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    PF Sense test box build

    Hey everyone, Since we are pretty much dead at work but I can still go in, my boss wanted me to focus on getting a test box built for PF sense. The budget is -$0.00. Effectively, I am looking around at 10 year old computers at this point to perform a proof of concept sand box. Now I...
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    Shaggy77's PC parts sale

    Hello! Clearing out a few PC components - Items are in working condition and may include all original components. - Asking price or best reasonable offer and includes shipping. - No problem combining items as needed. - I accept both Paypal and Venmo - I ship via US Postal Service and to US...
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    VoIP Phone Service recommendations

    Hello! Here is the situation. This afternoon is pretty much the last straw with our local cable company. After trying to deal with getting a bill adjusted, their attitude has been well just scale down your internet service and TV package. We cannot offer you an unauthorized promo rate for...
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    FS: i5-6600K, Asus Z170, Corsair RAM, Samsung SSDs, CoolerMaster Evo 212 CPU cooler

    Hello, Small lot of PC parts for sale. Pricing is not set in stone. Reasonable offers will be entertained. 1) US addresses please. 2) Pay Pal OK Zelle OK 3) Items ship USPS with tracking. 4) Heat ware exchanged at the end of the transaction. Intel i5-6600K LGA1151 Skylake 3.5 GHz base...
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    Microcenter Skylake I7-6700K $279.99 In store only!

    Hey Guys, I know some are always looking for a good deal. Microcenter has i7-6700K on sale for $279.99 Here is the link. $30 more coins off if you buy a main board with the CPU. Not a bad deal...
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    Need advice with file storage

    Hello! I am in the mist of rethinking my network, the devices connected to it, and what feels like everything else under the sun for file storage. Right now, I have a desktop located in the spot where I use to have a desk set up. That desk was dismantled and removed from the room. An...
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    FS: Intel, AMD, CPUs, RAM and more....

    Everything has been sold. Please lock thread
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    Skylake and Windows 10

    Hello! I really didn't know exactly which sub forum to post this too. I came across an article on ARS technica regards to Skylake and Windows 10. It looks like going forward, It will be Windows 10 only or newer with the next generation of Intel's processors. AMD is also going a similar...
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    FS: Gigabyte HD5870

    no text at this time.
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    Intel HD530 Stack up

    Hi, Well I took the plunge and built myself a new Skylake i5 system. Specs Asus Z170 Pro Gaming Intel i5-6600K Stock clocks for now (I need to learn how to overclock again then again this faster than what I have been use too.) 16 GB Corsair DDR4 2666 EVGA Super Nova 750 G PSU...
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    ASrock z97 Extreme series thoughts/ insights.

    Hi, Back story I am in the process of upgrading my computer. I have a Microcenter about 40 minutes from my residence. For awhile now, I have been thinking about updating my computer. My C2Q 9550 has been a real workhorse but I would like to take advantage of SATA 3 ports and USB 3.0...
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    How well is a C2Q 9550 and 5870 these days?

    Hi, Just a quick warning. My thoughts are a bit scattered due to holidays and work. I am blessed working for a company has seems to have unlimited overtime and the work is for the most part fairly easy to deal with. Just as the title says. How well do Intel's Q9550 and ATI5870 hold up...
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    FS: XFX HD5770 1GB Graphics Card

    SOLD! Thanks for all the offers.
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    Looking for home theater sound system

    Hi, My wife and I just bought a new TV. [Vizio 47 inch LED based LCD] We love the image quality. One thing we both agreed on is the sound. It is tinny and just horrible in general. So we are going to be in the market for a new sound system. Before relied on the TV's internal sound which on...
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    BC2 start up issue

    Hi, before someone does the "did you try the web search thing yet?" yes I did :D The issue solutions I found were related to the beta version of this game. Here is what I am experiencing. Win7 Pro 64 ATI 10.11 drivers All drivers and patches updated Machine specs in the sig. I...
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    FS: Thermaltake Big Typhoon

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    Netbook video playback question

    Hi, Got a question about video playback on a netbook. My wife and I have a Toshiba netbook. Model N305 When we bought it a few months ago, I went for the Atom Pine trail N450 with a GMA 3100 for graphics. 1 GB of RAM that I upped to 2GB. Win7 starter OS. Overall it is a netbook however...
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    Spring Cleaning of the work bench

    Hey everyone, It is that time of the year again. I am cleaning my workbench and I have some items that could find a home. All items are in working order and sold in "as is" condition. Linksys BEFRS41 Ver. 2 Router Router does not work Worked for awhile and stopped appears to be bricked...
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    Buy an AMD CPU get a Motherboard for free @ Microcenter

