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    Testing: 1080 GTX SLI HB + 970 GTX PHYSX PCIE 3.0 Scaling at 4K Resolution

    Hi guys, Because I have been reading contradictory information on the subject. I decided to test it myself. It still seems this article, and logic would make me agree with it. but some are reporting that...
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    Buy Graphics card now on BF/CM or wait?

    So like many others I am sure, I am contemplating pulling the trigger on graphics cards this Black Friday / Cyber Money, 2 of them in SLI. Thinking of picking up 2 GeForce 970's and calling it a day until Pascal +, where we should have a huge jump. I really wish 20nm was here, it would make...
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    FS: OnePlus One - 64GB - Sandstone Black Invite

    Auctions are for the invite only, they expire in 6 days from today, and apparently you have 24 hours to claim your intention to buy the phone. I will send code as soon as payment is received. Funds will be used for purchasing a GeForce 880 GTX when it comes out, it will go to a good cause...
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    MSI Z87 XPOWER LGA1150: Error Code A2 or A/E

    I checked online, I am not the only one :roll eyes:. I did the standard, unplugged, reseated everything, unplugged all peripherals minus the keyboard. I am wondering if anyone had this issue? Also wondering if I should or can update the bios. The A/E code hangs the motherboard before there is...
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    Server Back up Solution Help

    Hi guys, I am looking to design a back up solution for our servers, and SQL Database, and Echange Server. I was thinking and heard Acronis is ideal for this. We have 3 physical servers, running windows 2012 standard, and each of those servers have VMs inside. We have Microsoft Exchange, Active...
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    Build Advice: Intel MoBo + CPU + SSD?

    Hi guys, long story short, I been having alot of issues with my AMD motherboard, and I don't want to deal with them at the moment. So going to RMA, and turn it into a Server. I have currently an Asus Crosshair IV running a 1090T, a Crucial M4 SSD, 2x 2 GBs, 6950 flashed to 6970s, an Areca...
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    SSD Won't Install Windows 7 Ultimate

    For some reason my Corsair Force GT won't partition, I put it in an external enclosure, and it formatted fine, but for some reason in Windows 7 Installation I keep getting an error. This is a common problem on the internet but I don't see a real solution. DISKPART doesn't work. I tried IDE mode...
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    SSD Won't Install Windows 7 Ultimate

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    Crosshair Formula IV Extreme + Areca 1680IX, No detect

    Evening Gentleman, I just build my Crosshair Formula IV system, everything seems to work except two things. My Areca Raid Controller doesn't seem to be initializing, goes directly to JMicron on the motherboard, and the JMicron has my Blu-Ray drive attached to it, in IDE mode, but it also...
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    Computer Died Make a New Budget Build Thread

    Well the good old Pentium IV Dual Core 3.8 ghz Extreme Edition that I gave Dad finally died. Time for a new BUDGET Build. I want it as cheap as possible, 200 dollars would be ideal, but I can stretch to $500, but let's keep it as low as possible. No graphics card, but I will drop a Geforce 560...
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    CrossfireX Tab suddenly gone.

    I just reformated and on my Radeon 3870x2 catalyst control center, the crossfire tab is suddenly missing. The only thing I did differently was install the AMD Game profiles, could that be a problem? I checked GPUZ and its showing CrossfireX as disabled. Thanks. Catalyst: 10.10
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    iPhone Email Help

    I set up my email, and it works fine, through IMAP, but its downloading all my messages. All my old mail, etc. Is there a way so it only downloads the new stuff? I started manually deleted them, but then it deleted everything off my real inbox as well due to IMAP. Is there a way so it only...
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    Extending Computer 3.5mm Sound and Sound Card Question?

