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    Renting a powerful cloud PC

    I've been checking out cloud alternatives to a desktop computer. Mainly for gaming, but I'm interested in other stuff. I came across Shadow. It seems to offer a pretty powerful cloud PC. 4k with Ray Tracing Titan RTX equivalent GPU 4ghz 6 core CPU 32gb ram 1TB+ storage All that...
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    PS5/XBOX X vs 3080Ti/Big Navi

    With both consoles and new 3xxx cards shaping to become quite big and powerful, why would I choose a €1500 3080Ti (2080Ti price here in Sweden is about €1300-€1500) over say, a PS5 which costs €500? The only reason I can think of is my Valve Index. But that could easily sell for €700 and if...
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    My screen keeps dimming in HDR

    So I turned HDR on in display settings in Windows. Set SDR content to max brightness. All good. But damn screen suddenly decides to dim the brightness. It's driving me crazy. This did not happen when I had HDR turned off. I noticed it happens when I look at white backgrounds. How do I fix this...
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    Looking to get my hands on ~€100 card, suggestions?

    Decided to dump my 1080Ti while it's still worth something, but I don't want to be stuck with integrated graphics for ~6-8 months until 3080Ti is out. I've been looking around and saw that GTX 970 4gb sells for about €90-100 used. It seems to be almost as fast as GTX 1060 (6gb version is about...
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    Asus ROG Strix QG438Q overclocking

    Curious if anyone's been able to overclock it further than 4k/120hz? Or even better, gone above 120hz on 1440p? I might give it a go when I'm home again, but before I try it myself, I'm interested if there are any success stories.
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    Old AMD GPU destroys Nvidia in Doom Eternal

    A rather interesting read. It's probably a better idea to choose AMD if one wants to keep a card for longer than 3 years.
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    Really tired of Ubisofts crappy protection

    So I got an email notification that someone from Thailand *successfully* logged in to my account. I have 2-factor authentication by email. I never got any email with the code which he needed to log in. Besides, my email adress have an insanely hard password (basically random 15 letters/numbers)...
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    Help needed getting my m.2 to work in external case

    Hello, I bought this case: And inserted my 500gb Samsung 960 Evo. So far, so good. However, it doesn't want to work. I have tried: 1) Connecting to both computer case USB and directly to the motherboard. 2) Tried different cables. 3) Pushed the...
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    Shooters with tons of NPC interaction

    I'm looking for some games like Half-Life 2, Metro and Deus Ex, which are shooters, but with a deep story and tons of interaction with characters you care about. I tried Bioshock which is supposedly one of the best fps games out there, but I got very disappointed because it has next to none NPC...
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    CPU pins damaged, PCI-e slot not working

    Is it possible to damage CPU pins on the motherboard so that only PCI-e 1 doesn't work? (PCI-e 2 works fine) I swapped CPU on my motherboard and my GPU doesn't show a picture in PCI-e 1, it works fine in PCI-e 2. Also, motherboards hdmi works fine. So I RMA'd my motherboard. I got reply that...
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    Looking for a speaker to connect to Alexa...

    Edit: Opted for a second Echo Plus and Echo Sub I currently have: 1x Echo Plus (2nd gen) 2x Echo Dot (3rd gen) I've been interested in getting Echo Studio but it's quite expensive here in Sweden (about $300). Sonos One is an alternative for $200 but I'm thinking, since I already have 3 Echo...
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    Got a new motherboard and suddenly can't use 120hz

    I have a Samsung Q7F tv which supports 1440p/120hz. My old motherboard broke (Asus Strix z370-g) and I bought a new one (MSI MPG z390-something). 1440p/120hz worked flawlessly before, but now I can run only 1080p/120hz, 1440p/30hz, 2160p/60hz. I have not changed my video card or it's HDMI port...
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    RTX 3xxx performance speculation

    Edit: keep politics out of this thread please. I currently own a 1080Ti and 2080Ti is about 25-30% faster. I think Nvidia got away with lackluster improvement by adding new tech (Ray Tracing, DLSS, etc). But next year I believe there won't be any significant new tech. So my guess is that 3080Ti...
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    9750H enough for me?

