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    New core i7 hot enough to boil water!

    :confused:So I just put together my new rig; P6T, 3GB corsair DDR3-1600, i7 920, and a noctua nh-u12p se1366. Everything goes together fine, I use the grain of rice technique for the noctua paste and get the HSF on tight with both fans blowing towards the back of my P182 case at full speeds. I...
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    Dungeon Runners Beta Invites Thread

    I have one beta invite remaining for dungeon runners. The way it works is, when you sign up you get 3 keys, because each account can only hold one character. Each key can have 4 invites out simultaneously. As each invite is used by someone signing up, you get a new one. So each person can...
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    Westinghouse 42" 1080p LCD monitor $1599 + free HTIB

    If you missed the 12 hour $1500 bestbuy deal 2 months ago and the $1550 Crutchfield deal 2 weeks ago, this is your best shot for this monitor. It's $1599 at with free shipping and a free philips home theatre in a box with progressive scan DVD player. You will have to pay tax, but if...