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    S.T.A.L.K.E.R : Lost Alpha news

    I am skeptical that it was "leaked" by anyone outside of the dev team. This thing was never likely to see the light of day as anofficial release given the whole GSC/Stalker licensing debacle, so this is simply a good excuse.
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    That's not even the issue. The issue is that a persistent internet connection is REQUIRED to play even the offline, single-player game. I've avoided FC3 because of uplay and will continue to do so for this reason.
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    Intel Makes It Easier To Remotely Troubleshoot Multiple Datacenter Devices

    You'd have iLO for that 580, so it's not much good for anything. If you had to have a centralized management console and didn't have anything better, I'd imagine this is fine. I'm sure once people start using the SDK it'll gain viability. Hard for me to justify ~$100 per system extra where I...
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    Intel Makes It Easier To Remotely Troubleshoot Multiple Datacenter Devices

    APC has been offering this for a while based on Intel's system as a component of Data Center Operation. It's a ridiculous per-system cost, and since most modern systems have some sort of management interface not very useful, imo
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    Black Friday - what did you get?

    Snagged a ladder (yay!), Skyrim and I also impulse-bought a Chromecast.
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    Any LTC miners out there willing to answer some questions?

    You hopefully got or found out the answer to this, but GPUs are massively more capable than CPUs for mining litecoin.
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    War Thunder Lets the [H] Wing

    CptVague. Long-time sim flyer myself. I'm hardly ever on, but I'd be happy to play with like-minded people.
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    App Turns Old iPhones, iPads into a Home Security System

    I have an old 3GS I've been looking to re-use. This seems like it'll fit the bill.
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    Free EA Games (Origin/Steam redemption)

    I'd love this if you still have the key and wouldn't mind sending it to me.
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    California May Issue Digital License Plates

    I'm sorry but you would more than likely lack the ability and/or means to made said modifications. You would also more than likely be fined or jailed for tampering with the device. Sorry.
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    A new stalker ?

    I will give this a shot, thanks for making me aware of this one. I really enjoy lots about Clear Sky. Could do without Complete though.
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    A new stalker ?

    You've clearly never played AMK or People Soup. AMK is like Oblivion Lost with more content. People Soup is unfiltered Ukrainian/Russian insanity. SGM for Call of Pripyat is similarly insane and brutal. One of the reasons S.T.A.L.K.E.R. didn't have a bevy of mods was because the structure of...
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    Need a program to paste often used sentences..macro or something..any suggestions?

    Autohotkey - set up a hot key for your various responses, it'll toss them in the chat window and hit enter for you.
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    A mouse that's resistant towards the entropic decay that occurs with Logitech?

    More anecdotal experience here, but these Man-Machine mice do not hold up to much abuse, at least not in the hospital environment I've seen them used in. The coating tears fairly easily and they don't survive drops well.
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    What kind of a gamer are you?

    I play pretty much anything, though as of late it's been a lot of platformers and some FPS stuff. Currently working through my backlog of games with Metro 2033. I will say that I will sometimes intentionally install and play through a game I know to be flawed, buggy or just plain bad and enjoy...
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    Popular Games you left unfinished and why

    I get this was with most racing games. After a point, you're rehashing the same thing unless there is just tons of content (or ridiculousness in arcade racers).
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    Humble Indie Bundle 8

    Bought this purely for Hotline Miami; I've been looking forward to playing it. I'm even happier knowing some of the other titles are quality too.
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    Steam Daily Deal: XCOM Enemy Unknown for $13.49

    I enjoy and still play all of the games you mentioned, and I found Enemy Unknown to be a worthy successor. It's not the same type of experience, but that doesn't mean it's a bad thing at all.
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    Borderlands(PC) - 19.99 at Gamestop!

    Still $19.99 on Amazon, FYI.
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    $3 worth of MP3 credit at Amazon

    Indeed, thanks very much, OP!
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    Happy birthday to QUAKE

    This was very true for me as well. I was looking Quake shit up and found Zanshin's dojo. Grabbed the GLQuake executable and watched it destroy my Matrox Millenium at .5 FPS. After a couple of frames I was sold. I sped to the local computer store and bought my first 3DFX card. The one hardware...
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    Cheap Games Here - $13 (but he'll take $10)

    My offer was accepted last night, Paypal was sent. Woke up to the code in my inbox, downloading Burnout as I type this.
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    Cheap Games Here - $13 (but he'll take $10)

    I bit on the Burnout Paradise. Been waiting to get a good deal on this game.
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    What's the cheapest site to buy games online?

    I used to buy games from but they will no longer ship certain publishers' games to the states.
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    Audiosurf PC game $2.49 @ Steam

    Great game, I paid full price and it's well worth it. For $2.49, it's a must-have.
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    Fallout 3 for PC $39.99 Target In-Store

    Grabbed this at my local (Baton Rouge, LA) Target yesterday. They had 5 copies left, the shelf was marked $69.95, but I paid $39.95 like everyone else. I'm wondering if/when Target will mark this game up ten bucks.
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    What are you playing this weekend?

    Far Cry 2, GRID and possibly Fallout 3 if I go pick that up.
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    What games do you Regret buying in 2008?

    Frontlines: Fuel of War (Christ) NWN 2
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    What phone do you have?

    AT&T 8525/HTC Hermes running Windows Mobile 6.1 with some mods. It's been a great phone, but I'm going to ask my company for a new(er) Tilt.
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    PNY - 2GB USB 2.0 Flash Drive - Dark Red/Amber $2.49 @ BB

    Thanks, just placed an order for in-store. Will see how it goes.
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    Anyone tried X2 and X3?

    I bought both of these games and was definitely put off by the learning curve on X3. That said, I liked the open-ended nature of the game and the graphics were pretty good in space. X2 had some laughable "fashion" for the NPCs. Any tips for a noob as to control configs or a good starter ship in...
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    STALKER base or Oblivion Lost?

    My vote is for OL also. You do run into some tougher creatures in the beginning of the game, but nothing insane and you can avoid a lot if you're careful. I'm having more fun with OL than I ever did in the vanilla game.
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    Call of Dooty 4

    I have nothing constructive to add, but I have felt the "call of dooty" myself on several occasions.
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    Top 5 games your currently Playing

    1. STALKER 2. Combat Arms 3. Diablo 2 4. Song Summoner (iPod game) 5. Couldn't quite muster 5 games.
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    X-Com clones/remakes?

    X-Com and Terror From the Deep are one of my favorite games of all-time. I've been waiting for a truly credible successor for many years. TFTD is available on Steam.
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    Bought a house in Oblivion. Now what?

    No, you need the Oblivion editor that allows you to modify content on the PC version. There are some mods that are modified to work with the 360, but I don't know where you might get those or if any of them will let you assemble a house.
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    S.T.A.L.K.E.R. + Oblivion Lost mod = pwnage!!!

    I finally got around installing this last night. So far I'm enjoying it more than the standard game even tough I'm not far into it yet. It's definitely a graphical improvement over vanilla.
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    Combat Arms

    There is no problem, I'm enjoying the game. I would like to amass a collection of all the weapons without spending a trillion points, but it's really not a concern, and I understand why the system is set up the way it is. I haven't found a rifle I really prefer over another, I think I'm gonna...
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    Combat Arms

    I consider that nickel and diming using the points system vs. real money. It's a minor inconvenience, as you can steal dead people's guns in-game and don't really need to buy anything to be competitive.
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    Free sample of Ringtonica Monitor Wipes

    Thanks, OP!