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  1. SatTech

    Unable to get work

    I've got a 64 core and 48 core machine running FAH, and both have been unable to get work for 2+ weeks. Connectivity is fine, so that's not an issue. Both indicate the following: -Attempting to get work packet -Passkey found -Will indicate memory of 30138 MB -Connecting to...
  2. SatTech

    New Quad online

    Finally got the parts and pieces to put this one together. Quad 6128. 165000 PPD. Does anybody know anything about mixing and matching the G34 processors on the same motherboard? Would 8 and 12 core MC chips play nice? I've got one more quad board that will get the pair of 6274s...
  3. SatTech

    Linux experts... Need some help

    For all you Linux gods, I've got 1 problem and 1 question. First, I've got an ASUS PCE-N15 wireless adapter and have absolutely idea how to get installed and running. I'm using Ubuntu 10.10. Here's a link to the firmware : If...
  4. SatTech

    Going to join the 4P club

    Well, after months of watching NewEgg open box motherboards, I was finally able to grab one of the Tyan 4P G34 motherboards a few minutes ago for $367. I've got 2 IL6274s in a 2P board and 3 6128s sitting around. Trying to decide whether to pick up another 6128, or maximize my PPD and buy...
  5. SatTech

    Eeeny Meeny Miney Mo

    Caught a tiger by the toe... Just passed up Tigerbitten... Never thought that would happen.
  6. SatTech

    Interlagos has landed

    NewEgg is showing Interlagos in stock. Figured I'd be a guinea pig. Ordered 2 of the following : These will replace a pair of 6128s.
  7. SatTech


    Just made it to 100 Million and 59,700 WU. I feel this milestone deserved its own thread! Edit. Exteme Overclocking shows 100 million, Hardfolding has not updated yet :(
  8. SatTech

    New build in progress

    Retiring my i7 920 system and replacing with this: The processors (5645s) and 2 ea 128 gig SSDs should be here tonight. It's going to be a late one!
  9. SatTech

    Classic Client Lovin'

    Just got a new laptop (Core i7m @ 2.0 with turbo to 2.5) and thought I'd throw the classic client on board. I'm debating wether to run a second instance or not. It is a nice new laptop and I'm not really keen on seeing if I can kill it with heat by running 4 instances. I'm not worried about...
  10. SatTech

    FAH autostart in Linux

    Ok, I followed Musky's guide on setting up Linux a while back, and have everything ticking along pretty nicely. But since I don't know crap about linux, how the heck do you: 1. Have FAH run at start up? 2. Have Linux auto log on to a secured wireless network? Regrarding #2, at startup...
  11. SatTech

    A little more D

    I bought an open box dual G34 board a couple of months ago, with the intent of waiting till Bulldozer comes out and grabbing a pair of those. Since I've been home waiting on work for so long, I got a little bored and decided to build it up. I didn't want to spend a fortune on some of the 12...
  12. SatTech

    Anyone need help making PPD for the 2600K giveaway?

    Posted this in the giveaway thread, but figured it couldn't hurt to have it's own thread... If you're having trouble making the minimum PPD for the giveaway, I've got a pair of 480GTXs I'll switch over for the final push (good for around 11k PPD each). First two people to post with their...
  13. SatTech

    Setting up an SR-2

    Ok, I'm going to try and bring my SR-2 online today, but have a question regarding powering it. I have a Corsair 750w power supply with 1 8 pin ATX connector. I've seen pictures of this PS running SR-2 rigs. What's going to be the best way to get power to the 2nd 8 pin socket? I've also got...
  14. SatTech

    A little more D

    Was having problems with my pair of 280GTXs that I'd put waterblocks on. One ran for about a week, then decided not to. The second one ran about a month, then gave up the ghost. eVGA support suggested putting the original coolers back on and trying again, but I had to go back to work, so I...
  15. SatTech

    GPU 1797

    Anyone seen these? HFM.NET doesn't seem to know anyting about it. Current TPF is 24 minutes on a 280GTX. Stanford says they're worth 412 or 435 points. TPF of 24 minutes is REALY slow, especially for a unit only worth 400 something points...
  16. SatTech

    F@H log funnies

    Anyone noticed some of the funny 'Working On' in their FAH logs? Usually it says [19:19:22] Working on Protein But looking through some logs I've found [15:07:57] Working on GROwing Monsters And Cloning Shrimps [10:38:58] Working on Gromacs Runs One Microsecond At Cannonball Speeds...
  17. SatTech

    FS - eVGA 9800GX2s

    I've got 4 eVGA 9800GX2s for sale. These were eVGA refurbs and include the card only (well, you get a nice white box also) $150 ea. shipped to the lower 48. edit: I've also got a pair of XFX 9800GTs that I'll let go for $60 each shipped to the lower 48. All 4 of the 9800GX2s sold...
  18. SatTech

    Project 5904

    Starting to see a few of these. 1680 pts. They seem to be about the same speed as other 590X projects.
  19. SatTech

    Octobox Lives!

