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    Using a vga igpu monitor with a dedicated graphics card.

    My video card doesn't have vga out, but my motherboard does. asus p8z68 2600k, 1080ti What options do I have? Is nvidia optimus still a thing? i cant get these guides to work right: and...
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    evga black friday sale are any of those PSUs *silent* ?
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    EVGA GeForce GTX 1080 Ti FTW3 vs Hybrid = HELP ME CHOOSE!

    only +$50 for hybrd FTW3 has a higher max power because of its bios, right? Any measurable performance difference in overclock? FTW3 easier to resell when new gen comes out ? How much louder is FTW3 than a hybrid? I heard pump needs to be plugged in to a fan plug on mobo to control its...
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    TigerDirect has many tablets <$50AR
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    What's the "budget card" for a higher resolution display?

    Lifelong ati user looking to switch due to gsync. Considering 2560x1440/1600 LCD, what;s the sub-780 cards should I look for? I'm leaning towards 770 4GB, since more vram should help performance at a higher res, and be more 'futureproof' Thoughts?
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    Will mobile gpus support Gsync?

    Like 750m, or 780m? What about macs and macbook pros?
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    Razer Hydra $40 @ tech woot, 2 hours left!

    liek $70+ anywhere else in for 3 combined with oculus rift, this is the fucking future:
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    Zalman External Hard Drive enclosure with built-in ISO loader $30AR free ship @egg

    So I was looking for a utility to boot any ISO from my USB stick, doesn't exist. Shit needs to be hardware. There's YUMI: but meh. The only problem with these is that they have a very shitty usb connector, you have to be...
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    The easiest way to experience A3D 3.0 from older games in modern times? Yes, I've search, on here, on google, etc. I want to experience A3D (3.0) in older games that supported it. I am currently running windows 7 x64 with auzuntech forte + sennheiser hd590 i...
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    Does a 1920x1200@120Hz monitor even exist?

    I can't find a single 1920x1200 lcd screen that does 120Hz input, wtf? :confused:
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    I want a 3360x1600 21:10 ratio 37" cinema-wide 120Hz monitor

    And you want a pony, yes fuck you too. I'm currently rolling on what is basically is the best setup for quality and performance. I have two DELL 2407WFP-HC on the sides and a Sony FW900 in the middle as main, with an ati 6970. While I was at CES last year I saw vizio's 21:9 screen on...
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    Is there a way to fully disable image scaling in the latest AMD (11.4) drivers? (CRT)

    win7x64 CRT here Under monitor properties or display options - i dont even get the choice to enable or disable image scaling for the CRT monitor, only my LCD monitors get that option Yet it's always on anyway - and is extremely annoying. I don't need scaling - I have a CRT for this very...
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    Can't run middle CRT in eyefinity at custom refresh rate - please help

    my eyefnity setup is in win7x64, 6970 I have 3 monitors: Left 2405FPW via dvi, middle FW900 via VGA, right 2407wfpb via display port -> vga adapter. i run a custom .inf driver hack to force fw900 to 1920x1200@95Hz in single monitor mode, it stays in that 95Hz even on extended desktop, but...
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    Help me find a new phone please, doesn't have to be the latest & The greatest, thanks

    Hello, I've broken my phone that I was relatively ok with (sony ericons k555i) but it has a small screen and no qwerty keyboard I tried the Nokia E90 communicator - and was very impressed, but it's not a realistic pocket PC if it's not running XP or a usable linux distro, imho I've been...
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    lukewarm: amazon deal of day: Seagate Expansion 640 GB Portable Hard Drive $47
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    imma gonna let you finish but.. Newegg has the best budget build of all time [$210] Phenom X4 9850/MSI 785 SuperCombo 1. Rosewill R363-M-BK :$49.99 2. MSI 785GTM-E45 :$69.99 3. AMD HD985ZXAJ4BGH :$69.99 4. G.SKILL F2-6400CL5D-2GBNQ :$44.99 * Combined...
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    Alpha Protocol [PC] $9.99 shipped on NewEgg

    SO hars is on sle for $2.99, I browsed more PC games on NewEgg, and found this. Good price for a physical copy (was on sale ~$8 on steam earlier) Does anyone know if it requires to be registered with steam to work? One-time...
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    Does nvidia surround support 5120x1200? [1600x1200 + 1920x1200 + 1600x1200]

    in-game, as a standard resolution
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    MSP-EXP430G2 LaunchPad Microcontroler $2.15 Free World Shipping

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    problem with oem mobo and ocz psu PLEASE HELP IM A PRO :(

    I am trying to install this psu inteo this motherboard:
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    Realistic system requirements for FSX

    Hello, I need to build a system for as cheap as possible for an older pilot to practice flying with FSX. Since it's sorta dated, and its requirements are low, what will it realistically run on? Will ~2.5GHz P4/AMD and an X800PRO do? Or is it SO cpu-heavy its dual-core or gtfo time...
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    Best Front-App (Boxee/ Media Porta/ XBMC/ MythTV/ Moovida) for old HTPC on an SDTV?

