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    FS: Nvidia 980 Reference

    Selling: 2xNvidia GTX 980 $175 each or $150 each for the pair. Shipped Come with original box and accessories. Heat: Iggy 39:0 Prices are firm, shipped VIA USPS Insured (unless stated otherwise) to lower 48 states to Paypal verified address. No trades. Paypal Verified Only. SOLD to ...
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    Slow M.2 Raid 0 Speed

    Does this look right? It seems that it's slower then a single drive. I'm running 2x Samsung 960 EVO on a MSI Z270 via the top 2 m.2 slots.
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    FS: EVGA 980 Ti SC, 4790K, MSI Z97 Gaming 7

    Selling: 2xEVGA GTX 980 Ti SC Reference $260 each Shipped Date Registered: 10/21/2015 With EVGA, So over 1.5 years left of warranty with EVGA Reference cooler is great as it dumps all the heat outside your case. Intel 4790K $240 Shipped Comes with Stock HSF, never mounted. MSI Z97 Gaming...
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    Game Codes: Metal Gear Solid 5 & Batman Arkham Knight

    Selling: Metal Gear Solid 5: Phantom Pain $30 each Sold out. 1 x Batman: Arkham Knight - Steam Activate-able $15 Heat: Iggy 36:0 Prices are firm, codes will be delivered via PMs once payment has been received. No trades. Paypal Verified Only. Edit: 1 Sold to Hardass, 1 MSG left, Edit...
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    FS: GTX 980 Reference w/ Backplate (BNIB)

    Selling 1 x Nvidia GTX 980 Reference $380 each Shipped Bought new, still in box unopened. Comes with 3 year warranty directly from nvidia. Reference cooler is great as it dumps all the heat outside your case. Heat: Iggy 34:0 Prices are firm, shipped (unless stated otherwise) to lower 48...
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    FS: 1x Batman Arkam Knight Code $15

    Selling 1x Batman Arkam Knight code that will can be activated @ for your steam account. $15 Heat: First PM gets it. Ty Pending sale to cageymar
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    FS: Batman Arkam Knight Codes $15 Each

    Selling 2x Batman codes that will can be activated @ for your steam account. $15 each. Heat: Iggy 30:0
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    FS: MSI GTX 970 4GB (w/ Batman Arkham Code)

    Selling 1 x MSI GTX 970 4G $260 Shipped Bought new, used in a non smoking house hold. Runs perfectly, will ship in original box with accessories. As a bonus, after heatware is left I'll give you a code for redemption @ Nvidia for batman arkham knight :) Heat: Iggy 30:0 Prices are firm...
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    FS: 2 XFX R9 290X DD

    Selling 2 x XFX R9 290X DD $225 EACH Shipped Bought new, never mined, used in a non smoking house hold. Still under warranty for 1 more year. Runs perfectly, will ship in original box with accessories. Heat: Iggy 28:0 Prices are firm, shipped (unless stated otherwise) to lower 48 states...
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    NV Surround with 980 ti SLI settings not saving after reboot

    Hi all. I just switched from AMD R9 290x Crossfire to 2 980 TI SLI. Here's my problem, after setting up the surround with 3 panels and reboot, the system revert back to extended desktop with 1 monitor being off. I am following the port guide according to this link...
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    FS: Dell 3014

    Selling my Dell U3014 30" Monitor 2560x1600 $650 Shipped (Price Dropped) Bought brand new Oct. 2013, still have over 2 years of Dell Warranty w/ advance replacement. No dead pixels, no scratches, this monitor is in pristine condition. Just don't need it anymore as it's a waste being my 4th...
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    DDR3 1600 vs 2400

    Just upgraded from 2600k on z68 to 4790k 97z Any thoughts on the reusuing my corsair vengance ram that's 16GB @ 1600? or should I try and spring for the 2400 stuff? Any thoughts on the speed difference being noticeable on fps?
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    FS: Intel 2600K + Asus P8z68-V Gen 3 Combo

