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    ALMOST hot- Steelseries Sensei RAW edition is 40! Got one, because my cheap kinzu has great ergonomics for me (not huge hands). Could be only for today, sooooo have at it! (gotta choose amazon as seller)
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    Swapping slots on my xfire 7950GB cards had major temperature changes?

    I bought an XFX 7950 Black edition because of the good deals (free games; Under 200 AR). This is my first time trying a crossfire setup and I'm really enjoying it :). Minor gripes but nothing too big I paired it with a 1 yr old Sapphire 7950 that's running in my main PCIe slot. The XFX was...
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    Warm? Gaming laptop Lenovo y500 for 779.99 I was looking at this yesterday and it was at 849.99. Today it dropped to 779.99. Positive reviews and reasonable portable performance.
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    Do I have a real reason to overclock?

    right now I have a 212 installed on my 2500K and I have it overclocked to a modest 4.2Ghz. On load, I get about 48-50C. This was my first time overclocking but I was wondering if it is worth it to overclock to 4.4k or 4.6k and if I would see any real difference. I play MMOs and stream on the...
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    [hot?] i3-3225 with $25(or 50?!) Amazon gift card

    Dunno if that 50 works. Can someone see if it works?
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    Guild wars 2 performance

    I have a 7950 and I noticed yesterday that my FPS was bumped up from about 40-60FPS in the main world (Caledon forest and the next level) to about 45-70 recently. Same with being in the city I have seen a general 10+ FPS increase. I was wondering how performance is for everyone else with the...
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    7870... Who owns?

    I barely hear anyone mention things about their 7870... So I wanna see how many people have one. Current Sapphire 7870 OC owner here! Gaming has been pretty good so far :p Temps linger around 50c-62c Max though, which I hope is acceptable. 62c is usually on those hot and humid days.
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    Fractal Design Define XL full ATX case for $99! (Normally 150)

    Fractal Design Define XL full ATX case for $99! (Normally 150) dang a lot of Fractal design deals lately. Code: EMCYTZT1469 24 hours only!
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    Fractal Design Define XL full ATX case for $99! (Normally 150)

    dang a lot of Fractal design deals lately. Code: EMCYTZT1469 24 hours only!
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    Radeon 7770 for 139.99 + 10% off on newegg 1 DAY sale!

    Code 24HRSALE411E If anyone is interested in a 7770, that's not a bad price.
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    GTX 260 SLI = which modern card?

    Hi All, A friend was wondering if it's worth it to SLI his 260 for 70 bucks on a second card. I'm not sure what it is equivalent to in terms of modern cards. Can someone a little more knowledgeable of this generation help me out :0?
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    300R and CPU coolers

    Hi All, there's a reasonable deal on newegg and amazon for the Corsair 300R and I'm thinking about purchasing it along with a new CPU cooler. What CPU coolers have you guys used with the 300R?
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    Add another 6870 for CFX or get a 7870?

    Hi All, I'm looking to upgrade soon but I have a couple routers I can go to. Right now I am using a 6870 on a Maximus IV Gene. This mATX board is CFX ready, however, I don't feel my current case can handle temps with another crossfire. So I'm thinking 2 options: -Another 6870 plus a new...
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    Crossfire/SLI on a mATX board?

    Hi All, With the blitz of new Graphics cards coming, I've been debating whether to get a single 680 or 7970, or just get another 6870 and Crossfire. I have a Maximus IV Gene board which does have Crossfire support... I'm just wondering if anyone have tried SLI/CFX with an mATX and how their...
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    Using a HDTV as the monitor?(resolutions or frames don't match)

    I'm considering using large flat screen for my gaming needs, but I have had issues with my window being cutoff(Can't see the top portion and task bar). Granted I have a 720p panasonic, but I've tried this on my cousin's 1080p Samsung 42 inch, and the picture still gets cut off. I can't find a...
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    The Phenom story/fail?

    Hey guys, I've been lurking this forum for a few weeks in lieu of the bulldozer "letdown". I was waiting to decide between a personal AMD system or an Intel system and went with 2500k due to that awesome deal at Microcenter, and also because a lot of the higher end chipsets for AM3+(990x/fx)...