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    Need some Advice on new monitor

    I know this thread is a few days old, but I ran across it and had to comment. I have been using a 37" Westinghouse LVM-37w3 as my main PC monitor for the last 18 months or so, and I could never go back to a smaller monitor again. I sit about 3.5 feet away from the screen, and I don't have any...
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    AMD Briefing With Eric Demers Slide Deck @ [H]

    Eyefinity is the only truly interesting thing about the 5800 series from a technology stand point. I will give you that. It isn't exactly ground-breaking though. Matrox has provided a way to do it for a few years now. But it is still a nice feature. As far as other people's comments are...
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    AMD Briefing With Eric Demers Slide Deck @ [H]

    Let me post a quick reply to all the marketing arguments being thrown my way right now. Yes, ATI has "competitive" products at nice prices. BUT... they have not designed a card in the last two generations with the intention of actually furthering the graphics market. That may not mean...
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    AMD Briefing With Eric Demers Slide Deck @ [H]

    Yes, I do watch F1 when I have the chance. And thank you for making that analogy even more valid. Was the team that actually won at Spa '09 upset that they spent more money but actually WON? Did they look at each other and go, "Damn, if only we had spent less... we might have gotten SECOND...
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    AMD Briefing With Eric Demers Slide Deck @ [H]

    Comparing the fastest single-slot solutions currently available from both companies is completely valid. And if the 5870x2 is amazingly fast (probably) for the same or less money (it won't be), then you will be correct that it is worthy of celebration. Of course, if we are going to begin the...
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    AMD Briefing With Eric Demers Slide Deck @ [H]

    I have owned ATI video cards in the past, and I am sure I will again at some point. But... I still can't figure out why everyone has celebrated their last two product launches. (4800 and 5800 series) Both times, they basically put out a product that couldn't beat their competition's...
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    Controversial Ad of the Day

    WTF... I just read through this whole thread, and I think Steve and maybe 2 other people here are sane on any level. The rest of the posts seem to think that WWII was some fantasyland adventure, and why wouldn't it be cool to hang out with some Nazis?? I don't know whether to pity these...
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    1964 Antique Modem Live Demo

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    New Windows Ad Incenses Apple Fans

    OSx86 is a beautiful thing. :) It takes away all the problems of over-priced hardware, and leaves only the upsides of OSX. Of course, I would only suggest trying it if you are a techie, and prepared to do some tweaking to get everything working right. But being able to dual-boot OSX and...
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    Smartphones Belong in the Classroom?

    I have no doubt that having a smart phone with internet access can help improve a kid's grades. Not sure it will actually help them learn anything, but cheating has always been an effective way to improve your grade. Well, unless you get caught... ;)
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    Teenage Nude Cell Phone Pics = Child Porn

    The problem with this logic is that it could be applied to any area. For example: You have some guy with major mental issues watching a movie about a serial killer. He gets all ramped up and crazy, and then goes out and kills all his neighbors. So, every violent movie ever made should be...
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    Teenage Nude Cell Phone Pics = Child Porn

    LOL Yeah, my first thought was it must now be illegal for someone under the age of 18 to look at themselves in the mirror after a shower. Or hey, shouldn't everyone in the delivery room when a baby is born be arrested? How dare they see a child nude! ;) The other thing that makes me...
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    AMD Phenom II X4 Model 940 @ [H]

    Like I thought, X58 and I7. lol All this little price list did was make me realize how cheaply I could get a new I7 based system. Thanks. :)
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    AMD Phenom II X4 Model 940 @ [H]

    This entire rant was pure BS. What "super expensive" Intel chipsets and processors are you talking about? My guess is that you would say X58 and I7. The truth is this: Intel's last-gen CPU and chipshet, Core 2 Quad and P45, are faster than the Phenom II. And they are cheaper too. Hell, the...
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    AMD Phenom II X4 Model 940 @ [H]

    You are dancing around the real issue. The AM2 user base is relatively tiny in the overall market. Keeping that small group "happy" isn't AMD's main goal when launching a new CPU. No matter how you look at it, the Phenom II is not a good product launch. (Or a good sign.) If AMD was...
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    AMD Phenom II X4 Model 940 @ [H]

    The favorable Phenom II reviews that everyone keeps pointing to are flawed in one very important way. They assume that the current pricing of Intel's chips is going to stay the same for some time to come. But there are rumors already floating around that Intel is about to make major price cuts...
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    Linux - Stop Holding Our Kids Back

    Oh, and one last thing. I don't want my prevous post to sound like I am bashing Linux. Linux has some very valid uses. If I were setting up a server or building a box for a very specific purpose (HTPC or low-power internet device), I would absolutely consider using Linux. But for a day-in /...
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    Linux - Stop Holding Our Kids Back

    I knew this argument would come up. And you are right that in the corporate world a switch from one OS to another takes a lot of time and research. However, this does not explain the incredibly slow and small adoption rate of home users. And home users are not as slow to adopt something "new...
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    Linux - Stop Holding Our Kids Back

    I tried Linux a couple of years ago, and didn't personally care for it. I understand others like it, and that is fine. But, the whole Linux-evangelists thing is beyond annoying. And the "It's just as easy as Windows to use" argument is absolute BS. If you want proof that Linux is not as...
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    Windows 7 Taskbar And Multi-Touch Demo

