most modern cards. I personally try to keep my cards from going above 85C.
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    Geforce 560ti 100 degrees C under BF3 load?

    Good points all raised by Suprfire. If you're planning to OC your video card then it's basically mandatory that you setup fan profiles. If your fan is running the highest you can tolerate and you're still not getting acceptable temps then you'll need to back off your OC.
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    Wait, shouldn't Vsync negate all microstuter with sli/CF systems?

    I've heard it thrown around that there are methods to do Vsync without input lag, but I haven't seen it. I too always get awful input lag with Vsync. I just can't stand it so I deal with tearing.
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    Pentagon Offers $50K to Reconstruct Shredded Documents

    Document destroyers will have to result to burning to beat whatever method is developed.
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    Building New $2k Rig - Trying To Finalize Video Card Decision, Need Your Expertise!

    Crysis 2 with DX11 and texture pack is definitely more demanding than Witcher 2... unless you use ubersampling for Witcher 2.
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    5850 CF or a single new card...

    Skyrim likely will eventually have solid support for Crossfire but it may not happen the day the game drops. You just have to be willing to tweak or possibly wait for updated drivers to be released.
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    If you were building a new computer for Diablo 3

    Buy the 120-150$ card of your choice and be done with it. If you plan on going with higher resolution or forcing some AA then stay towards the upper end of that range. If you plan to play any other games then obviously you may want a more powerful card, otherwise that should suffice.
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    Finding the sweet spot for FPS/Visuals on single card setups (bf3)

    Rig in sig, running at 1920x1200 with ultra everything and high FSAA + 2X MSAA (no motion blur because it looks like shit). Averaging about 75 FPS, rarely dips below 60. Smooth as butter. I tuned this down from 4X MSAA because I was dropping below 60 FPS and seeing some microstutter, however...
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    Crossfire vs. SLI

    How does DEHR not work well in Crossfire? I played at 1920x1200 max everything and I was often getting framerates over 100. This was several months ago, but when I played it it seemed to be working for me.
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    For those complaining that BF3 is consolized heed my woe

    It's sad that consoles are holding back the technical advancements of gaming so much. I have nothing against consoles, hell somehow I came to possess all three. It's definitely time for a refresh. If my PC is a Porche Turbo then my Xbox and PS3 are like Geo Metros... the wii is just scrap metal.
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    I5 2500k vs. i7 2600k for BF3?

    Either processor should handle the game just fine. If you have other reasons or you want more epeen then get the 2600k.
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    Jerky/stuttering movement in BF3

    Game is running great for me now with unofficial 11.9 CAP4.