    Hi, this is for an older computer: 2GHz s754 1GB laptop w/ ati 9600 mobility thats connected to an SDTV (36" CRT) via S-VIDEO Which (windows) application is designed for low resolution, and runs on older hardware.
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    Auzentech X-Fi Forte 7.1 $150 shipped

    After spending forever looking for one, here's a source I found (in Canada) auction here: But you may call in (or email) and they're invoice you through paypal. 1-905-940-1880 ex 337, Cathy...
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    SteelSeries QcK Mouse Pad (Black) $10 shipped @ AMAZON Anyone got any dirt on this one? Looks like a decent cloth pad to me...
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    Poor sound quality with Audigy 2 on Windows 7 x64

    Hi, I went from an X-fi Fatal1ty Pro to an audigy 2. I think it's a driver issue - my sound sounds really down sampled, a little chirping and hollow. Under Playback devices -> Speakers, Properties -> Advanced, putting it on 24-bit 48kHz really brakes sound all together. Im using...
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    Please help me with getting a force feedback joystick for Windows 7 x64

    Hello, I'm trying to get a joystick (working or buy one) for windows 7 It seems that gameport/midi is not supported by Wubndows 7 - is there a hack around that? Do any gameport -> USB adapters work? Here's my list so far: Microsoft...
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    MX518 and prediction (angle snapping)

    Can someone describe this problem in detail and how to test for it? Thank you.
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    VOTE: Dell Vostro 1710 vs ASUS K40IJ-B1B vs Asus - G1S

    From thread Vote for this poll please CURRENT TOP COMPETITORS: 1710 with a weak 1.8GHz, but core2duo cpu + webcam and mic + XP pro on dell outlet...
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    Not another help me find a laptop thread: Core2duo, Intel chipset/igp, under $500

    CURRENT TOP COMPETITORS: 1710 with a weak 1.8GHz, but core2duo cpu + webcam and mic + XP pro on dell outlet ASUS K40IJ-B1B intel core 2 duo t4200 2.0ghz...
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    Portable laptops/netbooks with touchscreen and dx9c support?

    Hey, I'm looking for a netbook or a small notebook with a 4+ hour battery life, touchscreen, and... directx 9c support. (i believe at least nvidia ion/ amd HD3200/intel GMA X3000) Anyone know of any?
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    a good Surface test/Spinrite replacement?

    I keep getting division overflow errors with Spinrite 6 Is there any hard disk testing program that's not a pos?
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    How does one Change the FOV in Unreal 3 engine games?

    In Unreal 3 it's easy: 1. Console key 2. FOV 99 3. enter But what about other games that are using the Unreal 3 engine? Like Mirror's Edge, or Legendary ?
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    Should I upgrade my visiontek 4850 512 to a sapphire 4850 1GB?

    No price performance ratio involved please, just purely performance. I game at 1680x1050, 1920x1200 and 2304x1440 All reviews for the 1GB 4850 I've found are old September 2008, the drivers improved greatly since then. Is there a difference between the various brands of the 1GB 4850...
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    SCORCHING HAWT: HD 3450 best low profile agp card with an internal VGA $40 SHIPPED Asus 3450 (open box) $30 + tax (if apply) + shipping The only low profile agp card with an internal VGA connector that is better than anything else in it's category. It's only competitors are the craptastic nVidia 5200 and...
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    Powercolor HD 4830 512MB $79.99 AR @newegg These things hit 1000 mem and 700 core no problem. It's basicly a 4850 with 640 (instead of 800) streams And it's underclocked at 575 (instead of 4850's 675) but it overclocks better than a 4850! This is at least...
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    !~WHARM~! Orange Box $29.99 on STEAM (for PC) + tacks purty goodeal all ur misin form the retail is just a dvd case with a disk n a code in it, thats all, retail dont even get a full manul n shit grab this, bitches!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
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    What programs/tools do you use to test DVD/CD drives and burners?

    Simple question. I have many old drives, I'd like to know which to keep, and which to throw out. What programs can be used to test their reading and burning abilities.?
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    SAVE up to $80 on singel game dodgers tickets

    enter [code] at first come first serve, PM me FOR CODE
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    [HOT] Transcend 4GB Secure Digital (SD) Flash Card Model TS4GSD133 ~$15 NO AR $12.75 Best thing about it - not SDHC meaning any old usb card reader will read it just fine