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    Dead fan in Enermax Revo 85+

    My 1250watt Revo 85+ PSU (see sig for specs of rig) is going a bit south with the 135mm fan dying unless I use a pencil to hand start it otherwise it doesn't spin on its own. I've searched everywhere with no luck for a 135mm replacement so I'm looking at a 140mm replacement. Anybody here can...
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    Bezel-less monitor recommendation

    Hi I think it's time to shop for a new monitor. The current LG 22inch I've been running for past 5 years has been running fine but now that I have my sig rig (still looking for a better proc) and the occasional gaming (all with texture mods) I'm looking for a monitor below 30inch that is...
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    What to do with an old IBM Bladecenter HS20?

    So I've just landed a really cheap deal on one of these, no faults, hdd's wiped, all 14 blades working, I was thinking of using it for VM's but my sig rig and my WDS server handles that as off duty roles just fine, any idea what I should do with the fat beast?:confused: Perhaps folding for team...
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    Can't decide, help me choose.

    So I've gotten into a little obsessive dilemma lately which I don't even know how to cope with any more as I don't know what to choose. My current rig is my sig minus the 670 that was used as dedicated Physx that's sold but the problem is that I will be back with running lots and lots of VM's...
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    SAS to Sata cable for old Savvio 10.2k hdd

    I recently purchased a cheap 29pin sas to sata cable converter to power a *working Seagate Savvio 10.2k 73gb drive. The only problem is it doesn't power the drive as it doesn't spin up and there is a notch on the sas connector of the drive with copper connection traces whereas the 29pin female...
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    Need basic 4 port pci-e raid controller

    Hi Preferably under $120 or so just need a basic raid controller to support 4 x 2TB sata2 drives that I will be migrating over from onboard. Need's to be able to support the usual raids, but I need good raid 5/0 performance out of it. BBU is optional but most with one tend to be bit more...
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    Did I land myself a good deal or no?

    Still wanting to go 2011 or wait for Maxwell, so I was bidding on these (with the intention that I wasn't going to win). But I did... Yes crappy CPU that can't be compared to the upper i3, i5 and i7's but good deal or no...
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    Please help me identify the following I/O shields

    Ok so I was digging up old computer crap from my storage boxes and I've stumbled upon 8 I/O shields that I cannot particularly make out with the exact model mobo it suits for as I'm about to list them on ebay for cheaps. What I do know is that all the ones with the black sticker at front and...
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    Corsair modular cables interchangeable with TT PSU?

    Selling a TT Toughpower XT 875watt PSU and I've got 3 graphics card modular power cables missing for it out of the 4 in total. I also have 4 bags of unused Corsair modular cables from the HX series I took from work while ago, besides one 1 pin on the Corsair cables not having any cable run...
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    From Tri-SLi GTX480 to SLi GTX260...what next?

    Ok sold off my 3 GTX480 partially due to financial reasons (could not tolerate heat any longer) for $175 each so it's not so bad, have pulled out my old GTX260 216sp running in SLI, runs quite good, high to ultra with TR and high in FC3 but I can't stand no DX11 settings in some of my games that...
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    HTPC build suggestions

    Sup all, I'm after some helpful suggestions from all you [H] members on a HTPC build for a family relative based on and for the following: * $350-400 absolute max budget for a HTPC case (best if no towers), mobo/cpu/ram and PSU * It will be used for streaming HD movies as well as casual...
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    Sony Xperia Z

    Who is getting one? Look's pretty cool and specs are nice to boot, this will be someone upgrading from an Atrix 2 and so far this phone has my attention. Any other alternatives we can speculate that would be just as good around Q1-Q2 of 2013?
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    AUS ebay sale - Swiftech Apogee GTZ Socket 775 NEW waterblock

    Hey all, got one sale going on my ebay that I have not been able to sell in months besides just a number of people watching. So I might as well make it more official here if anyone is interested. Brand new Socket 775 Swiftech Apogee GTZ waterblock, unused, opened up for taking pictures. Read...
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    3 GTX480's, custom cooler or upgrade?

    Ok, it's Summer here now and am about fed about with the 3 GTX480's in my rig, mainly with the noise and heat output, the heat part being the major issue as during a typical 30'C day my room is about close to 38'C without the air con on when my 3 card's are at full bore in game or benchmarking...
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    Impressed by Razer's warranty

    Ok, bought a Razer DA v.2 not long ago, about a month into usage the nylon braid sheath on the cord started wearing out really bad, end's splicing and nylon going everything, luckily I purchased it from the place that I worked at for that time being, so gave the warranty department just the...
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    Motorola shifts to using Intel Atom mobile processors...

    Was just browsing gsmarena as it's that time of the year where you feel like upgrading or purchasing another phone to play around with, as a current Atrix 2 user what grabbed my attention was the upcoming Moto Razr i android phone that will be using a default clocked 2GHZ Intel Atom mobile...
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    What are the older i5 750/760's worth today?

    Hey all, but yeah as the title says, what are the older 1156 i5 750/760 quads worth these days?
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    RAM problem or ?

    Hey, got a Asus Rampage 2 Extreme, i7 950 and 2 sticks of G.Skill Ripjaw DDR3 1.5v 1333 2x4GB kit and the problem is that, no matter what combination or amount of sticks used on the mobo, the mobo will not post, but I do remember it working fine when I used my friends 3x4GB HyperX 1600 1.65v...
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    Various kinds of RAM

    Don't know where to post this thread, but thought it might be suitable in the Memory section as it might draw some off-topic attention, any-who. Was browsing ebay for some ram deals and I stumbled across this seller...
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    Corsair H50 any good?

