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    64gb (32x2) DDR4 3200mhz $224.99

    Newegg High capacity 64gb (32x2) 3200mhz DDR4 on sale for $224.99. (Timings are 16-18-18 which are the best available so far at this capacity) Best price I've seen for these. Would allow you to store up to 256gb of DDR4 on a threadripper 8 dimm system, 128gb on a mainstream 4 dimm system, or...
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    Seagate MACH.2 Multi Actuator [H]DD Interest?

    I was curious if any others were anticipating Seagate's MACH.2 launch? SSDs may be all the rage, but there's something [H]ard about all those moving parts. (Probably for the same reasons I get excited over old vacuum tube gear). It sounds as though they are pretty focused on releasing these...
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    Optimizing Game Load Times

    I have historically been a major fan of large open world games and modding them to oblivion with large 2k-4k-8k texture files. As a result I have found load times to be the biggest thorn in my side when playing such games as Skyrim. I am currently toying with the idea of building a new system...
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    RX 570 $120 + games (after $20 rebate)

    Newegg Rebates suck, but $120 for an RX 570 + 2 games is a value I scarcely think we shall see beat for quite some time.
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    (Dead) $200 2TB Intel 660p NVME SSD (QLC)

    Currently $200 on Newegg with promo code: EMCTWUE22 Link That's 10 cents per gig folks.
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    $85 ITX B450 Asrock Motherboard

    Very low price as far as AM4 ITX boards go. With the $20 rebate. Newegg Link Pretty decent board. Would be nice for a 7nm CPU!
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    RX 590 + 3 games $220 after promo & rebate

    Asrock 8gb RX 590 Promo code: EMCTVUV73
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    (Microcenter) 2400G $105 After Motherboard Bundle Discount

    The 2400G can be had for $105 when you bundle it with any compatible motherboard at microcenter. (Link) Pretty darn good price for a quad core with SMT considering you can also pick up some cheap B350/B450 motherboards to pair with it. (Or the option of trying cheaper open box motherboards)
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    (Dead) Vega 64 + games $380 after rebate

    The MSI Air Boost Vega 64 is $379.99 after a $30 rebate. Newegg link. Not too shabby. Vega is rumored to have recently ceased production. So it is possible we might see lower prices than these as they try to clear the channel for newer product releases. Not too bad either way considering Vega...
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    Setting Up Solitaire Box For Elderly (advice appreciated)

    Objective: Create a simple and easy to use Solitaire gaming box for an elderly family member. My Preferences: 1. DIY or Prebuilt would be fine (cheaper is better) 2. I want to avoid clunky interfaces like windows. If I can, I would make it a one click solution. 3. I want the OS to be basicly...
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    Vega 64 Liquid Cooled AIO $499

    Arguable value, but the AIO variant is now much more affordable than it used to be. Newegg Link w/ 3 free games Ballpark RTX 2070 performance (when you OC and opt to increase power limits on the Vega 64) If you are team AMD it would probably be wise to wait for 7nm. Still a neat card for...
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    Active Noise Canceling Open Back Headphones?

    Today I wondered why aren't there any open backed active noise canceling headphones? Is it possible? Are there any I am not aware of? I know it may seem counterintuitive, but there are certainly sound advantages to open designs which are difficult if impossible to replicate within a closed...
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    Asrock Vega 56 $340 + 3 free games

    Newegg Lowest I've seen Vega new. 3 free games are The Division 2, Devil May Cry 5, Resident Evil 2.
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    RX 570 4gb $140 (rebate) + 2 free games

    Newegg Game deals are back. PowerColor RX570 4gb $140 after $20 rebate. These cards only come with 2 games, but you still have the selection of 3 of the ones being offered on AMD's higher end cards. Games (pick 2): Devil May Cry 5, The Division 2, Resident Evil 2
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    (Dead) Asrock Vega 64 $410 + 3 free new games