    Selling my 2600K $190 shipped Intel 2600K **************edit ********************** Sold Mobo to sixty661, only CPU left now. the 2600K will be sold with the intel HSF in its original packaging. Heat: Iggy 27-0 Prices are firm, shipped (unless stated otherwise) to lower 48 states to...
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    HDMI for 1440p or beyond

    Have anyone gotten HDMI to do 1440p or higher? I know originally HDMI was limited to 1080p res but the later revisions supports higher, just wondering if anyone gotten any luck with the recent batch of cards like 290x etc.
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    Would this config of cables/monitors work? Specially MST Hubs

    Have anyone had any experience with using the Dell 3014 as a MST hub? Here's what I'm trying to do. Normally my top monitor is only 1080P so HDMI is not a problem but since I'm upgrading, as far as I know, HDMI is still only 1920x1200 max right? So if that's the case I'm stuck with not...
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    FS: Dell U3014 A.02

    Selling 1 x Dell U3014 $700 Shipped Bought brand new Nov. 2013, still have over 2.5 years of Dell Warranty w/ advance replacement. No dead pixels, no scratches, this monitor is in pristine condition. I still have the original box + power, dual link dvi & display port cable. Heat: Iggy...
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    FS: 5x 128GB SSD Samsung PM830

    Selling 1x Samsung PM830 128GB - $45 EACH shipped Drives were gently used. Plenty of life left. Will be shipped via USPS with tracking and insurance. Please note that these are bare drives only, no other accessories included. Heat: Iggy Prices are firm, shipped (unless stated otherwise)...
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    R9 290x Crossfire: VRM1 Temp @ 116C, Should I be concerned?

    So the VRM1 of the top XFX DD 290x is @ 116C when I'm gaming. Should I be concerned of it dying an early death here? Ambient Temp: 22C I even cranked all case fans to 100% (4x Gelid 140MM fans in take and 4 exhaust) so the case is getting plenty of air flow. I even ghetto mounted another...
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    R9 290x prices are jumping again

    Last week I bought an XFX R9 290x for 480, now they're all either out of stock or are north of $650. What's causing this massive spike this time?
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    Which flavor of R9 290x?

    I'm about to pull the trigger on a R9 290x but unsure of which flavor? Planning on getting one today and then 1 more 30 days from now. Currently the XFX is currently top contender @ $480 There was some rumblings a while back with the XFX DD VRMs getting too hot, has that been rectified yet...
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    FS: EVGA GTX Titan

    EVGA GTX TITAN Super Clocked w/ Retail Packaging- $600 or $650 with Heater killer waterblock It's been underwater since day 1, bought 7/12/2013 with 3 years of transferable eVGA warranty (warranty follows the product not the user), so over 2 years left. If bought with waterblock, I will...
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    FS: EVGA GTX Titan SC

    EVGA GTX TITAN Super Clocked w/ Retail Packaging- $650 or $700 with Heater killer waterblock Selling because I need to pay for my surgey :( It's been underwater since day 1, bought 7/12/2013 with 3 years of transferable eVGA warranty (warranty follows the product not the user), so over...
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    FS: EVGA GTX 670 FTW, 680 Waterblocks.

    EVGA: GTX 670 FTW 2GB $270 shipped card and 1 water block pending sale to mysterfix Still 2 years 1 month left of EVGA warranty, comes with original box + all accessories that came with it. Aslo, Edit: Second block pending sale to DexNFx I have 2 Aquacomputer 680 Waterblocks. You will...
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    Crysis 3 & multi monitor

    Anyone successfully get crysis 3 to center the hud with their setup? I've seen screenshots and even youtube vids of it centered but it's not on my NV surround. Am I missing something obvious?
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    FS: SSDs / 140/120mm Fans / Driving Force GT w/ Stand

    All the fans below are NEW, bought for a W/C build but never went through. I only have the fans left, no misc. accessories that came with them. They'll be removed from the original box to fit into the shipping box better. Note: The fans are in lots of 4!! Aerocool Shark Blue Edition 120mm x...
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    FS: Part Out - i7 920, Reference 7970, MSI Big Bang, SSD

    Parting out wife's gaming system. Sapphire Reference 7970 (Flashable to GHZ edition) - Sold Used in some free household. Can run loops of unigen heaven all day. Forgot to mention that this card is about 1 month old, just got it back from Sapphire as a replacement. Samsung PM 830 SATA 3...
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    WTS: Reference 7970 Acetel & EN Waterblock + Back Plate.

