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    Need video card advice

    Hey guys, I have been out of the PC gaming side of comupters for a while and have recently started getting back into it with MSFSX, COD, and etc. I want to pick up a better video card than the 5550 I have now. I am running an Athlon 2 X3 450 (unlocked to 4 cores) with a single video card...
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    XBMC Audio problems - Maybe a codec issue?

    Hey guys, I got my HTPC set up, but I am having issues with getting sound for certain codecs. I did some searching around and some looking in my system, and see that under the Playback Devices in Windows 7 my ATI HD 4250 shows up. I look under "encoded formats" and see only Dolby Digital. I...
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    Absolute best HTPC frontend software?

    Hey guys, I have searched but I don't see what I need. What is the best frontend out there for an HTPC, paid, or free? I will be watching movies, playing music, and watching TV shows. I will not be watching TV through the PC, though since I have Dish Network.
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    Port 80 issues...

    Alright, I have a simple problem, but with a not-so-simple solution. I have a dedicated server that I host websites on that is not quite powerful enough to run the kind of SQL stuff I need to. What I need to do is route req's to to a certain private IP, and route req's...
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    I just finished with my site.

    I was bored the other night, and decided to redo it. It's a personal photography portfolio type site, with a pile of my pics on it. Here's the link. It started as a template, because I loved the design, and the only thing that is the same is a couple images and the layout. I am, however...
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    Windows 2003 Server Standard - Activation issues

    So I am in a mess here. I have a Windows 2003 Server running at my home, with a legal license. I had this install running on different hardware, and I ghosted it and repaired it, and got it working great. It wanted to activate within 3 days, so I did, and I have been fine....until today. I...
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    Windows Task Manager Question

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    Show off your website!!

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    Moving Object Dock

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    Windows 2003 Mail server

    I have a Windows 2003 Standard Server running hMailServer. I started with version 4.2 and had everything working fine, including webmail using SquirrelMail. I wanted better spam protection, so I upgraded to hMailServer 4.3 B248, which is the latest stable build. I went through the upgrade...
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    Domain Permissions

    Hey guys! I have the question this time.... :p I have a Windows 2003 Standard Server, which is being used as a DNS, AD, Web, and File Server. I just "upgraded" from Windows SBS 2003, which entailed a wipe of the system drive, and of course, all the other drives and files stayed the same...
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    Best router, as of today!

    Guys, I get requests all the time as to what is the best SOHO cheapie router. I used to say WRT54G, and s without thinking, but I know that has changed now. What do you guys think is the best under, say, 200$
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    Problems with Win2k3 site

    Well, here's my problem. Somehow I monkeyed up my permissions in one of the Sites on my Win2k3 SBS server. No problem, I think, I'll just delete the site, and recreate it. Well I did just that, and now here's what I get. Click that link, and then click...
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    My new setup!!

    Hey guys, I just got a new audio setup for free. Tell me what you think! Here's the pics: Here is the reciever; all I have plugged into it is the computer, and I will only use it with I am playing pool or chilling in and out of my office. Duck tape FTW! I took the first photo from...
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    Tying AD Domain to FQDN

    Guys; I own my own domain name and I am about to ge another one. How do I, while using a dynamic IP adress, have that domain point to my AD server? What are the benefits of doing this? Also, I am a fairly savvy AD user, but I just don't know about this.
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    Current Sweet Spot for HDD's?

    Guys, I am in the market for a new hard drive and I need to know what the best bang for my buck is at the moment. Alos, what manufacturer is the best at the moment? Thanks! edit: reading sticky to find out best manufaturer.....
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    IPCop help

    Hey guys, I am having trouble getting my IPCop machine workin. I want to use it as a firewall and keep my current router, which is a WRT54G v4. I am stumped as to the way to do this: Cable Modem --> Router --> IPCop --> Switch How would I go about setting that up?
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    Google Analytics

    Has anyone tried Google Analytics? It's pretty cool if you ask me. I have it installed on my website, so give me some hits so I can tell you guys how it works.... :p It seems to work great, and it shows anything you can imagine about your users.
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    WERD! I just hit 10g's, homies!