    Just got time to put together a quad 9800GX2 folding box. Its got an X2 5000+ on an MSI K9A2 Platinum MB with 4 eVGA 9800GX2s. I had to split the power duties up between a Corsair 750 watt and a PC P&C 510 watt power supplies. That's why there are all of those extra wires zip tied up (I...
  20. SatTech

    MultiGPU help

    Ok, I bought myself a few early x-mas stocking stuffers: 2 x 9800GX2s, MSI K9A2 MB, and a 750w Corsair PS with the intent of building a nice 8 core folding box. I know I'll need more power when I add the 3rd (possibly) and 4th (for sure) cards, but that most likely won't be for several months...
  21. SatTech

    Adding dedicated circuit for computer room

    All this talk about tripping breakers piqued my interest. Here's the story. We just moved into a new house. As far as I can tell, there are 2 (maybe 3) 15 amp circuits for the upstairs. The computer room, guest room, and guest bathroom share the same circuit. I know this, because my wife...
  22. SatTech

    Folding Pron

    It ain't a quad 9800GX2, but she'll do 18k ppd on the vid cards alone Assembled in my circa 1999 Alienware case. It was a tight fit, and it gets really hot, even with the sides off. I might have to migrate this to a larger case when I get some time due to heat. I haven't even...
  23. SatTech

    nVidia production

    Anyone crunched any of these : 5230 (R4, C30, G8)'s? I've got a 280 GTX chewing on one now and FahMon shows only 2000 PPD with these bad boys. Perhaps one of the 'ATi' optimized ones? The other one is crunching a 5016 good for 7000ppd. Any thoughts?
  24. SatTech

    1 beeeelion points

    The Stanford stats page has team 33 at 1000118835 points! Onward to 2 beeeelion!
  25. SatTech

    Added a 9800GT

    So, I added a 9800 GT to the media server, and am out the door to go pick up my 280GTX from UPS. The multi GPU guide was very helpful once I figured out the -forceGPU flag wouldnt work. I had to plug the second card into the plasma. It seems to be happily folding away...With everything up and...
  26. SatTech

    No production from GPU clients

    Just checking my output for the last couple of days. It appears that I'm down to my PS3 and a couple console clients. I guess the old GPU client expired and I've got a 280GTX and a 8800GTS sitting idle...Well, I'm home in a couple of days and it looks like I've got my work cut out for me...
  27. SatTech

    SMP+GPU2+Vista64=No Go

    So, I'm finally home and got to put together all my new goodies. I built my q9450 + 280GTX box. I haven't had any luck in the past with the SMP client (will fold a couple of WU, download a new one and then hang - this was on my Phenom box), but I thought I'd try it again. I got the new build...
  28. SatTech

    Man this client is fast

    So, since I'm not home to install my 280GTX and fire up some Q9450+280GTX folding power, I thought I'd see if I could get the GPU2 client installed on my laptop (8800mobile SLI and 2.6 Core 2 Duo). This thing rips through WU. In the 10 hours I let it run overnight it folded 5 WU and there was...
  29. SatTech

    500 WU!

    Just hit 500 WU and 80,000 pts since I joined the [H]. I'm currently running 3 x console clients on the Phenom, 1 x Graphical client on the 170 Opteron, and a PS3 client. When I get home from work (28 days on the boat, 14 days off) I'll be replacing my Opty 170Media server with the Phenom...
  30. SatTech

    ASUS Striker II NSE MB

    Ok here's the deal. I intended to give the new 780a Phenom boards a try (currently on a Gigabyte GA-MA790FX-DS6 board) so I ordered this: and here is what arrived:
  31. SatTech

    New Gigabyte GA-MA790FX-DQ6 Bios

    Bios F5c is available. Says it updates CPU ID for Phenom 9850 processors...I flashed and no problems... linky:
  32. SatTech

    SMP question

    So, I've been running two instances of th FAH console client for a couple of weeks now on a Phenom 9850 @ 2.6 ghz (leet OC skills FTW!) and getting decent productivity. I decided to try the SMP client last night. Anyone running this on a Phenom? I'm currently crunching a 3064 and getting...
  33. SatTech

    Joined the [H]orde

    Well, I've been running F@H for a couple of years now, and finally decided to actually join a team. I'm adding : 1 Phenom 9850 with 2 console clients folding 1 Opteron 170 with 1 client folding 1 PS3 All running 24/7 Currently my personal stats are 2014 WU for 347000 sum odd points...
  34. SatTech

    Phenom 9850BE in stock at the egg - 243.00

    NewEgg has the 9850 BE Phenom in stock for anyone interested...