    EK FC7970 Acetel & EN + Back Plate for sale No fittings, just the backplate and screws for attachment. You'd have to get the thermal pads again for the memory chips & vrm. Gently used from Feb 2012 til now. $90 shipped. Verified Paypal - Will only ship to verified paypal address...
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    In the market for 27" Monitor.

    I'm looking for inputs/comment on the following monitors or any others within the criteria. I'll be using these with monitor arms in a 3 panel surround setup. Definitely not interested in the korean 1440p IPS craze. Not picky on respond time as long as it's sub 5ms or IPS vs. TN panels...
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    Dell 3007WFP-HC

    Selling my Dell 3007 WFP-HC with no dead/stuck pixel. There is a slight hum when first turning on but I believe it's normal for this model, after a minute or 2, it's not noticeable any more. Heatware: $500 Shipped & Insured to continental US. Will only...
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    FS: Sapphire 7970, EK 7970 Waterblock.

    Heatware: Iggy Non CC verified paypal and amazon payments accepted. $390 shipped & insured to continental US. Sapphire 7970 bought launch day, used in a smoke free house. Card will hit 1200/1575 (CCC limits no problem). Comes with original box and accessories. $70 shipped to continental...
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    So 3+ month after official release, AMD where is my driver?

    So it's been 3 months. Is this too much to ask ? If AMD doesn't deliver, this will be the last set of high end graphics card I'll buy from AMD. Early street release and first to come out with next gen hardware but without the software to drive it is useless. IF Nvidia can do non...
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    WTB Skyrim for Steam

    Looking to buy skyrim for steam. Ty for looking.
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    My Accelero 7970 Crossfire Experience

    Preface: I wanted to share this with fellow [H]ard-Forum members who wants silence as well as performance w/o going the water cooling route. I found these in stock early last week @ for $75! Much cheaper then newegg or anywhere else that even had them in stock...
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    AMD Catalyst 12.3 RC Driver w/ Eyefinity 2.1

    According to You are here: » downloads » category selection » AMD Catalyst 12.3 RC Driver Software Description Download AMD Catalyst 12.3 Release Candidate driver Windows 7 and Vista 32/64-bit AMD has today issued another graphics driver, a preview version of...
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    WTT: Dirt 3 Code for Just Cause 2 Steam code

    I have a dirt 3 steam code that came with my 7970, looking to trade for just cause 2 steam code. heat: Iggy
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    7970 TIM - Have anyone reapply?

    Have anyone reapplied the thermal goo on their 7970? Just wondering if you've had any decrease in temps or not. Mine at full load is hovering around 40% fan, 80Cwith ambient temps around 21C
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    New W/C setup for Dual 7970s

    At first, I was going to get 2x accelero 7970 coolers but after reading about all the mounting issues, water seems to be the way to go. I'm thinking about getting one of the 240mm swittech integrated rad/pump cooler for the front of my corsair 600T case to cool the 2 7970s...
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    Hey AMD, you have my $1100, Can i have some official drivers?

    Pretty plz with cheese on top fucking now? Been a month since street release and still nothing but shitty beta drivers. 3 year old cursor corruption bug is getting old. Get your damn act together.
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    What would cause you to jump ship to green?

    With the current sad state that AMD driver is for their FLAGSHIP product. What feature of Kepler coming out would bring you to join the green team? Currently, drivers from AMD fucking sucks, point blank. There's no denying it. Nvidia releases beta drivers today for FUTURE games including SLI...
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    WTB: Dell 3007WFP-HC

    I'm looking to buy a working 3007WFP-HC. Please let me know if you have one with prices shipped to 72745.