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    WTB: Logitech Brio Webcam

    Looking to pick one of these up. Not looking to pay scalping prices. Thank You
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    WTB: Elgato HD60 Pro PCI Card

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    FS: Corsair Vengeance DDR3 8GB Pro Series Red

    Upgraded my build with a different set. Never OC’d. Great looking. They work good as new NEVER had a problem with them Model - CMY8GX3M2A1866C9R Asking $50 Shipped
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    FS: Iphone XS MAX 256GB Black Unlocked/Paid in Full/ Orig. Verizon

    im selling a pristine iphone xs max 256gb paid outright. its originally for Verizon carrier but its unlocked and will work with any GSM provider. will come with original box, charger, and screen protector (already applied) SOLD *i can only ship beginning 10/18/2019 FRIDAY* USPS Priority Mail...
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    FS: Iphone X 64GB TMobile Unlocked White Cracked Screen Fully Funtional

    Hey guys, Selling my fully functional UNLOCKED tmobile cracked screen iphone X 64gb. The overall shape of the phone is good but the screen is cracked. With that being said. Everything 100% works, touch id, camera, etc. box original charger, and brand new earpods as well that i will include...
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    FS US: $135 Nordstrom Gift Card for $115

    Free 20$ for those who shop at Nordstrom Heatware - alag28 Paypal -
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    FS: iPhone 6s 16GB Rose Gold *Unlocked*

    i have a pretty decent iphone 6s 16gb rose gold. Unlocked, main carrier being verizon. There are some imperfections, the pictures speaks for the phone. Works flawless with clean imei Asking $320 paypal or googlewallet
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    FS: MINT Late 2013 rMBP 13" i5/8/256GB *PLEASE READ*

    Trying to recoup some of my losses. This laptop has a major problem where it freezes upon boot up. I called applecare (its out of warranty) and i had a very friendly representative who helped me with a series of troubleshooting methods. i had to be patient and follow his processes since i was...
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    FS: Audio Technica M50X Headphone Cans

    7.5/10 condition.. will come with everything minus the original box. 100% functional and sturdy. $80 shipped Paypal or GoogleWallet
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    WTB: Battlefield 1 PC

    i would like he deluxe version so i can have the upcoming dlc... but i can settle with regular version
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    FS: Apple Iphone 6S Silver AT&T 64GB

    like the title states Condition: 19/20. Its in very good condition. Always wore a case and screen protector. Screen is imaculate and 100% functional. I will exhibit couple pictures later to show two tiny microscopic dots on the edge of the phone caused perhaps dirt trapped inside the case. But...
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    FS: Nvidia Geforce 1070 GTX

    Selling my trusty 1070. Will come with everything. Never oc'd NVIDIA - NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1070 8GB GDDR5 PCI Express 3.0 Graphics Card $410 Shipped pp or google wallet
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    FS: Nvidia geforce gtx 970

    selling my reference 970 by nvidia. It has served me very well. I just upgraded to the 1070 so i no longer need this. Smokefree enviorment, stock clocks since day 1, works great. Includes box and contents ready to ship. $200 shipped. Paypal or google wallet.
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    FS: Logitech G602 Wireless Gaming Mouse

    Wireless Gaming Mouse - G602 - Logitech little less than a month old, box and all content included... in excellent condition $45 shipped Paypal/Google Wallet - heatware - alag28
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    WTB: Division Season Pass PC

    pm asap. thanks
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    WTB: Microsoft Office 2016 for Mac OR (Word & Excel 2016)

    ive seen some users before selling yearly subscriptions before but i dont see it anymore. looking to save some $ thanks
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    Any first hand experiences with the new Corsair M65 Pro

    so i really like the mouse, however, my main concern is hitting the sniper button during intense gameplay. can anyone speak upon that? appreciate it
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    Can someone explain cherry switches? Blue vs Brown???

    i tried googling it but it was kind of all over the map in terms of a concise explanation. Thanks
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    WTB: 27 inch Gaming Monitor (144mhz, Gsync)

    Need an monitor asap.. My budget is slightly open but at the end of day looking for a good deal. Let me kno what u have Ideally, i would like 144mhz, gsync ready, 27 inch. Thanks
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    WTB: Microcenter Store Credit

    let me know guys thanks
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    Classic Retired American Girl Dolls, Accessories, Sets

