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    Epic CEO Tim Sweeney condemns loot boxes, says game companies should 'divorce themselves from politics'

    Sounds good to me. If they could get some forums going on the Epic Games Store that are less censored than the Steam forums I think that could win them some fans too
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    Synaptic Drive

    Just found out about this new game from the creator of Custom Robo. It looks like it's basically Custom Robo but with cyborgs. It comes out this Spring for Switch and PC and will have crossplay. I'm pretty stoked! Trailer:
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    Odd issue where I don't get video some times

    I'm starting to wonder if my computer is on it's way out so I thought I'd post here and see if anyone has had a similar issue. Maybe I can preemptively figure out what part is crapping out so I can replace it quickly if it does die. Sometimes when I restart or shut down my computer I won't get...
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    Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot

    I'm surprised this game didn't already have a thread. Am I the only fan here? I've only played a few minutes so far but the combat seems like it really sucks compared to Dragon Ball Xenoverse. Hopefully it improves as you level up.
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    How long since AMD was on top or within 5% of the best card?

    The last non-Nvidia card I owned was the 9700 pro back when it was still ATI. I don't upgrade every generation but it seems strange to me that they've never been at or near the top during a time that I was in the market. Am I just black pilled on AMD or have they really been failing for this long?
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    Lionhead: The Inside Story

    This article is four years old but I just found out about it. It basically details what it was like to work at Lionhead from the beginning to the end. I can't believe I'm saying this but it made me miss the days when Peter Molyneux was a big deal. It also made me nostalgic for a better time when...
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    A Windows Gamer tries Manjaro

    I'm giving Linux another shot. It's been about 4 years since I last tried it and I thought I'd catalogue my experiences here for shits and giggles. I went with Manjaro because the last distro that I really liked was Arch via the Achitect Linux installer, which is now defunct. Installation...
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    Piranha Bytes has indirectly announced ELEX 2 for 2020

    I assume this is Elex 2 anyway We at Piranha Bytes are currently working high motivated with the entire team on a new RPG. At the moment we are focused on our own work, because we develop RPGs with passion and are looking forward to show you our own game. The announcement is scheduled for 2020...
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    What PC games are you excited for in 2020?

    My list in no particular order: System Shock Cyberpunk 2077 Elex 2: This one may not come in 2020 Mount and Blade 2 Black Mesa: Surely they will finally be done some time next year? Biomutant Vampire the Masquerade - Bloodlines 2: I thought this game was going to be filled to the brim...
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    Gamer's Nexus reviews the RX 5700 XT Waifu edition

    The fact that this video card exists is hilarious, but it's also one of the reasons I hate weebs. The puns in this video are the best part.
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    Interstate 76'

    I really miss this game. I can't think of any other game that needs a remake more than this one. How long can Activision sit on the IP before it expires?
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    Critique my next build

    I'm having a hell of a time deciding which of these two builds I'm going to do next. Would love some opinions. Here is the AMD build: Here is the Intel build: The only...
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    Anyone else still sad about the death of SED/FED?

    I miss the old CRT monitors so much. LCD is still crap in my opinion and OLED seems like the burn-in issues will never be solved. SED/FED seemed like it really could have given us the best of both worlds between CRT and LCD. Years later I still think about this sometimes and get really sad...
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    Can't access bios over displayport on gtx 980

    I just got a Gigabyte Windforce 980 and I can't seem to access my bios over displayport. I had a similar issue on my 780ti, but I could fix that by unplugging everything from the card but the displayport connection. On this new card, it seems like I can only access the bios over DVI, even if...
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    Does anyone have Windows 10 and Linux living on the same drive?

    I stayed up until 5am last night trying to get this to work and I've finally given up on trying to do this on my own. Each time I've made an attempt, I've installed Windows first and then Play Linux (an ubuntu based distro). I've tried three different ways of installing Play Linux. Once with...
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    Asus z87-ws won't stop asking what device to boot from

    Every time I boot up my computer it asks what device I want to boot from (between the two ssds and bluray drive). This started happening after I switched from Windows 10 back to 8.1. The other ssd has never had an OS on it and I've never even used the bluray drive. I've tried resetting the bios...
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    Issue with dual monitors

    Main monitor is connected via displayport (AOC i2769Vm), secondary screen is a television connected via hdmi (Samsung UN32H5500). Using just the AOC monitor over displayport works fine, but if I switch to the television, things aren't centered on the screen even though both screens are 1080p. If...
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    Smart TV or streaming box?

    I'm looking for a smart tv or an add on solution that would let me stream wirelessly from a nas on my home network as well as from crunchyroll. I don't want to have to run a dedicated server to do this. Is there anything out there that fits my needs?
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    650 ti - 1gb or 2gb for physx?

    Thinking about getting a second video card for my new build in March to do physx processing. Does anyone know how much ram you need for a dedicated physx card? There seems to only be a $20 difference between the two cards, but no sense in wasting money, right?
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    Having issues with multiple video cards, can't find the fault

    Since I've first built this system, I've had issues with my GTX 570. Mostly random BSODs. Underclocking the card increased stability, but I would still get the occasional BSOD. I was willing to live with this until recently, at which point my computer has started to go straight to a blank...
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    Strange issue with usb ports, anyone ever seen this?

    When I woke up this morning my computer was off (it was on when I went to bed.) and wouldn't turn back on. After some investigation I found out that a circuit breaker had flipped while I was sleeping. After flipping it back on I was able to get my computer to boot up, but now my usb ports don't...
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    Can't seem to find a 28" monitor that I like.

    Could someone here please recomend one to me? Newegg only sells two, and neither meet my specs. I'm looking for something that I can use for both pc and console gaming, so I need the following: hmdi connections, hdcp support, speakers or a headphone port, 6ms or better timings, and proper...
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    Athlon 4400+ Extreme Overclock

    Hey guys! While messing around in my bios last night, I managed to get my X2 4400 all the way up to 2.8ghz! Now, I know this isn't all that special, but I think that it's neat that I got it high while barely touching the voltage. here is a screenshot. Is it normal to be able to oc that much...
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    New Computer won't Post

    So i put together a new computer today and i can't get it to post! it's driving me mad! The lights all turn on and all the fans spin (except the second case fan) I've tried unplugging all the ide cables and taking out the ram, but nothing seems to work! Suggestions? Also, I really...