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    Microcenter deal of the day WD Green Power 1TB HDD $79.99 online and instore

    Is it worth it the extra $20 a drive to get the EADS version of this drive from Amazon over this one for a HP ex470?
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    New Lian Li Case PC-A03

    It can't be ATX, look at the expansion slots.
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    Woot Off Today!

    The last BOC I got came with a really nice travel accessory bag which I still use, but I don't have a camera that would fit this bag. It kinda sucks, it terms of monetary value I got a lot for my $3, but I really can't use any of it. I guess that's just part of a BOC.
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    Woot Off Today!

    Wow, I'm sorry I ruined your Hot Deals experience by posting relevant information in a thread </sarcasm>. It's not my fault this hasn't been moved to the discussion thread yet, but most people who follow woot-offs are curious as to what they send out in BOCs, so I figured I'd post. If you don't...
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    Woot Off Today!

    (Was looking for this in the Hot Deals Discussion, it should probably be moved there by now) I just got my BOC and figured I'd post what I received: 1 DSLR Camera Bag (the "Bag") 1 Figure of Grandpa from the Munsters 1 Clear case for a Sansa (of course it doesn't fit the Sansa I actually...
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    Woot Off Today!

    wow, my order actually got in for once. I got my 3 BoC, first time in a year and a half it's actually worked :)
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    HAF932 owners.

    It comes with 3 x 230mm and 1 x 140mm. There are spots for a few more 120s, and the top and side 230mm fans can be replaced with 120s if desired. The top is setup for 3x120mm (which is great if you're thinking of watercooling) and the side can fit up to 4x120mm, kind of like the 830 & 832 cases.
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    CM HAF932 $129.99 & Antec 1200 $139.99 @ Microcenter B&M

    It's actually pretty stupid to bump Hot Deal threads. If it's truly a hot deal then enough people will comment on it to keep it on the front page, otherwise it's probably not that good of a deal. It's one of the ways to tell how good a deal really is.
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    Upcoming Post-Deployment Build

    Those Thermaltake Bigwater units are crap. If you're really set on water cooling piece together your own kit or at least use the Swiftech all-in-one kits (H20-120, H20-220).
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    Wanted: Mid Tower with as many external 5.25" as possible

    Coolermaster 590: 9 front bays, cheap, and good quality.
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    Demonoid invites

    Looking for an invite if anyone has one. Thanks :)
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    What to use to cover side panel fan cutouts?

    Mountain Mods sells acrylic fan cover plates, you can even get them etched with something if desired.
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    Corsair PSUs

    I have a HX620 and a HX520 and love them. All my psu purchases from now on will definitely be from Corsair.
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    How much do you think I could get for my Alienware Area-51 Case? Want to sell it.

    Oddly, I did almost exactly what you're wanting to do about a year ago. I had an Alienware that was a few years old, bought a Lian Li v1000 and put the guts in there, sold the Alienware case in the forums, and I just recently bought an a05b to put the Alienware guts (getting rid of the v1000)...
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    Post your "rate my cables" here

    Did you powdercoat the motherboard tray or is that just spray paint? If it's just paint I'm really impressed how that came out. I've been thinking about doing that for awhile in my TJ09 cause I don't like how the motherboard tray looks against all the other components in my case.
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    Project: Galaxy 4.75

    Anyone notice this in the specs? Something tells me someone just babelfished the translation :rolleyes:
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    I got my LianLi PC-A05B ! it's Small!

    What did you make those vents out of?
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    Silverstone TJ-09 - Best Config for Three Optional Fans?

    The top two should be exhaust. As for the hard drive one in kinda depends on how your hard drives are set up. If you can fit them all in one caddy then I would have the fan set so its pulling air through the empty one and blowing on the one with drives in it.
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    Looking for multiple systems in one case setups.