    Actually, i expect the more common use of multi-touch will involve a new generation of touch-pads. I could see a lot of people replacing their mice on their desktop systems with multi-touch capable touch-pads. I really don't see people lining up to buy expensive new monitors, and then reaching...
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    Today’s Bully is Apple

    How would that be a surprise to anyone? Apple is the most monopolistic tech company in the world. They have a complete vertical solution. You buy their hardware to run their software. Period. The only reason their attempted monopoly has avoided legal trouble is because of their...
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    Search Engine Targets Black Community

    This is one of the most racist ideas I have ever heard. He actually thinks that ALL black people are ONLY interested in the things that he considers "black-centric". That is ridiculously racist. The truth is that google ranks results according to popularity. Apparently, Mr. Taylor is...
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    NVIDIA G92s and G94 Reportedly Failing

    Over the past few years, I have owned 4 Nvidia cards and 5 ATI cards. So, I am absolutely not a fanboy. I buy the card that appears to be the best performance for the money at a given time. I say this first to give you some perspective on my next statement: Charlie is an idiot. End of...
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    Study Says Many Dial-Up Users Don't Want Broadband

    Wow, that movie is going to be awesome. (When you watch it next week.) ;)
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    ATI Removes NDA on Performance Previews for 4850 (#'s Inside)

    I was thinking the same thing. The price looks nice enough, but are we supposed to get excited because ATI finally caught up to Nvidia's last generation? Hooray, I guess? :confused:
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    You Can Hold It Until We Get Home!

    This part made me laugh. Nice deflection of blame by NASA. :p
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    XM-Sirius Merger Gets Justice Dept. Approval

    Sirius has gone from 1 million subscribers to 8 million since Stern arrived there. Forgive me for saying so, but I kind of doubt they will miss you. For every 1 subscriber he chases away, he adds like 5 or more. :)
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    ATI Radeon HD 3870 X2 @ [H]

    If everyone could stop arguing and being defensive for a couple of seconds. (Yeah, good luck.) Then maybe we could look at this situation logically. I am not going to argue for or against [H]'s methods for reviewing video cards. What I will point out is that this time they appear to be...
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    Is 28" or 30" Too Big 4 gaming?

    I believe he meant playablility. At the Dell's native resolution, you are going to need serious graphics power to run the latest games at a decent frame rate. As far as the over-all topic though, I am one of those crazy people using a 37" monitor. :) I have a 37" 1080p LCD, and I sit...
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    Best LCD TV to use as a computer monitor?

    Hi. I think I can shed a little light on this topic. :) I currently own a Westinghouse LVM-37W3. I use it as my computer monitor / TV. My previous computer monitor was a 21" Sony Trinitron, very similar to the FW900 in color and black levels. I will go ahead and tell you now that the...
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    LG GGC-H20L Blu-Ray/HD DVD Combo 272.28+shipping

    You would be correct. It is amazing. :)
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    R600XT to compete with 8800 GTS only

    Bingo! We have a winner! It wasn't until after ATI saw that the R600 couldn't keep up with the 8800 GTX that they decided to name their fastest card the XT. This is marketing 101. Market your product against the competitor's product that it outperforms. If it had turned out that the...
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    Got my Westinghouse LVM-37W3 37" 1080p display today!

    Not sure what you are calling "true" HD, but the XBox 360 can already output to true 1080p on the Westy. You just need to hook it up with the VGA cable. That is how I have mine setup, and it outputs in 1080p. And it is beautiful, i might add. :) I just wish a real solution to the PS3 /...
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    Got my Westinghouse LVM-37W3 37" 1080p display today!

    Hey, congrats on the Westy! I got one last week, and absolutely love it! I noticed you have a pair of 8800 GTX's in your sig. Are you running Vista with the 8800's? If so, let us know how it runs with the Westy. I have a copy of Vista Home Premium sitting on my desk, but I haven't...
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    where are the logitech z-5500s?

    I hate to see the Z-5500's disappearing. I bought a set from ZZF about 6 months ago for $236 shipped. I absolutely love these speakers! I have them set up in my living room running surround sound for my cable TV and XBox 360. Unbelievable sound for the money! I was looking to buy another...
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    Firing Squid Wastes their Ink

    You hit the nail on the head. The way the gaming portion of the Core 2 Duo review was done showed us ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. Anyone who knows anything about computer hardware already knew that if you make the GPU the bottleneck, then you will see zero gains between different CPU's. What an...
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    Intel Core 2 Gaming Performance

    I have been a loyal [H] reader since 1999. I have had this site as my home page since 2000. I just wanted to put that information out front. This article was highly insulting to those of us who have been computer enthusiasts for a long time. Did you really think we wouldn't realize that...
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    Opteron 165 @ $260.97

    I bought one back when they were $270 as well. The thing is, they haven't been that cheap since then. They jumped up to around $330 and have stayed close to there for the past 5 months. So, seeing them drop back down is sort of a big deal. ;)
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    OEM Opteron 144 at Monarch for 136.69 Shipped

    Just wanted to add my experience. I ordered one last week and received a CACJE 0602 GPAW. I have it running at 3.0Ghz at 1.475 vcore. It was almost stable at 1.425, but I had to bump it that last little bit to get completely stable. A 1.2Ghz overclock isn't too bad for a $136 chip, huh? :)...