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    ASUS Z97-A does not POST with intel PCIe SSD installed

    I wanted to upgrade my system with a PCIe SSD (Intel P3600). However, the system will not POST when the SSD is installed in the second PCIe x 16 slot. (Also when it is in the first or in the third, but I think the third is only x1 or x2) I am using the latest BIOS (2801), and have a NVMe...
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    Metal tower reservoir with fins?

    I remember finding a reservoir made out of metal with fins a couple of years ago, but lost my bookmark. It looks sort of like the zalman reservator except it did not have a pump etc in it. Am I imagining things or does/did this exist?
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    Turbo mode wont stay on (Intel DP68BA + 2500K)

    Has anyone else had any luck overclocking on the intel boards? My board seems to ignore any changes to the default multiplier, and while turbo mode is utilized at my set multiplier, turbo turns itself off after ~2 minutes of stress testing. I have bumped the thermal thresholds up for turbo...
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    Setting up SSD raid setup - verify my checklist

    I should be receiving my new SSDs this weekend if everything goes according to plan, I wanted to make sure I install everything correctly. (2 80gb intels in raid 0). When partitioning should I use quick format, to ensure the disk does not think it is completely in use? Do I need to make sure...
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    Undervolting with P5GD1

    I cant find an option to undervolt my cpu with this board, I can only increase the CPU voltage in the bios. The AI Nos program has a few options under 1.3v however when I select these it instead uses 1.6volts, is there a particular bios version I need or any ideas?
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    STOP bluescreen after adding ram and enabling memory remapping

    Fairly basic scenario: I grabbed another 2gb of ram, to upgrade to 4gb total. Mymotherboard / chipset was using 1.5gb for its internal devices so I only had 2.4 gb visible in windows, I thought I would enable memory remapping to have access to all 4 GB However that caused windows server 2003...
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    Eheim 1048 acting up

    recently my pump has been making alot of noise. The first week I could unplug it / plug it in until it ran soundlessly again, but in the last couple of days that hasn't helped. There is plenty of water in the loop so that isn't it, any ideas?
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    micro temperature monitor

    Tossed this together yesterday mainly for myself, if anyone is interested its a tasktray icon with the current graphic card temp, as well as an optional graph / history. No settings etc yet just the raw app and icon, the main point was to keep the memory and performance footprint small. atm it...
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    Ram speed for dual core 266FSB

    Assuming I will not be overclocking a core 2 duo CPU running at 266 * 4 FSB, how much performance hit would I be getting (roughly) by taking slower ram The motherboard I picked supports PC2-4300, PC2-6400, PC2-5300 (asus P5B) All three speeds are various dividers of FSB I assume (6400 is...
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    Asus A7N8X not booting

    My old board isn't booting anymore, after powering up it shuts down 2 seconds later, without any beep code or other error. Without ram nor vid card, ditto with either or both same its sitting on my desk without a case so cant really be anything else, the PC was working fine for ages, then...
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    PCIe video card in PCIe 1x slot?

    Is it possible to use a low end PCIe video card in a PCIe 1x slot? If so, are there any cheap video cards which also support TV in? Also does anyone know how well dual monitor works when mixing ATI and nvidia?
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    Multiple drive letters for a partition?

    Is it possible to have a partition have multiple drive letters, either via a tool or reg hacking? I need to merge 2 smaller partitions into 1 on a new drive and it would be nice not having to change a bunch of registry settings.
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    Noise levels of Maxtor DM10 vs Samsung

    I am looking int buying either a maxtor diamondmax 10 250GB / 16mb cache or samsung 250gb / 8 mb cache, I cant get good figures on the noise level of the maxtor drive. Can anyone tell me how they compare? I saw some figures stating the samsung drive runs cooler, however I am debating whether the...
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    2 wireless loigitech keyboards - interference issue

    I had replace my logitech wireless keyboard with a mx 3100 set, and wanted to move the older wireless to my server, however when both keyboards are being used at the same time they lock up, is there an easy way to prevent this? (same desk)
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    Single channel PCIe cards?

    Anyone know when these are comind out or can point me to some, I could use a cheap single channel card for an extra monitor.
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    What do dell cases use as motherboard standoffs

    I recently was given an empty dell case, however it has no standard motherboard standoff screwholes, what do these cases use (its on of the ones that you can split / rotate open)
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    Asus P5GD1 based comp randomly boots up while off

    My new comp randomly boots up, I suspect its WOL somehow being called by the switch searching for paths to its mac address table, anyone else have seen this? Asus P5GD1 onboard lan
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    non directshow based media player

    I need a non directshow based media player, so I can work with spanning over multiple monitors. I currently have the windows port of (linux) mplayer, however I am looking for more alternatives, preferably with a nice GUI, etc. Any ideas?
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    PCIX 6600 GT - idle 49C shutdown 145C ???

