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    dual AP extremes

    I currently have one airport extreme. I would like to add another...and be able to extend my network while adding additional ethernet ports via a second AP extreme in another location(the second AP extreme would be connected only to AC power) Is this possible? I know its possible to...
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    Fantom HDD

    Anyone ever use a fantom megadisk external HDD? Im thinking about getting an external with eSATA. Ever have any failures? Thanks
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    MBP cpu temps 200+

    My unibody MBP is reportedly running around 190-200 degrees fahrenheit during normal use...seems really warm to me 2.8ghz unibody MBP 4gb snow leopard via istat nano
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    Peer Guardian + Growl

    I just reformatted my mac, and in reinstalling growl and per guardian, i cant get peer guardian to send notifications to growl....and it doesnt show up in the growl system preferences pane. What am i mising? 10.6.2 MBP Unibody
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    vmware asking for new key

    I installed windows 7 via bootcamp on my macbook pro, and then installed vmware fusion 3...which reads off of the bootcamp partition. I activated windows when running it natively, but when running bootcamp it asks me for a new key...why??
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    Newegg Sold out of WD caviar black.....

    Newegg was sold out of the WD cavier black HDDs....are they that high in demand?
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    G-Tech External HDD replacement

    has anyone ever replaced the HDD out of an external enclosure by or single? If so is their a limit on the drive size? I have a Gdrive mini 120 and would like to put a 500 in should work right?
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    2.5" HDD 5400 vs. 7200

    Im looking into replacing my current 320gb 7200 HDD in my macbook pro and would like at least 500gb and 7200....the only option out there is a seagate though. Ive heard go with a western digital 500gb or even 640gb 5400rpm drive and not to worry about the speed difference between the 7200. I do...
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    G-Raid HD Replacement

    I have a G-Raid 2 500gb from G-Technology in a striping array(2x250gb), and would like to replace the HDDs inside. Does anyone know if this would work? Im looking at getting two WD black 750gb drives...
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    Apple dual link DVI adapter

    Has anyone used the mini displayport to dual link dvi adapter with their macbook/macbook pro and a monitor other than the apple 30" cinema display? I want to use it with an xhd300 but ive heard it works poorly with other monitors Thanks
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    Windows 7 and Mac

    I just upgraded from Windows 7 Beta to Windows 7 RC and it runs very surprisingly well. Ive had no issues so far. Has anyone had found anything cool or had problems? Ive run it through bootcamp and VMware Fusion 2 with no problems or hang ups yet (knock on wood)
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    30" Display and MBP

    I just purchased a MBP (2.8ghz-4gb-512 nvidia 9600M GT-15"), and as many of you know, in order to use an external display, you have to purchase a Mini Displayport --> VGA/DVI/DL-DVI. In order to run 2560x1600 you need Dual Link DVI and thus needing the $99 Mini DisplayPort-->DL DVI cable...
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    MB and MBP Dual Link DVI Out

    I have a 30 inch display im going to use with my MBP...but in order to run 2560x1600 you need dual link dvi. The mini display-port-->DL DVI is $99! ridiculous considering the display-port to regular dvi is like $30. Anyone know of a cheeper solution?
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    Windows on a Mac

    Im going to install windows on my Macbook Pro....any suggestions for which version XP, XP Pro, XP 64, Vista.....will work better I would like to run XP 64......that would be possible right? Just installed on a new partition... Thanks!
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    NEW MBP Performance??

    Hey , Im interested in a new MBP but I have a couple of questions..for those of you with the new MBP 1: Have you gamed on it at all...mostly interested in Flight Sim X? 2: Have you done any video editing..Final Cut Pro or anything else? How is the performance with 1 or 2 and how...
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    Radeon HD 2600 XT vs NVIDIA 8800 GT

    This may be a very obvious question but I'm curious to ask, which would be better 1: A single NVIDIA GeForce 8800 GT or 2: Two ATI Radeon HD 2600 XT's in SLI ?? Thanks!
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    Mac Mini Pro

    You guys may have already have seen this, but i think its a pretty awesome set up this guy has made...i would even choose his case over the standard mac mini case.
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    3 Monitor Set Up

    Im looking for two lcd's to compliment a 30" Gateway XHD3000. I want to have the two potential lcds in portrait mode on the left and right hand sides. Any good ideas out there? Im thinking about two dell 20" widescreeners Also looking for an arm that can support all three monitors. Any...
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    MP & Flight Sim X

    Anyone have any experience running FSX on your mac? How has it performed and what are you using. Mac Pro? Macbook Pro? Bootcamp? VM-Ware? Or did you just install windows on its own partition? Thanks!! ...i posted the same thread in the gaming section..i wasnt sure which one would be...
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    Mac Pro & Flight Simulator X

    Anyone have any experience running FSX on your mac? How has it performed and what are you using. Mac Pro? Macbook Pro? Bootcamp? VM-Ware? Or did you just install windows on its own partition? Thanks!!
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    Mac Pro Upgrades?

    I am considering purchasing a mac pro in the near future but am hesitant in case there are any major hardware upgrades that i may be missing that are coming up soon. The main thing would be USB 3.0....i havent heard if mac plants to have that soon...although im sure a PCI card would suffice...
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    Powerbook and Gateway XHD3000

    I am trying to run an XHD3000 off of a powerbook at optimum resolution (2560x1600) and when i set the resolution to that, the monitor just flashes the image on the screen. It will run 2048x1536, 1900x1200, and 1900x1600 just fine. As well as several other lower resolutions. It is running via...