    I'm currently using 2 computers. A laptop and a desktop. I want to save some space and just use one computer. I'm using a Dell XPS 9560 laptop with i5 and it's not fast enough for what I do, mainly gaming, photo editing and some very light video editing. My desktop is i3-8350k (4c/4t cpu, I'm...
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    Official Note 10 announcement Honestly, I'm not impressed. More glass around and less aluminum making it more prone to shatter. Rear cameras sticking out again, WTF Samsung. Back to 2015? Also, I don't understand why Samsung is releasing Note 10 AFTER...
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    Samsung Q7F calibration for accurate sRGB/AdobeRGB colors?

    I'm only able to find calibration for movies and gaming, but I'm interested in getting above 95% sRGB color. Is it possible?
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    Wix vs Squarespace vs ????

    So I'm trying to create my own photography site. Or rather, I have created one and in my not so humble opinion, it looks gorgeous in 4k :) However, as soon as I look at it from 1080p or 1440p it looks a bit zoomed in, which I don't like but I could live with it. What I don't like at all is that...
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    Samsung Galaxy S10

    So far, every time you rooted your Samsung phone, you would trip Knox, making everything Knox related useless, like Secure Folder, Samsung Pay, etc. Now, the new fingerprint scanner is also located in Knox, which if we go by the previous experience, if you trip Knox by rooting your phone...
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    Epic has the worst support ever

    Update! Thanks some idiot trying to hack the idiot who stole my account, I got an email with a login code for Fortnite, which tipped me off that email authentication is now possible (and they never changed my email). So I requested a new code and logged in to the account. Changed the password...
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    Are you ditching Steam in favor of Epic Store?

    I've heard concerns that Epic is being partly owned by a Chinese company. It doesn't really bother me. What bothers me and the reasons why I'm going to change are: 1) Valve takes 30% cut, Epic takes 12%. I would rather support developers than Valve/Steam because: 2) I'm disgusted by Valve...
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    I want to make my photography a full time job

    But everyone is asking for a wedding photographer.. damn it. I have never done weddings and I'm shit scared that I will mess up because at weddings you only get one chance and everyone is expecting that perfect spot. Fail and your potential career as a photographer is over. I'm going to document...
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    The biggest Kickstarter of the year, at $6.2M, is a board game

    Also, the 4th largest Kickstarter ever (at 12+mil) is another board game. Granted, Kickstarter is not the go-to place for video games, but it's still interesting that other sorts of games dominate other places ;)...
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    Let's talk about the crash, the current situation and the future of crypto

    I must admit, 4-5 months ago I didn't believe that Bitcoin would go below $6000 and stay there for long before bouncing back. But my expectations were based on the crypto world doing something in terms of development and bringing us closer to the inevitable future. However, greed took over. I'm...
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    Tabletop games!

    While I'm still a pc gamer, I recently got into tabletop gaming. I love the social part of it, although I prefer more mature games. I currently own: Mansions of madness 2nd edition Eldritch Horror Massive Darkness Deep Madness Just backed Deep Madness reprint on Kickstarter. + I have expansions...
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    What the hell is wrong with my motherboard?

    I went through one of the most frustration registrations on Asus forums, just to find out that I need to wait at least 24h to get approved. Longer if it's weekend, and it's just around the corner. So I'm asking here instead of waiting. Asus, what the actual fuck? Anyway, I have this motherboard...
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    2080Ti is not very popular where I live

    I live in Sweden which is a high income country, so most people can afford 2080Ti. We have in stock mainly Palit cards which aren't bad but they are no Asus/MSI/EVGA. There are no other cards in stock and these are not selling very well. The price isn't jacked up. It's about $1300 for the...
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    Why is my Windows 10 loading very, very slow?

