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    Was what I bought worth it

    So I bought a new PC 4670k, geforce 770 etc, Gigabyte sniper m5 etc. I previously had an antec 1200 case. But got fed up with its sheer size so downsized to a Corsair 350D. Now when I bought this case it came with a trivial 2 fans, which was saddening to say the least. So I ended up...
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    Mac Books and wow

    Hi guys and girls got a question, I am planning to get a macbook as out of all the laptops I have seen, it has the fastest bootup time, which is perfect for quickly opening up and using in lectures. But I have a question, will a macbook run world of warcraft? The specs are going to be 1GB...
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    Mass Effect

    I just recently watched some new vids for Mass Effect. And seriously Bioware have done it again in making a game that has deep dialogue as well as good gameplay, anyone else interested in this game? I have been for years and this is most def the game I am looking forward too.
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    Geforce 8700

    Any laptops offering this GPU yet?
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    LAN pc cases

    Hey guys and girls, I am wondering if any of you can recommend me a good LAN pc case, I am planning to go too uni in a couple of months but I need a case that I can carry around with me seeing as I will be alot more mobile. Any recommendations welcome :)
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    LOTR Online 10 day trial request

    Can anyone or does anyone have a 10 day free trial that I can get my hands on? I want to give the game a go but I dont know anything about it.
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    cant seem to overclock my opteron 170

    Ok I have been trying to overclock my processor for awhile now and it never works, first I tryed by loosening my timings of my ocz ddr 500 ram too 3-4-4-8 and then setting the speed to 250 so my FSB can be 250, I have changed the voltage to many levels to aroun 1.4-1.5 Volts and still no go, I...
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    Could I run Supreme commander

    Of guys and girls I have a question, I want to get supreme commander, but I wanna know if with my specs I can get an enjoyable game. I am running an amd opteron 170 system, with 2 gigs ocz ddr 500 ram x1800 with catalyst 7.2 and I also am using a dell 2407 monitor. Also using windows...
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    Thermalright V1 Ultra on a x1900 Just saw this reveiw on this heatsink. The results look really really good
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    Zalman VF900-CU now available

    Just checked and its now in stock. someone get one quick for either a x1800 or x1900 so I can see if it can do well on them :D
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    Zalman VF900-Cu

    Has anyone found a reveiw for this tested on x1800's or x1900's? I can only find a 6800 gt review.
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    X1800 and x1900 more future proof, but will they last?

    After thinking about it, people say the x1800 and x1900 is more suited to run games that are newer, but at the same time, I dont personally think these cards have a long lifespan, in history of gpu's the ones that run hot break quicker, and these cards are hot, not only that the warranties are...
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    Is this stable

    Ok I have never doen overclocking before, I recently tryed it by raising my multiplier, now my cpu runs at 2.25ghz or so I though when I checked system, I then looked at core cell and it says the speed is 2.87 ghz and its running at 250x11.5 idleling at 36c. does that make sense? and I havent...
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    No signal on x1800

    Hi my card is really strange, every time I turn my computer on after it boots in the beggining the monitor loses signal, it then later switches back on, sometimes it dont work at all and I have to reset. Sometimes it works sometimes it dont, what could be cuasing this?
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    Duel core problem

    I just installed my new x1800 xt and installed all the drivers, they all worked perfectly. But then one problem arose after it, I checked windows task manager, and it only shows me having one core when I have a opteron 170 duel core. How could this happen and any ideas to fix it?
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    Has anyone done this

    Has anyone here fitted the new zalman fatality fan onto either en x1800 xt or a x1800 xl? If so can anyone take some pics for me I wanna see how it looks, and does it perform well what can of temps you get after? Thanks guys and girls :)
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    I need to buy an AMD Opteron

    I am from UK but I need to know if there is any way I can get an amd opteron for american prices, is there anyone on this server that can get one for me? I am looking at either a opteron 165 or prefably a 170
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    What is IQ

    Ok I keep hearing people say IQ, can someone please explain what it means. Thanks
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    For x1800 xl users

    Hey I want to know how much energy in watts does the x1800 xl consume and is there something wrong with the card (like voltage leaks and such)? Also how much was household people able to overclock there card too?
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    Omfg Uk Buyers See This

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    To all x1800 owners :)

    Hey can you guys tell me what you think of your cards, and also how much youw as able to OC it?