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  1. happymedium

    GeForce RTX 2060 VRAM Usage, Is 6GB's Enough for 1440p?

    Please watch and learn. Quote" " Bottom Line It's clear that right now, even for 4K gaming, 6GB of VRAM really is enough. Of course, the RTX 2060 isn’t powerful enough to game at 4K, at least using maximum quality...
  2. happymedium

    AMD Vega helped launched Nvidia to be a $100 billion company

    quote: "How did Nvidia get here?" " Vega 64 is out And before we let you guys go, the fact that Vega 64 is slower than Nvidia’s Geforce GTX 1080 TI definitely helped getting the stock and market cap where it is. Nvidia launched its GPU six months ago and it is still faster than the best that...
  3. happymedium

    *confirmed RX 64 Launch pricing was only for "early sales" Is AMD's RX Vega 64's MSRP 449.99 a lie

    Sad if true, AMD for gamers?, I think not. " "AMD's "discounted" RX Vega GPUs sold out within minutes, which means that AMD's RX Vega 64 now has an effective MSRP of £549.99, which is a price...
  4. happymedium

    AMD's Stock Plummets, Worst Single-Day Drop In More Than A Decade,34314.html I think they just found out Vega will be slower than once thought and that big Vega will be delayed. thoughts?
  5. happymedium

    NVIDIA launches TITAN Xp with 3840 CUDA cores Would you expect another TITAN? Well, I didn’t, but it’s here. Full GP102 graphics processor with 3840 CUDA cores is now available for 1200 USD. The new TITAN, which is now called Xp ships with 12 GB GDDR5X memory across 384-bus...
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    The Fury X vs. the GTX 980 Ti Revisited with 36 Games including Watch Dogs 2 Overall, the GTX 980 Ti is still significantly faster than the Fury X in the majority of our games although the Fury X has been able to gain a little ground – 7 additional benches out of...
  7. happymedium

    rx 480 Asus strix review @ Techpowerup and bad rx 480 overclocking and power usage

    I just read this review over at Techpowerup. Seems the card only hit 1355 core and used more power than a gtx 1080 for a 3% overclock. ASUS RX 480 STRIX OC 8 GB Review
  8. happymedium

    Has Nvidia Forgotten Kepler? The GTX 780 Ti vs. the 290X Revisited

    There is more than enough information in this article to conclude that Nvidia has not neglected Kepler but is optimizing for Maxwell. The 290x has improved, but in my opinion it should, AMD is still focused on the 390x which is the same card as the 290x with better cooling and more ram. Has...
  9. happymedium

    XFX DD 290x 4gb with lifetime warranty for 280$ AR and promo code

    get em while their hot! 339$ -30$rebate- 10% promo code EMCATKX36 You need to register for lifetime warranty A little overclock and you have a 390x without the un needed 8gb of memory.
  10. happymedium

    PNY's Cpu & gpu water cooled gtx580 card/unit, *awesome*

    This gtx580 at a factory overclocked 857 core is fast as hell and runs at 47c and cools a i7 870 @ 4.2 better than a Noctua NH-D14 @ 52c. With only a 120mm push/pull radiator! 5 year warranty! The reviewer made some comments in his...
  11. happymedium

    XFX 6870 2GB card in stock at Newegg, Under 200$AR.

    This should be a great card in crossfire for the money, and much more future proof with the extra memory..
  12. happymedium

    PowerColor says Next Gen AMD GPU's in Q1 2012

    :( Looks like a Q1, 2012 release for the 7 series.
  13. happymedium

    XFX 6850 130$ AR with free dirt 3

    Hot deals this weekend at the Egg guys .
  14. happymedium

    Zotac gtx460 1gb 115$ AR

    Also has a lifetime warranty. Bump it to 850 core and you have 6870 speeds.
  15. happymedium

    PNY gtx570 only 275$AR at the Egg.

    Remember PNY has a lifetime warranty also.
  16. happymedium

    Galaxy Gtx580 (3 fan version) for 395$ AR and code at the Egg.

    Nice card for under 400$, 454$ - 40$ rebate. -20$ code=NEGTX581 edit ,code is no longer valid as of 7/25
  17. happymedium

    Nvidia 28nm 6xx series mobile chip are finished

    I guess Nvidia has not had many problems with the 28nm mobile cards.
  18. happymedium

    MSI gtx 460 1gb Hawk Talon Attack for $129.99AR

    This is a great card for this price. Should easily overclock to 900+ core (faster than a gt470).
  19. happymedium

    AMD vs Nvidia with Crysis 2 direct x 11 patch

    Any good reviews out there for Crysis 2 with the new high res/tessalation patch? This is the only one I could find with a gtx580. AMD cards are being reviewed tomorrow, at the same site .
  20. happymedium

    6870 x2 comming from powercolor

    I bet this card is gonna sell well. ... modeli.htm