    I just got my gigabyte 6600GT, the driver displays idle temp of 49C, and shows shutdown temp of 145C? anyone have similar values? my CPU is cooler than this :(
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    No image on LCD display (Iiyama AX3816U), ideas?

    I'm not getting a picture on this monitor, was given this as a broken LCD. When I turn on power the power LED turns off after a few seconds, the power supply seems to be ok (I have it completely disassembled atm) Any ideas what could be broken, and how to repait?
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    Ducting air in from 5.25" bays?

    After I read this thread ( ) I was looking at my case, and wondering whether it would work having a duct that goes from 2 empty 5.25" bays to the cpu cooler, I am most likely getting a XP 120, or possible a copper tower as an...
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    Replacing capacitor - same voltage required?

    I need to replace a damaged capacitor on my old athlon mobo, it got a leg broken off in a case that had mobo tray that slid the thing right into the HDD cage. Do I need to only have same rated capacity or also same voltage rating?
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    Socket 775 cooling - thermalright XP-120 or ThermalTake Tower112

    I havn't decided on a cooler for my new p4 system yet, its currently running on stock @ 40 C, but the fan is a bit loud. I havn't decided between these two heatsinks (adaptor)...
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    Stock socket 775 cooler bending motherboard?

    I just installed a stock intel cooler (3 ghz prescott / sock 775) and it took an insane amount of force, afterwards I could see how the motherboard was bulging under the CPU socket. Is this normal?
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    6600 GT - european availability?

    has anyone seen these cards for sale and actually in stock in europe, particularly germany? I have been looking around and haven't seen any. I was hoping for the MSI boxed version but soon I will be desperate enough for any other one to do as well.
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    Testing video ram directly (not via benchmarks)

    Is there any program which directly verifies that the ram on the video card is ok, I was playing UT2004 for a few hours last week until I got texture corruption (zalman passive cooler, 120 mm fan was off) and want to be sure that didn't permanently kill anything. supposedly the passive heatsink...
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    Replacing capacitor?

    Would it be feasible to replace a damaged capacitor on an older mobo, I once broke one of the legs when I used the nice case tray to slam the board against the HDD cage, since then I have fried a HDD with the board, I am assuming due to the damaged capacitor.
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    Adding ram to ancient laptop ( IBM 380D )

    I tried to add a normal sodimm to the laptop after the 32 mb module died, yet it wasn't accepted. does anyonw know whether this laptop requires IBM ram or can use generic, and if so if you can add modules larger than 64 mb?
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    Can someone with dualmon verify this?

    do radeons support vertical spanning? (search turned up hydravision for spanning in general but no specifics), and if vertical spanning is supported does the rotate feature in the driver work with a vertically spanned set?
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    Rotating + spanning?

    Is there any way to span a set of rotated monitors? would be nice for widescreen apps (2048x1280)
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    dual portrait mode - driver / software suggestions? [nvidia]

    What is the best way to configure dual portrait mode displays, I have both hooked up to a geforce 4 ti 4200, using standard detonator drivers and nvrotate, however I cannot set them up as one large virtual display which is rotated which is my goal (so vertical span + rotate), also I have a ghost...
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    Articaing in windows with dual monitor (when using DVI)

    when I use DVI cable to connect my lcd to my gf4 ti4200 output without a DVI<> VGA adapter I get random artifacting or rather the image for the normal monitor on the VGA port is overlayed very lightly on the DVI monitor.
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    Powering 230 (110) V fans

    I recently aquired/borrowed 2 230 volt fans from a friend, how would you go about powering these? Would they need resisters to drop the current or could they just be hotwired into the PSU or what?
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    Asus first generation nforce 2 not stable with 200 mhz FSB

    I have a first revision nforce 2 delux from asus, with pc400 memory and an XP 2100. the chip alone runs stable @ 200 mhz FSB, the ram however fails, both only ram @ 200mhz and ram + cpu @ 200mhz. Ram is geil cl 2.5, previously also tried twinmos which also failed.
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    Grabbing EXE snapshot while running (ReadProcessMemory etc)

    What would be the easiest way to grad the 'TEXT' portion of the exe from ram? I would need a way to get starting offset (default is 0x04000000, however I do not know if this can change) as well as length, and any breaks / rearrangements in the ram pages.
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    Diamond Max 9 drive board just died, possible to replace and get data?

    the control board for my Maxtor SATA diamond max (9?) drive just seems to have died on me, anyone know if I can buy a second drive, swap boards and get at the data? I am willing to waste a drive if i can get the data, I *may* have an incomplete backup from 1 month ago but this has alot of...