    Yeah as the thread says, I got few days left on a buy it now used once Corsair H50 w/c system off a seller on ebay for $45+$8 delivered is it worth it? And any improvements over the TRUE120 currently am using? Thanks Sys specs are E5300 @ 4.5 4GB Corsair XMS2 GTX590 ^ Yes I know I'm hugely...
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    10k drives vs SATA2 drives

    Ok, so I've got two drives lying around that I want to put to good use in a average gaming system. Storage size doesn't matter, just after performance. Drive 1: Western Digital WD740GD 10000RPM Sata Drive 2: Seagate ST3250820AS 7200RPM Sata II OS: Windows 7 Ultimate Rest of Hardware, AM2+...
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    Need a Socket F mobo

    Been a while since I've last posted here, recently acquired two AMD Opteron 8214 processors for $18 off ebay all I'm after is the motherboard now. Can anyone recommend me a good, decent and not to costly Socket F motherboard either WS branded models from Asus etc or Supermicro server boards...
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    PSU recommendation

    Hey guys, need a new PSU for a system powering a 8800Ultra, 8400GS(Physx), Leadtek TV Tuner card, 2x2GB DDR800 RAM, E5300@4.5ghz, 4 hard drives and 2 optical drives and 6 case fans with a Zalman fan controller. Budget is below $130 on a good PSU that is able to power the mentioned specs above...
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    Intel charge $50 to unlock extra hidden features of current CPU's

    Not sure if its been posted before, but I saw this on my cod clan forum while ago, and I just searched it and found the article to it, you guys heard about this or know anything about it whether it works or not...
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    Latest 260.99 driver bug

    Just updated mine from 258 to the latest 260.99 today. Every game I run is no longer in WS mode, even though it has always been before. At any resolution, any game I run, everything is not WS for me for a 19inch WS monitor, anyone else having this problem?
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    Anyone recognise this motherboard

    Found this pic off this blogspot Can anyone make out what motherboard is being used in this picture?
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    Duke Nukem Forever is BACK

    Matt Peckham, PC World Sep 3, 2010 9:57 pm To paraphrase Mark Twain, there are lies, damned lies, and Duke Nukem Forever stories. The game's been vaporware for over a decade. Leaked screens and gameplay videos from so-called alpha versions occasionally emerge then fade in a muddle of...
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    Windows recovery prog for MAC HDD

    hey there, just now my Mac laptop (1st gen intel macbooks) the HDD would no longer past load up screen after the startup noise, so I`ve pulled the drive out of the hard drive compartment under the battery and successfully loaded and connected to my pc. The only thing now is that if anyone...
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    Approx $150 Budget

    Just recently my aunt's 6 year old AMD Sempron 1.6ghz, 1GB DDR400, AsRock nforce board crapped out on her, the ethernet port got bummed out completely and the motherboard fail to past some stress test applications. Now she needs a new motherboard+cpu+ram combo for approx $150'ish max her budget...
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    Graphics card capacitor replacement question

    Need two caps to be replaced for two separate cards, any one here know what electrolytic cap replacement I should get for these solid caps. Thanks
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    S.T.A.L.K.E.R fans look here

    Ive stumbled couple of screenshots (below) whilst looking up pictures CoP mods, and i came across a Portuguese thread talking about CoP and I'm wondering if anyone know what mods/settings is required to get Clear Sky to look like these? One example Source for more screenshots...
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    Baked 8600GT recognised as 4GB 8600GTS

    Yeah i had to bake a 8600GT, and then the electrolytic capacitors all burst itself, so I went on ebay and bought myself 20pcs of 820uf 16v Sanyo Caps to replace the 11 820uf 16v JXL caps. The thing is that, there is also 3 solid caps that smelt like shit when I baked it and took it out, and...
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    197.13 drivers artifacting

    Anyone noticed there cards artifacting or windows popping up with a message the nvidia kernel has stopped responding and has successfully recovered?
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    Yet another GTX4"" review
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    Win 7 Task Manager and Regedit missing?

    WTF, I'm not sure whats going on, but recently my computers Task Manager and Regedit been missng, says it cannot open because its missing, making a trip to System32 indicates both exe's for Regedit and Task Manager there, even when I open it there, it still says the exe for both programs...
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    Asus Supreme FX II vs Realtek AC883

    Im just wondering if the ASUS/Creative Supreme-FX-II HD Audio Sound Card PCI-X (off ebay) card is better then my Gigabyte G31M-ES2L onboard Realtek AC883 sound? I will be using it for Gaming/Music/Movies etc. It will be a budget buy for me $22 only shipped and I will get a Auzentech later...
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    Unbrick bricked card

    I know the procedures of making a boot device and using a pci card with the nvidia card in, and boot from floppy or usb. What are the commands for nvflash to program a new bios or force flash new bios into a bricked card?
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    Now I am confused

    A recently bought 8800gt card off ebay has been doing my head in. The seller said it worked but artifacts (was in FOLDING machine) and now in my test machine it doesn't work. It spins up 100% but no POST. So I did the oven bake method. Still no post. Im currently using and avaliable to me only a...
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    Oven Bake Method

    I'm just about to Oven Bake a not posting/booting 8800gt I got cheap off ebay for 15 and the seller said it was working but artifacts not in my case atm. Should I bake it face down or face up? I've seen the thread here at [H] with the guy baking his 8800gtx face down. Then on
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    Artifacting inno3d 8800gt

    Recently got a $15 8800GT off ebay for shits and giggles and the seller said it recently started artifacting in his folding machine. But would only artifact when he goes into 3d mode and 5 mins later his monitor would lose signal and he would have to restart his match. Let the system cool down...