    Mountain Mods makes 2 cases designed for dual ATX systems, the U2-UFO Duality and the Ascension Duality, but both are kinda pricey ($400+) U2-UFO Duality Ascension Duality
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    Hot?? Corsair Dominator Series 2gb DDR2-1066 $47.90 AR FS @ ZZF

    It's in the current Newegg mailer for $44 after the same MIR. Edit: Link
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    5 free HD-DVD MIR Offer, Got it?

    Got 1 of my 2 sets today. All but 1 were ones I didn't ask for, but I guess at least they showed up. I got a card from the rebate place saying my other one wouldn't ship til around September :confused::eek: I got: Red Dragon (only one I actually asked for) Children of Men (combo)...
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    Woot Off

    it's still the cubicle door bell
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    Woot Off

    still up for me
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    Woot Off

    I was contemplating picking one up til I read the Amazon reviews. A couple people said it ended up killing their ipod.
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    Help Water Cooling in TJ09

    1. I have a 2x120 rad mounted in the top of my TJ09, but as for using that kit you can look here. Tom's Hardware did pretty much what you're talking about, except they added another 120 rad on the midline fan (I have one of those too). 2. You can replace the tubing, and I would fully suggest...
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    Asus P4C800-E Deluxe Promise controller help..

    I have 4 SATA drives on my P4C800-E Deluxe. OS Drive and Terabyte on Intel controller and 2x500gb in RAID1 on the Promise controller. Works fine for me.
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    Post your "Ghetto Mod" pics

    It was taken from here
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    Babylon 5 (S1-S5) Smallville (S1-S6) -$19ea- Best Buy B&M

    dammit, why is the movie pack never on sale when the seasons go on sale. I picked up S1-5 awhile ago for $20 but forgot to get the movie pack @ $20, now I can never find it for that.
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    Woot: April Fools edition

    Maybe that's the joke, when you order you're actually getting what's connected to it.
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    Anyone know where I can get 180mm fans?

    and that 1% consists of the middle fan on the TJ09 :p. Serious that is the worst fan removal / installation I have ever had to do.
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    I thought that too, last one was refurb. This one is new.
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    Delrin Tube Style Res Complete!

    I was actually just going to post :). I bought the DelRes from him and it's awesome. Since Mark didn't have the 5.25" bay mount I had one custom made and etched from Mountain Mods since they made all the originals and it looks great in my case. I doubt that nikhsub1 is going to make anymore...
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    Problem with my setup?

    For the Fuzion nozzles do you have to disassemble the block to install it or can you just remove the center barb and put it in? I know the kit comes with a washer to install between the midplate to help bow the block, but I don't know if it's required. I really don't want to change loop...
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    BFG 8800 GTS (G92) $225 @ newegg after 30.00 MIR

    Yeah, I ordered one last night and when I saw the new coupon on SD I called NewEgg and they credited my the $15. One of the many reasons I shop at NewEgg far more than any other site.
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    Problem with my setup?

    I figured when I put this rig together that a 2x120 and a 1x120 rad would be enough to cover both of them but I'm not sure. I'm going to try reseating the block in a few days when i swap out my fans (I picked up some S-Flex fans). Hopefully that will get me to where I want to be at in terms of...
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    Problem with my setup?

    I don't have a thermometer in the room but if I had to guess around 70-72 F. CPUID reports GPU temp as 36C. I haven't really tried this computer under load yet as I thought my normal temps were high, and didn't want to push it until I knew why.
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    Problem with my setup?

    I recently finished my first custom WC setup ( I had previously used a packaged swiftech kit on another computer ) and am kind of unhappy with the results I've gotten. I built the system with the goals of a quieter system and a mild overclock on my Q6600 ( to about 3.2 or so ), but my base...
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    New and Improved Watercooling Sticky - Post Your Systems Here

    Here's mine. This is my first WC'd build ever, I think it came out alright :) Side shot: Nikshub1 custom Delrin Reservoir with custom etched Mountain Mods mount: Panel off, the temp gauge on the MB tray is reading from a probe in the res. The Y branch splits off to the pump and to a...
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    Silverstone TJ09!

    I'm curious about this too, I know I saw someone on here to this but I can't seem to find it ( yes I used search first).