    Newegg The deal here is the 3 bundled games The Division 2, Devil May Cry 5, and Resident Evil 2. If you need a cheaper Vega 64, I believe sapphire has a version on Newegg's ebay store for $400. I messaged Newegg on Ebay and they said their cards sold there will not come with the free games...
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    $140 4gb RX 570 + free games (after $20 rebate)

    Newegg (after $20 rebate) Early holidays shopping anyone? The 3 games really make the deal. I realize my math here may be subjective, but you are getting ~$140 of games + a solid graphics card for $140 friggen bucks.
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    Microcenter Ryzen Deals: 2600 $120, 1600 $100, 1700X $150 (bundle discount included)

    Microcenter has a few good deals going. $30 bundle discount requires purchase of compatible motherboard. 2600 $120/w bundle 1600 $100/w bundle 1700X $150/w bundle Not bad for 6 and 8 core CPUs with SMT.
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    32GB GDDR5 Radeon Pro Duo (Polaris x2) $449 Newegg

    Newegg (also on their ebay store) This is essentially 2 RX580 GPUs with 16gb of VRAM each for a whopping 32gb combined. Probably not great for gaming as I've heard OC utilities do not work with it (gaming drivers do work for it though) Also, you can currently get a Vega 64 card for $455 so...
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    Sapphire Vega 64 Reference $440 + free games

    Newegg Best price I've found for a new Vega 64. The free games are back. Not bad.
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    Sapphire Pulse Vega 56 $400 (was $380) +free games

    Newegg This is the lowest I've seen new vega 56 cards without need for rebate. Powercolor also has a card for $370 after $30 rebate too. Its a really neat card for those interested. Cheaper than the lowest GTX 1070 cards on Newegg right now so definitely a good buy for those in the market. I...
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    8gb RX570 $170 + 3 Games (after Newegg rebate)

    Link Kind of great deal if you need those games. Star Control Origins is a pretty sweet game actually for those who have not heard of it. You could almost resell the card and keep the games at this price.
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    Rebel Galaxy: Outlaw

    Official Website Space Western prequel to Rebel Galaxy. Release date: Q1 2019 Platforms: PC, PS4, Switch Expected Price: $30 Developer: Double Damage Games 1 Hour of Gameplay (no story spoilers) 16 Full Minutes of Gamespot PAX Gameplay: Features: -Six degrees of freedom space combat and...
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    $500 Lenovo IdeaPad 330 AMD 2500U, 256gb SSD, 8gb DDR4 (2x4)

    Pretty good value laptop here. -2500U 8 thread Ryzen APU -256gb SSD -8gb DDR4 (2x4) -1080p screen -DVD drive Battery looks like it will suck though since it is just a 2-cell 35wh. Not sure of the laptop screen quality either, at least it is 1080p. Newegg Link
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    Question for 5960X Owners

    Hi all, What scores are ya'll getting in the Cinebench R15 Single Threaded test on your overclocked 5960X CPUs? (Particularly somewhere between 4.3ghz and 4.6ghz+) I'm curious how they compare to my 6800k which doesn't clock well past 4.1ghz. Also, I am curious how they line up against Ryzen...
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    RX560 Low Profile $110 after Newegg rebate

    Link MSI 4GB Low Profile RX 560 ($125 before rebate) TLDR: low tier GPU prices finally coming down, limited to 75 watts PCIe power so could be power limited for OCing While high end cards have been going down in price as of late, lower end cards have been holding their inflated prices. For...
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    AMD 2500U Acer Aspire 3 Laptop $450 @Microcenter

    Pretty good deal this. Everywhere else has this laptop priced at $600. The 2500U is a 4 core, 8 thread part that is quite special. The gem here though is its graphics capability. Microcenter only it seems, Link
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    (Dead) 8GB SODIMM-DDR4 1x8gb $38

    Disclaimer: I'm not 100% sure regarding this deals compatibility with other systems. My gut says yes, but I am not familiar with using sodimm memory or the website CDW. Link 1x8gb 2400mhz DDR4 for $38. Seems like an unreal deal. Just putting it out there for ya'll since I can't not post about it!
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    Asus Portable IPS Monitor $114 (1080p)

