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    Good News: NAND Prices to Rise 40% in 2020

    Oh... that's not good news for us. But if you're a memory cartel member, good times. Whether this is just a shock tactic to soften the consumer blow(back) or these high tech companies really have trouble sorting their supply chains, we'll find out never know. From TechPowerup...
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    Watching You: Companies that spy together, profit together

    The smart homes, stupid users saga continues. When Amazon, Apple and Google work together you know we're doomed. The innocuous sounding Project Connected Home over IP has the backing of every major data collection company (agency) in most of the universe - except Facebook, but that's a...
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    St-St-St Stutter Bug in Win10 Audio

    Audio is the poor step-child of windows media support. While Microsoft has had decades to figure it out. Their recent response has been muted. At this point, some wouldn't trust Win10 to playback John Cage's 4:33 glitch-free...
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    WTB: 2600k

    All my secret Sandybridge desires fulfilled. Including the mythical Z77-I board. Thanks to all!