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    EVGA GTX 970 Backplate - 2 Available

    been a few months since last activity. thread not locked, so pm sent
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    So, uhm.. a Woot-Off is going on right now...

    I don't think it's all bad; the refub G2 Nexus 7 a few month back was decent (at the time.)
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    WANTED: Lian LI PC-V1000Z

    whoa, talk about persistence...
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    WTB: Comcast Compatible DOCSIS3.0 Modem

    aren't these things widely available on fleabay for about $35?
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    How to save on an IPad at Bestbuy!

    dude, your experience at WorstBuy (tm) sounded almost like a(n used) car dealership.
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    Amazon: Sandisk Extreme SSD 240GB $154.99

    lifted from -- Linky SanDisk Extreme SATAIII Solid State Drives (120GB $77, 240GB $149) 0619659073428 Adorama has low prices on the following Sandisk Extreme Solid State Drives (SSDs). Tax in NY. There are rated as one of the fastest SSDs available. Features Toggle NAND and...
  7. D Radeon 6970 $199.99

    odd, in stock when I looked just now.
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    HP ProLiant N40L $249 @ Newegg Shellshocker - Right Now - 4:00PM - 11:59PM PT

    RAID 5 is designed to handle singular fault. Critical array + URE is double fault. If you want to handle double fault, go RAID 6.
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    $120 + Tax ! SanDisk SDSSDX-240G-G25 Extreme 240GB

    And people wonder why it went out of stock in 15 minutes.
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    HP ProLiant N40L $249 @ Newegg Shellshocker - Right Now - 4:00PM - 11:59PM PT

    RAID 5 write hole is such a well documented problem that (I hope) most "real" RAID solutions already handle it correctly.
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    HP ProLiant N40L $249 @ Newegg Shellshocker - Right Now - 4:00PM - 11:59PM PT

    (sigh) mine is still in its sealed box. even bought extra ram for it. have no motivation to break it out and do something with it.
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    HOT $161 HP elitebook 17.3" LED Notebook - i7 8GB ddr3/750GB/nvidia quadro 3000m

    This is the unit according to HP. I doubt Adorama will sell a $3k MSRP unit for $150.
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    Sandisk Extreme 480Gb $349.99 and Free Ship

    Dead. Now $439.
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    Sandisk Extreme 480Gb $349.99 and Free Ship

    But it'll be the damn fastest 7200 RPM you ever see... :p
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    Sandisk Extreme 240gb $179.99 after $60 coupon code

    TD has 480GB for $349. Get an additional 5% cash back if going through shop Discover.
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    Sandisk Extreme 480Gb $349.99 and Free Ship

    remember you can sweeten the pot by using discover card for an additional 5% cash back.
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    HD Homerun Prime CableCard tuner $119.99 @ Frys

    Check Fried's website and find out. Still in stock at NorCal stores.
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    WTB: Socket M Core 2 Duo 667fsb

    would a T5600 do?
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    SanDisk Extreme 240GB/Kingston V200 256GB SSD's BOTH @ $214.99 + FS

    for people in CA, amazon is 7-ish less than
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    *BACK AGAIN* SanDisk Extreme 120GB $109.99 + FS @

    Well, 240G is still $220, FS
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    Diablo 3 at Micro Center for $49.99?

    Fried is peddling "Collector's Edition" at 12 - 1 AM on the 15th (Sunnyvale location only.)
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    Sandisk Extreme SATA III 240GB SSD SDSSDX-240G-G25 $220 shipped at

    this is hwat; I have a 120 in my n53 and it's blazingly fast :D though I do regret paying 150 smackers for it just over a month ago.
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    HOT HOT SanDisk 32 gb micro SD Deal

    Is the vendor reliable? I ask because Sandisk products are widely counterfeited.
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    27" IPS 2560x1440 monitor~90hz <$400 FS

    some plywood or cork flooring should solve the problem...?
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    Newegg Shell Shocker Sandisk EXtreme 120GB SSD $129.99 no rebate

    I wonder if anyone tested hotplug on these things ...
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    Newegg Shell Shocker Sandisk EXtreme 120GB SSD $129.99 no rebate

    crap, always happens right after I ordered mine (from TD at 20 bucks more)
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    Warm/Hot - HP Proliant N40L + 2GB ECC - $229 shipped

    Crap. Just paid extra for ECC parts... I bite last time when NE was peddling it bundled with WHS for $250.
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    Warm ? Phen 2 905e 65w $99.99 + ship

    905e is a 65w part.
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    Warm ? Phen 2 905e 65w $99.99 + ship

    tigerdirect has been selling them at that price for some time.
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    OCZ 1000w Modular Gold PSU for 109 AMIR

    PC P&C used to be a pretty cool company... not so much now.
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    Xigmatek Loki HSF for $3 with promo code, after MIR @Egg

    a good heatsink; kept my unlocked PII 550 cool to touch on idle. fan (at least on mine) is loud; I substituted an aerocool instead of the packed-in unit.
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    27" ViewSonic FS $184.99

    heh, for a 27" job I do expect something better than 1080p.
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    ATI Radeon HD 5850 - $125

    no, sounded like you need to switch CC company. you are not at fault in this affair. if the vendor wants it back, they should be sending pickup tag. your CC company's failure to take your side in this matter suggests they do not have your interest at heart.
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    32" LCD HDTV - $190 + Shipped free

    I think Newegg has JVC 37" 1080p unit going for $350 right now...
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    Harman Kardon AVR 3600 85-Watt x 7.1 $499.99

    does that mean the current HK are crap?
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    Harman Kardon AVR 3600 85-Watt x 7.1 $499.99

    (sigh) no S-Video (yeah, I know.) is a deal breaker for me.
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    made By Seasonic 750W Single Rail 12V@60A $61 shipped

    That's because when the moniker was coined for this line of product, their "other" line of product sounded like #%@@ jet taking off. Comparatively speaking, this one is definitely quieter by a very wide margin.
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    Warm? Razer Blackwidow Mechanical Keyboard for $55.99

    according the Razer, yes.