    When I turn off my computer for the day and come back the next day, it loads literally within a few seconds. But when I just restart it, it takes forever. About 3 or so minutes. It only happens during the restart. I tried resetting Windows and it didn't help. I have not tried to completely...
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    Samsung QH55H - anyone using?

    I'm curious about its refresh rate. It says 120hz, but it could be just a gimmick like basically any other TV and is just 60hz. But it seems to be a new model and I can't find any reviews out there, so I'm asking if anyone here got more info. Its input lag is also only 6ms, which is fantastic...
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    Do you really need z390 for 9900k?

    I have preordered 9900k, but I'm using Z370. The one I'm using is Asus ROG Strix Z370-G Gaming which is a micro-ATX motherboard. I would like to try and get 5ghz on 9900k. Do you think that I need to upgrade?
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    Upgrade to i9-9900k from i3-8350k?

    I read that 9900k supports z270 and might jump on it since I already have that motherboard. I pretty much only game at 4k, although I do Photoshop editing but mostly on my laptop since my TV screen is not on the same page quality wise. I would like to get a few extra fps though since at 4k, 5...
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    Samsung S8+, LG G7 Thinq, One Plus 6 or Mate 10 Pro?

    Looking for a new phone for my sister. She's currently using S7 Edge and the way it looks, I'm surprised it even works. Anyway, all the phones I mentioned are quite similarly priced and Samsung S8+ looks like the best option here. But it's a bit old and has only one camera. I don't really care...
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    Sony mirrorless lens for shooting people and low light photography?

    The best lens for portraits that I have is a Sony FE 90mm f2.8 Macro. But when I shoot at night it often hunts for focus and can't focus at all, even on A7R III. I also noticed that this happens even during daytime but it just goes out of focus and then in focus again which takes a few seconds...
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    Wait so 2080Ti is actually renamed Titan?

    This article caught my attention: Especially this part:
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    NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2080Ti unable to run Shadow of the Tomb Raider with 60fps at 1080p with RTX On So much for Ray Tracing. Let's hope it's just a driver issue.
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    7nm refresh in 2019?

    Some people claim that the reason 2080Ti is coming out so soon is because there will be a 7nm refresh pretty soon. What do you guys think? Should we really wait on the refresh? I think a jump to 7nm would be more than just a refresh.
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    BMW dealer in England is accepting Bitcoin

    Note, this is not BMW themselves accepting Bitcoin but a dealer. What do you think about this? Say you take 7-8 Bitcoin for a 5-series BMW. 8 Bitcoin is currently about $52.000. But if it goes back to its ATH, that would be $150.000 per car. It's nice that Bitcoin is slowly but surely getting...
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    Creating my own website and hosting it, my options?

    I hope I won't confuse anyone because I'm confused myself. I want to register a domain and create my own website and been looking at options. I have 100mbit internet (50-100 up/down) and a NAS server. Would it be viable for me to host it myself (and maybe later upgrade to 250-500mbit up/down)...
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    Game in which you can destroy everything

    I'm not interested in GTA/Minecraft nor it fits in what I'm looking for. One of the best games I've played to "release the steam" was Prototype/Prototype 2. Enter some cheat codes for invincibility and then climb buildings, jump down on cars and people, throw cars and tanks around, fly around...
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    This analyst is either very good or has inside info, or both

    He does often rant about random stuff (like millennials and people fighting over religion in the comments), but he often has very good predictions. For example, in below video which he named "Bitcoin move will happen on this date" - something I thought was just clickbait, turned out not to be...
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    How do you get hacked?

    If you set aside not having antivirus, firewall, having dumb password, etc. My forum account on some website got hacked yesterday. It had a combination of letters and numbers. Nothing advanced, but not really a "password" password. Anyway, I got an email that my account password was changed and...