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    Fractal Arc Midi $59.99 + FS @ newegg

    For $60 this is a no brainer, if you need a new case this one is such a good value, so many options for fan slots and it is bigger than a mid-tower honestly, but that's good as it's not quite ATX size.
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    Kingston HyperX 3K 120GB SSD $55.00!

    Yup saw it on Slickdeals, waiting for the code to go active.
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    Thermalright TRUE Spirit CPU Air Cooler Review @ [H]

    Is Amazon the only place to get it? I can't seem to find it anywhere else and I don't want to pay $13 for shipping unless I have no other choice.
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    500gb HDD - $59.99

    Holy crap that long? Man I am screwed as I am almost done putting together a nice ass HTPC and I was planning on putting two 3 TB hard drives in RAID. May have to settle for the cheapest 2 TB I can find now.
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    15% off 120hz displays @ Newegg today

    Kind of what this to game in 3D
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    The Totally Awesome Directron Drawing!

    Yes I love AMD! This would be a great upgrade for me Phenom II x4 920! AMD has always been good to me as a consumer.
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    Intel® Core™ i3 2100 LGA 1155 3.1GHz Boxed Processor for $99 with mobo at microcenter

    Has anyone been to the Tustin store? I want to go tomorrow but its a 40 miles drive for me so I don't want to leave empty handed.
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    HOT! Am3 combo from Micro Center

    damn does anybody know if Tustin location is still in stock of anything?
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    Battlefield Bad Company 2 PC $37 shipped AMAZON

    awesome game, even with the bugs at least they are trying to fix them. Despite them the game is so damn fun, I don't mind that I paid $50 for it. Great deal even if you have to pay tax.
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    Great Fry's CPU/Mobo/HD Deals for this weekend BM only!

    aww damn is the deal over now since its the weekday?
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    30GB OCZ Vertex SSD $67.74 after rebate & BCB w/free shipping

    I use the Agility version and it boots up in no time. Map loading on Bad Company 2 is pretty fast too.
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    30GB OCZ Vertex SSD $67.74 after rebate & BCB w/free shipping

    damn I just got a OCZ 30gb Agility not too long ago for 80ish AR. I guess its not possible to set those two in RAID right?
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    Logitech G9 $45 no rebate @ BB Outlet

    Damn sweet deal! Too bad my G7 is running in perfect condition
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    Antec 300 $35 after $15 MIR

    great case for this excellent price! It's a pretty standard case installation wise but the amount of fans you can install without modifying it is quite nice! I got 4x120mm and 1x160mm fans running in it quietly! Also the dust guard in front helps to keep it clean inside.
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    Razer Salmosa on woot $13.00

    I have a Razer Diamondback, how does it compare?
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    2 Pack Dell 22" monitors $199

    anyone have suggestions for RGB settings? It doesn't quite look right to me.
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    2 Pack Dell 22" monitors $199

    I got my monitors! Woot, now I just need to calibrate.
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    2 Pack Dell 22" monitors $199

    Oh crap me too. My delivery date is saturday but in the email it doesnt specify the quantity ordered. Hopefully its actually two and its really gonna be delivered. I'll keep you guys posted.
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    2 Pack Dell 22" monitors $199

    what the hell they still haven't canceled my order but updated my estimated delivery date from 10/14 to 10/20
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    Frys B&M amd phenom II 710 tri core $49

    Too bad I moved away from any Fry's... dam sucks this is B&M only
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    2 Pack Dell 22" monitors $199

    Mine still says in production.
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    2 Pack Dell 22" monitors $199

    thats because the deal is dead buddy
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    3870 to 5850. Worthwhile?

    The 3870 isn't worth much these days especially with the coming 5770 which will drop the price of every low end 4xxx card that is between it and the 3870.
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    [H]ot Intel Core 2 Duo T9900 Socket-P (notebook) $339 +s/h

    not bad if you can upgrade and have a discrete GPU to back it up. Although I think this fits a very small category of people here.
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    2 Pack Dell 22" monitors $199

    Damn I didnt know the overnight delivery was free! Oh well I was expecting it to get canceled anyway so let's hope for the best but expect the worst.
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    AMD 5770 Benchmarks Leaked

    So its just a refreshed 4890... I'm not complaining for that amount of performance at $159 its a steal, nvidia is really gonna be pressed hard to be price competitive
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    2 Pack Dell 22" monitors $199

    Nope I think its a price error. I just order and looked at my order details and this is what I see: Quantity Item Number Description Unit Price 1 320-7438 Dell S2209W 22 inch Wide Flat Panel Monitor $199.00 1 468-3825 Dell S2209W 22 inch Wide Flat Panel Monitor $0.00 1 983-2847 3YR...
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    HP Gaming Surface Mousepad (w/ VoodooDNA) - $9 shipped

    Don't get the Ratpad GS just go for the XT its so worth the money. I would have paid twice as much.
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    MATX micro tower Case $19.99 shipped - Newegg

    LOL I suppose you are right. Well I probalby won't, but I'll buy this anyway in case I want a budget and small gaming PC
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    MATX micro tower Case $19.99 shipped - Newegg

    Damn do you think this will fit 5850?
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    HP Gaming Surface Mousepad (w/ VoodooDNA) - $9 shipped

    +1 I have one and I'm never gonna use any other
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    WD Green 750GB $55.99 Shellshocker

    In for one! Gonna pair it with an external enclosure since my laptop only has 120 gb
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    Phenom II x4 940 BE plus 790GX Mobo $208 shipped

    dang what a deal! I bought my Phenom II 920 for a little under $200 about 2 months ago!
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    Another YMMV Best Buy Clearance - XFX 4890 $162 + tax

    wow this has gotta be really YMMV, probably the regional stores seeings them 4890's selling like crap since they probably overprice them anyway.
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    4-pack Cooler Master 120mm fans $8.99 @ Fry's B&M

    Just bought a box from the Fry's in City of Industry, they still have about 7-10 boxes left for $8.99
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    AMD quad-core build (minus burner) for $299 after MIR (Dead Deal)

    My brother could definitely use this as he is strapped for cash but the old Athlon 64 x2 is getting outdated quick
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    4-pack Cooler Master 120mm fans $8.99 @ Fry's B&M

    Perfect for my Antec 300 case! I needed 4, 120mm fans anyway!
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    Little Big Planet for PS3 - $21.90 + S/H

    dam OOS already
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    Dell Studio Mini YMMV deal

    wow this is a super sweet deal! Can you upgrade the video card yourself on this rig? Would be great for a budget gaming build + 24" monitor.