    Hey guys, Got an E mail this morning from Microcenter. Here is the link to the offer. Buy AMD processor get a free mobo. Don't know how good the mobo is. Its a Gigabyte 760G based board. Discuss! shaggy
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    FS: Intel Q6600 G0 w/aftermarket HS

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    Ben Q G2400W Power Button troubles

    Hi, Anyone have any issues with a power button on the Ben Q G2400w? My button decided to basically fall into the bezel. No amount of coaxing will get the monitor turn it on. I am trying to leave RMA as a last resort due to shipping costs. Shipping it would be quite expensive especially if...
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    No More Cheap Q9550s

    Hi, While I was at Micro Center last Friday I was debating about buying a Q9550. I said nah my wife would kill me for spending more money already. The salesman was surprised they had more in stock. Today I got home early and was thinking about going to MC to pick one up. I went on to MC's...
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    Unbalanced CPU Temp

    Hi, I have been playing around with my overclock on my Q6600 (VID 1.325). One thing that has bothered from the beginning has been a temp difference of 7°C between cores 0 &1 and 2 & 3. This is at full load. At idle, I have seen as much as 10°C difference between the cores. Cores 0&1 have...
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    FS: BFG GTX260, EVGA 8800GT, TT Big Typhoon

    Closed for now. BFG GTX260 Sold for $130 EVGA 8800GT Sold for $60
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    COD: Modern Warfare 2 PC version $29.99?!

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    COD: Modern Warfare 2 PC version $29.99?!

    Hey, Found this on the Infinity Ward PC forums. Best Buy is advertising the PC version for $29.99. Misprint or not, it is getting honored price match wise @ Walmart. YMMV though. I took the family to Walmart for some shopping to cover my true intentions lol I bought a copy and it was honored...
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    FS: Thermaltake Big Typhoon

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    FS: Intel E8400 Retail kit

    SOLD! Thank you buyer!
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    Asus P5Q, Q6600 and the heatsink question

    Hi, I finally got a new Q6600 from Intel RMA. They are pretty freakin' quick with RMAs :). Anyway, I had today off and I replaced my E8400 with the Q6600. Power up the computer and nothing. Did the usual clear CMOS. once again nothing. So as a last resort, I tried the stock cooler...
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    Intel Core i7 920 $249 @ Microcenter

    Hi, Just checking my Email this morning and MC is running a deal on the Core 920 i7 CPUs. The sale is good for December 13th and 14th. Black Friday December specials flier CPU page There are some other specials going on as well. I know the economy is rough and the wallets are tight...
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    FS; Corsair HX520 Modular PSU

    SOLD thanks!
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    Never again with Gigabyte.

    Hi, [valley girl talk] So this is like going to should like a flame thread but like it isn't... [/valley girl talk] Not like I post much on the [H] but my main computer seem to have had a slight motherboard problem. The board was a Gigabyte P35-DS3R with a 4 gb of Corsair XMS2 RAm...
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    A Head Scratcher

    Hi, I got a bit of a head scratcher. My rig in the sig seems to be acting up on me. I have a Gigabyte P35 based board. Right now it is clocked at 333 X 9 for a 3.0 GHz overclock. It is running on 1.18 volts which is also really nice. So I was playing with multipliers and low and...
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    FS: Crysis PC DVD Game

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    FS: COD4 Limited Collector's Edition

    SOLD! Thank you buyer!
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    Vista Home Premium Question

    Hi, I have a copy of Vista Home Prem SP1 64 bit sitting on my desk. I was doing to some last minute research on the OS before I go for the install. I found some poster to another Vista question in which advised to just go Ultimate cause HP does not see all 4 cores on a Quad and 4 GB of RAM...
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    FS: 3.5" Card Reader

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    TRUE TDP Rating

    hi, I sent an E mail to TR and never got an answer. Does anyone know what the TRUE is rated at when it comes to TDP? I am wondering because any numbers I found on my Big Typhoon stated it was rated for 130 watts. That was on the newer version of the BT too. After doing some calculations...
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    FS: Sony F-717 Digital Camera

    Hi, Price: SOLD! Thanks for looking, shaggy
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    Had my fill...

    Hi, I had my fill of COD4. The same maps all the time and the same games. Time to move on. Good job Infinity Ward for dropping the ball since Christmas. I think we will see what COD4's real staying power is if the maps for the PC version do not come out soon. What is out there that...