    Model: ASUS LED 15.6" 14MS 700:1 USB (BSTK) Link "B-Stock" Seemed like a pretty good price for a portable IPS 1080p monitor. Would work well for a secondary laptop display or with a portable ITX system. I believe there would be shipping on top, but I'm not sure.
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    JBL Studio 590 Floorstanding Speakers $439 each

    Update 27NOV19: $439 each (link) -------- Just saw this pop up. If you are in need of some good (large) floorstanding speakers these are currently a "good" value at $500 each. Normally the pair costs $2000 while this deal shaves off $1000. They go on sale for $500 each a few times a year...
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    Ryzen 1700 $170 @ Microcenter (w/ rebate)

    Currently the 1700 is $140 at Microcenter after a $30 rebate and a $30 motherboard bundle. Kind of a crazy value to be honest. If you went the cheapest route, I found some open box b350 motherboards for $56 that you could bundle with this cpu. Link Shame the apus aren't cheaper. Kind of hard...
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    JBL 580 Floor-Standing Speakers $380 (each)

    These guys are the business for anyone looking into a home theater setup. They usually retail for $800 each and are on sale at Newegg of all places for $380 each. (With free shipping, these guys ship at like 160lbs so be glad) Newegg Flash Sale Link (if the link is borked search, "JBL 580...
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    Sold Out 4-26-18

    Wouldn't usually post this, but for someone it might help. There are some open box GPUs at the Dallas Microcenter at decent prices. 1050ti & 1070 sold out ($156&$400) Pretty close to msrp. Should hold its warranty. Happy hunting! Bonus: $262 X399 Asrock Taichi - open box (no IO shield) +...
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    "Pro" Subwoofers for Home Use?

    I always keep my eye out for interesting subwoofers. As such I have recently run across JBL's professional line of subwoofers and I was wondering if they would be appropriate for home theater/music integration. In particular I found a B-stock JBL 18-inch 1000 watt model for $550 which piqued my...
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    8TB Internal HDD $189.99 // 6TB External HDD $109

    Newegg has a sale on a Seagate 8TB BarraCuda HDD for $189.99 (USD). Use promo code: EMCPTEW39 Link If you prefer external drives, they also have a 6TB WD external HDD for $109 right now. Use promo code: EMCXPTWE3 Link
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    1070ti $499 @ Newegg

    Not too shabby, $50 above msrp for near 1080 performance. Link:
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    $30 CM Lite 120 AIO (w/$5 rebate+promo)

    Edit: it is actually $29.99 with a $5 promo code (EMCPTPS54) Link (Newegg with $5 rebate) For those who need a cheap AIO. Don't expect miracles.
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    2200G not up to snuff for Planet Coaster?

    I was hoping this game would run fine on the 2200g if I just turned down some settings. It really worries me this.. Does it look like the CPU is the bottleneck here? In the middle of overclcoking it. GPU 1530mhz, ddr4 3000mhz, cpu 3.85ghz. Perhaps I should have gone for the hyperthreaded...
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    Silverstone ML09 -- My new favorite little case

    I have recently completed a build in my new favorite readily available compact case; the Silverstone ML09. Stock Product Photo: Features: -7 liter volume compact design -SFX PSU support -Up to 70mm aircooler support (great for the Noctua L12S) -Supports 4 2.5in. drives within drive cage -dual...
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    2200G Overclocking Help

    Hello all, I am currently trying to overclock my Ryzen 2200g on an Asrock AB350 ITX motherboard. I haven't yet OCed because I am still trying to figure out how to get the gosh darn Vcore to remain fixed (or at least not go far above what I set. Right now I set a Vcore of 1.2 and HWinfo64 and...
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    Microcenter 1950x $729, 1200 $89, 1400 $130, 1900x $379

    Here are some more Ryzen discounts before the incoming 2000 series release. Additional $30 discount when bundling with a compatible motherboard. The 1500x is also available for $139.99 on rebate.