    (Title stupidity is for tsuehpsyde, you know what I am talking about.... :p ) I just hit 10,000 points in F@H! YAY! A green [H] in my badge!
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    Router dropping wireless connections

    Hey guys, I am really at a loss here. My router, the Linksys WRT54G dropping connections (or at least I think it's the router) I have an Orinoco Gold wireless card that I am using to connect with. I was running Netstumbler the other day and I was getting like a 95% signal, whick is great, but...
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    Shopping Cart

    Hey guys, I need to find out how Credit Card orders in osCommerce works. I need to know if it is easy to setup, and I also need to know the rates that the CC processing companys charge. I can't seem to find much info in the KB at osCommerces site, so any help would be greatly appreciated. I...
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    Compact Flash GPS receiver

    Hey, guys, I am a pilot, and I just got an iPaq 3800 and I am trying to find a good GPS solution. I need the maps to be upgradable, of course, and they need to be aviation maps. I really don't have a price range, unless it's going to be more than a dedicated aviation unit. Thanks, guys!
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    My First b0rg!

    I just borged 4 machines of a freind: P4 2.6 1GB RAM A64 2800 1GB RAM P2 450 P3 333 More are on the way soon if I talk to my boss (~13 P4 2.8's)
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    Project: "ComputerInsideaBriefcase"

    Here is my project: It is an AMD K6-2 500Mhz with 128MB SDRAM and a 10GB hard drive. The monitor is a 17 inch LCD that I got for free from a freind. All the electronics for the LCD are double-sided taped to the back of it. I used some ghetto standoffs to keep the mobo and LCD secured...
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    [WTB]Mobos and stuff.

    I am looking for cheap parts to get my folding farm started. Here's the stuff I need: Mobos: 1x socket A for a 800 Duron 1x Socket 370 for a Celery 1100A (100MHZ FSB) 1x socket 370 for a P3 1000 (133MHZ FSB) Memory: Any SDRAM larger than 64MB sticks That's all I can think of for...
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    Show off your website!!

    Hey, since this is the webmastering and programming forum, lets show off our sites, and sites you designed! Mine: -- My photography site -- my fileservers site -- client site -- client...
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    AVI Codec:

    Hey guys, I have an AVI on my computer that will play in any of my media player, but with no audio. DivX tells me that it doesn't have a Codec to play the audio with. How do I find out what codec I need? DivX gives me this info: Audio data Tag 8192 Thanks guys!
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    My photo site Hey guys, tell me what you think about my photos.
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    AMD[H]unter's Large amount of wallpaper...

    Gathered here, and many other places. -- Site rip of a good site! -- My main wallpaper folder -- Don't go here....... :p If you guys...
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    Server not serving files with 'unkown' extentions....

    Ok, I have a Windows 2003 SBS Server and I am using it as a fileserver over the web. I have no trouble with file extentions that the server 'knows'. I can't get it to serve .iso, .nrg, but zip, rar, exe, and most other file extentions. I can change the name of my iso's and add .zip to the end...
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    Windows Task Manager Question

    Hey, guys, I have a quick question about my Windows Task Manager "Readouts". In the Performance tab, there are the graphs, and the memory usage stats. I know what most of the stats are, but I do have a question about a couple of them. Yes, this is gonna sound very n00bish! :p Starting...
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    Which IDE to USB adapter? -- 15$ -- 25$ Which of these will be best, and will they work with Windows Server 2003?
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    My Photo Site Hello, all, I just wanted to get some opinions and comments on my website. Take a look at the photos while you are there!
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    My new Network Setup + Homemade "rack"

    Hey guys! I posted this in the network gallery, but I wanted to make a thread so I could get some feedback on my homemade "rack" Anyway, here she is: Left to right: Big ass antenna zip-tied to th etraffic light to beam the internet to the extreme end of my house, about 70 feet...
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    Weird Printer Problem

    Hey guys! I have a interesting problem. I have a 2 printers connected to PC1. PC1 has these printers shared. PC2 can print to them, but PC1 cannot. What the heck is going on? Please help!
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    Router or Switch?

    I have a cable modem (Motorola Surfboard) and a friends place, and he has a switch, can I do this: MODEM --> Switch --> PC's Or will I have to do this: MODEM --> Router --> Switch --> PC's I am pretty sure I will have to use the second option, but I want to make absolutely sure...
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    What does "OCP" stand for?

    Whatsit mean?
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    GUIDE: What CPU cooler should I buy?

    Keep this up to date, and I will vote for it to be a sticky! I like it!
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    Google Toolbar for Firefox! (by Google) This is sweet! It has a spell checker, and lots of other cool stuff!