    Hey Guys, here's my dilemma. I moved my PC away from my speakers, and now my speaker wires can't reach them. I figured, I will buy some 3.5mm Stereo extensions and call it a day. Unfortunately this is being a much tougher problem than I anticipated. I have my computer plugged into Logitech 5.1...
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    Hard Drive Corruption Help

    Hi guys, while ironically doing a back up, alot of the files got corrupt. And unfortunately my previous full backup was 2 months ago, and I lost alot of important work. Which is strange is the files were transfered and appear with correct names and sizes, but as soon as I try to open them, they...
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    Best Way to Create a Bootable USB Drive/ and or CD

    Hey Guys, looking for the most efficient way to create a bootable cd, and or usb drive, (I have a 8 gig one handy) I prefer USB drive, but would also like to know how to do it with the CD as well. I tried with IMG Burn, with a Windows 98 img file, and it worked, but not how I wanted it, it tried...
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    Software to configure Surround Sound?

    Hi Guys, I have my computer hooked up through optical out using toslink to my surround sound receiver. And something seems off. I downloaded sound files, that each have a channel being spoken, Front Left, Front Right, Center, etc. However for some reason some channels are coming out on...
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    Gigabyte GA-EP45T-USB3P DVD-RW won't boot

    Issue: Legitimate Windows 7 Ultimate Installation DVD won't boot off DVD drive. Checked settings on bios, etc, everything seems fine. I even tried burning the ISO with various different mediums, TDK, Verbatim, RiData, etc. I know drive works, because it will boot a Windows XP Installation off a...
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    196.21 Driver problem and General Question

    Hi guys, I have a computer hooked up through DVI - VGA adapter to a monitor DVI - HDMI to my HDTV When I had Windows XP, I could configure both monitors fine, I just updated to Windows 7 Ultimate on this computer, and for whatever reason the same set up isn't working, and the VGA one, the...
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    Windows 7 Icon Issue

    I decided to trim down the services.msc, and followed Black Viper's outline, and everything is working, except my icons, they keep getting moved to my second monitor. I disabled auto arrange, and reenabled it etc. This happens on reboot only, so either Windows is having problems saving the...
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    How to Remove Harddrives from a Controller Temporary

    I have an Adaptec 1405, and because my Athena Power Enclosure is a bit noisy, I would like to keep those drives powered down when I don't need them. Unfortunately as soon as I boot, the controller notices that the drives are missing and doesn't like it, which then messes up my boot order, and...
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    Need Help finding case for Wacom Intous3 6x11

    Just wondering if anyone has seen a good case for it. There's mixed feelings on the official cases, I could also use a 17in laptop sleeve. If anyone has any suggestions, please let me know :). Tablet Dimensions: 16.5" x 10.3" x .6"
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    Windows Virtual PC Help please :)

    Alrighty, I finally decided to try Virtualization. I installed Windows XP Mode for Windows 7 64 bit. My goals are simple, but I would like a little guidance on accomplishing them. Basically I went Windows 95 - Windows 98 - Windows XP - Windows 7 now. I have quite a few programs that...
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    Video Card Length Discussion, Evergreen and Fermi Edition

    With the 5970 finally released, and at around 12 inches (thankfully not the rumored 13.5!), What do you guys think its acceptable in terms of graphic card size? Do you think its a natural evolution, or do you think they need to get their engineering in gear and keep the cards under 11 inches...
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    How to find a Web Designer?

    I have a layout designed in photoshop, it's pixel perfect, but can be changed, if a designer suggests to, I am very flexible, I work around whats feasible, not necessarily what I envision. And I can do most of the art, but I do not know how to code very well. I was wondering, how to approach a...
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    Flash suddenly slowing down computer

    Flash has been working perfectly for days, but whatever reason now its suddenly slowing my computer down horribly. I am on a Core 2 Quad, Windows 7 Ultimate, 4 gigs of ram, etc. Its not the computer, everything works perfectly, just load a flash movie or two, and it becomes unresponsive, and...
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    RivaTurner with a Radeon 3870x2

    For some reason, my Radeon was running 100% fan speed even on 2D, and idle. I ran RivaTurner, and put it on Auto fan control, is this ok? How reliable is RivaTurner auto feature, I haven't messed with graphics card in a while. I am running Windows 7, and ATI Tool is way out of date. Do...
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    Windows 7: Cool Gadgets List?