    Payment - Paypal or Google Wallet Heat - Alag28 95% of all the items have their boxes intact and complete. Some are actually in brand new condition and was never used. im currently gathering everything together. These were actually my sisters, shes now 18. i want to say...
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    FS: iphone 6 Plus 64GB Unlocked Space Gray

    like the title Unlocked! will come in AT&T refurb box, sealed charger and A/C adapter 9/10 condition and has a glass screen protector warranty until may 17, 2016
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    FS: AT&T iphone 5S 64GB Space Gray

    Condition 8.5/10. Screen in great condition and bottom left corner has a small drop wound. Just the phone no accessories or box. will ship out with 100% battery
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    FS: BNIB AT&T iphone 6S 64GB Space Grey

    i always buy 2 phones during for myself and another to hand off. Pricing - you pay exactly what i paid for plus 3% paypal fee, shipping and 50$ for my time and effort. 749 plus 6.35% CT tax $797 Total - $880 paypal everything included shipping and fees i have receipt...
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    Basic overclocking question with my 4970k chip

    (BTW - i meant to say 4790K in title oopsies) so the 4790K runs at 4.0 ghz turbo boosted to 4.4 ghz. im running the chip stock right multiplier is at 40. when i change it to 45 its running at 4500mhz ( x 100.0 core clock)...after 15 mins or so my pc shuts off and restarts... according...
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    FS: Acer Predator XL270HU

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    FS: bad imei iphone 6 16gb tmobile silver

    whats the going rate on this? My buddy has been holding on to it for some time now and well i see no other choice but to sell it as is for parts or whatever project. No icloud lock 9/10 condition Few micro swirls on the screen but no deep wounds at all. Im thinking $400 asking price...
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    Brand New! AT&T Iphone 6 Plus 64GB Silver

    never turned on, brand new sealed $700 Google Wallet Shipped $720 (3% fee included) Paypal Shipped or 700 Gift Payment heat - alag28
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    Apple Iphone 5S 16GB Great Condition *AS-IS*

    i have some 100% working sprint iphone 5s 16gb for sale Swappa ESN checker, checks out both phone as clear phones, turns out swappa has a glitch in their system with sprint and these phone are in fact no good to activate on an account. so here i am trying to recoup my money and selling these...
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    FS: iphone 6 16GB ATT Space Grey Bad ESN

    ATT bad esn SOLD Brand New Sealed Clean AT&T 16GB Silver iphone 6 unlocked!!! $650 Sprint iphone 5s 16gb gold brand new replacement clean imei $250 Sprint iphone 5s 16gb silver 9/10 condition clean imei $230 Google Wallet preferred or paypal @
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    FS: nVidia GTX 970 Reference Card *Best Buy Exclusive*

    currently in my system... Bought it during turkey holidays, nov, works great no problems what so ever. I have the box, all contents, everything and pristine condition. This is the only 970 reference card which allows you to obtain an 970 with the titan style shroud without going 980 costing...
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    FS: Tascam DR-22WL Digital Audio Recorder w/ Wi-Fi Brand NEW

    came bundled with a purchase. brand new item, only the upc will missing for purpose of a rebate $80 Paypal Shipped heat - alag28
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    No monitor signal after reboot when removing/installing nvidia drivers?

    id just like an explanation why this happens. for example i went ahead and installed the new nvidia drivers 347.25 for my reference 970. before i did, i uninstalled the old drivers and when it successfully uninstalled, it asked me to reboot, i hit reboot, but without ANY logo, bios, any kind of...
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    FS: Tmobile Samsung S4 Black

    9/10 Great Condition Just the phone no box or charger (will ship with full charge) Not currently unlocked Throwing in ONE oem backplate of your choice let me know which Asking $260 Shipped Paypal or Google Wallet
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    WTS: UGG Australia Credit $200

    sold delete please
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    WTS: Corsair OEM Spare Red Sleeved Cables

    i bought a box full of Corsair OEM red sleeved cables and i have a few stuff left that i wont be using.I can probably help out a few people who want to add a bit of flare/color to their build Package Contents 2 x PCI-Express Connector 8 pin (6+2 split) Individually Sleeved Modular Cable 2...
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    WTB: Farcry 4 PC Code

    id like to pay $20 please ill paypal instantly. thanks
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    WTS: G.Skill 8GB Sniper Series (4x2 modules) Bought them during the blk friday sales and now i went with a different pair to match my color scheme. $65 shipped Paypal - heat- alag28
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    WTS: Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare PS4

    I played only for about a week then i sold my ps4 10/10 condition $37 shipper paypal or google wallet