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    Dell 24 hour deal - 14z $671
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    $3 music voucher @ Amazon Local I looked around a bit, looks like this deal is running for all locality's I could find, so just sub in your city.
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    Hellgate London returns! Closed beta is starting June 3rd. Hopefully the new company will update content and features where flagship failed.
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    HyperLAN Gobble Gobble Edition 11/28

    The lan is at HyperGamez in Fort Worth. 48 seat capacity, $10 BYOC and $5 general (includes console room access.) Registration is at More info at See y'all there!
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    Antec P182's @ Frys for $69

    None of my local Frys had any in stock, however my local Micro Center does price matching :P
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    Wolfenstein pushed back... the day after quakecon??
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    HyperLAN - Fort Worth TX - June 13

    In light of the success of the HyperGamez Grand Opening, HyperGamez is hosting another LAN in conjunction with The Texan Gamer and SBK Radio! $10 gets you one of 52 BYOC spots and access to the console gaming lounges. If you dont want to bring your own pc/console, $5 gets you in the door...
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    HyperGamez Grand Opening LAN - Fort Worth TX

    Fort Worth TX, April 12 2009 - HyperGamez announces it's Grand Opening LAN event, hosted in cooperation with! May 23rd, 5pm, HyperGamez will welcome all gamers to LAN up and frag down in their brand new facilities. Included in the evening's activities are a host of exciting...
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    Do you live in Texas?

    If so, you might want to check this out:
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    Fiances newly built matx.

    The Fiancee and I decided it was time for her to have a new pc, as her old one wasn't running some of the new games as well. Specs: Biostar GF7025-M2 motherboard AMD 4000+ 2 gigs of DDR800 EVGA 8600gt InWin matx case w/300 watt psu. 1x 500 gig Seagate SATA HHD and 1x 120 gig Western Digital HDD...
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    Cisco Fast Ethernet Question.

    I recently acquired a pair of cisco routers, 2621 & 2620. Both have t1 cards, and the 2621 has a 4 port serial wic. Ive been trying to find a fast ethernet module for the 2621, and so far the onlything i can find are normal ethernet wics for the 2600 series in general. Am I searching for a...
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    Need a cable.

    I just got an IBM x330, and I dont really want to spend $150 on a c2t cable. Any here have one that they want part with? (for money ofcourse) Please move if this is the wrong board.