    What Gadgets do you guys use? Thus far, I only tried the following default ones. Watch Slideshow Calender Temperature Currency Currency Currency CPU Meter I need 3 currencies converted. What gadgets do you guys use, and recommend, and where to download them? I am new to...
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    Temporary Budget System Please

    Hi guys, While I am wrapping up Sestren, I need a PC for school/projects. So this has to be as cheap as possible, I will give away this PC to a family member, or it will become a server later on. Because this is single task, I can deal with 64gb total, so I could use a SSD. I would like a video...
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    Outpost Firewall + Windows 7

    Anyone use Outpost and Windows 7? I had quite a few issues with the firewall in Windows 7 Ultimate x64, basically decreased system performance, and alot of things weren't connecting even after following guides, and going through the forums. I know the software isn't quite up to par, but hoping...
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    Windows Live Messenger, Windows 7, Outpost Firewall Help

    Basically Windows Live Messenger works, etc, so its configured correctly, however it is not auto signing in, because it takes a few second for the computer to connect to the network, anyone have any ideas?
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    Best Third Party or Hack to Restore Classic Menus in Windows 7

    I know the topic has been beaten to death, and people say move on, and to you, I say rubbish :D, I want to cling to the past, and enjoy my good old Start Menu. I mean seriously it took me months to accept the damn start menu button became a ball, now that I am using Windows 7, I am stuck with...
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    Windows Home Server or Windows 2008 Server

    I recently decided to play with the Server OS's again, I have been mostly using XP Pro for these functions, since its a local server, and mostly just used for file sharing, and as a download box (anti virus updates, etc). Should I look into Windows Home Server or Windows Server 2008. I...
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    Urgent Avast Security Help Needed, Found Suspicious file, but no detection

    Hiya, While Scanning with Avast 4.8 Free, I noticed a *.Rar file had a hidden EXE in it. Avast didn't detect anything, neither did Malware Bytes, or Outpost Spyware, etc. The main problem, is I normally use the Explorer Shell extension on Avast, scanned the file, but it does not list anywhere...
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    Best way to Sleeve a PSU extension

    Basically I have a Dual PSU extension, specifically this: One side is standard PSU plugs, that you can use the paperclip, and tool, but the other side are male pins, what do you guys...
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    Connecting Side band to a Athena Power Backplane

    I have a Athena Power Back plane, and a Octopus Cable with 4 Satas and a side band, what are the pin outs of the side band, and can I connect it to the the Athena? Both have very poor documentation. I have this model Thanks!
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    Wiring a Logisys RM01 CCFL Remote Control

    Anyhow I decided to forgot the back panels in my case with the CCFL bracket, so I bought a Logisys RM01 Relay thingy. Anyhow I haven't received it yet, but when I went to Logisys website, its manual was very sparse, there's no info on wiring it. Does anyone know the pins outs? I can wire...
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    Enter Promo Code* : MBSALE10 Good for motherboards in the $150 range, to bad they don't allow it for the Rampage II or Classified :D.
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    Security Problem or False Positive?

    Hi guys, basically I was running anti spyware on my Outpost Firewall Pro, and it picked up Winvestigator. I did little research and its a terrible program, so without hesitation, I did a full network reformat. I reformatted every single computer. Everything seemed to be fine, mind you I never...
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    Best Current PhysX GPU?

    I am thinking of getting SLI, and its a bit cheaper now than what I budgeted so I figured, I get a another card for PhysX only, whats the best GPU to get for dedicated PhysX? Does it max out a 9800 GTX? or a 250 GTS? etc? Should I use a 260 for PhysX or no point? And if so, do you think the next...