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    Oblivion: How weak are the summoned pets?

    I just did a test, because i didn't think my pet was really helping in the arena... i did about 5 fights without the skellie, and then 3 fights with it, and there was absolutely no difference... so after the fight, i was about 1/10th in health... i decided to see how hard it hit for, so i...
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    Where is the Oblivion saved games?

    Like the title says... i went through the Bethesda folder as well as Documents and Settings, and i can't find it!
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    Stuck in Doom... need to find Sarge

    My objective is to find Sarge and stop him, but i don't know where to go. I'm in the CPU center, the routing level to be exact, and cleared everything, but now i'm unusre where to go.
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    How to enable quality level in console?

    Does anybody know if there is a command? And if so, what is it? I'm doing custom resolutions.
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    Widescreen gaming in RTS at 1920x1440

    Anybody know why when it comes to RTS, there usually isn't 1920x1200, but 1920x1440? I think i first saw this with C&C Generals, but i've noticed the same thing recently with Warcraft 3 and Warhammer. I don't mind, since it looks fantastic at 1920x1440, but i've always been curious.
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    Graphical problem in The Suffering.

    Look at the right side of the screen... anybody know what's up? It only happens with 1600x1200 and higher... and i want to play it at 1920x1440. Already tried different driver versions, same thing. Anybody have any ideas?