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    Spanning Tree Protocol in a Mixed Environment - Managed and Unmanaged Switches

    I've got a question for those more knowledgeable than I. I'm looking at expanding the network in a substation for a client and I'd like to implement some redundancy. I've got a managed switch in one building and 2 separate fiber paths to another building that I need to expand the network into...
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    Western Digital Caviar Green 808.8 GB SATA Hard Drive WD8088AADS

    Western Digital Caviar Green 808.8 GB SATA Hard Drive WD8088AADS Anybody know the story on these? Doesn't seem like they were just released as I found a Hot Deals post about them back in September. Just wondering what the deal is with the odd capacity...
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    Dell 5324 or HP 1800-24G?

    Ok, so my home network is pretty crazy. I'm sure it doesn't hold a candle to some of you guys, but I bet it's more complex than average. I've got AT&T Uverse and am using my network for both internet/file sharing and IPTV distribution. I am possibly going to add HDMI over IP soon. I'm using...
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    WD 2TB Retail Box $229.99 @ Fry's Online & B&M Cheapest price yet.
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    WD 2TB Retail Box $229.99 @ Fry's Online & B&M Pod:Pod4 Limit 1 per customer.
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    7200.12 ST3500410AS vs. ST3500418AS

    I'm seeing both of these model numbers coming into the retail channels and was wondering if anybody knows the differenece between them. As far as I can tell both are 7200.12 drives with a single 500GB platter, 16MB cache, SATA2. The 7200.12 datasheet on Seagate's website list the 418AS part...
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    New HP MediaSmart Server EX485/EX487

    For those interested in pre-built WHS systems, HP is releasing new versions of their MediaSmart servers.,2817,2337628,00.asp "The HP MediaSmart Server ex485 with 750 Gbytes of hard disk storage is $599, while the HP MediaSmart Server ex487 with 1.5 terabytes...
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    Asus P5BV/SAS Mobo

    Anybody out there have any experience with this motherboard? I'm just getting into the WHS arena and looking to create a future-proof server (I know--impossible, but I can try). Right now I've got an Asus P5Q-E running WHS and I had quite a bit of trouble with the ICH10R drivers in RAID and...