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    Battlefield: Bad Company 2 - 4 Pack for $150 @ Steam

    EDIT 3/19/10: IT'S BACK. But this is the Standard Edition now. STANDARD Edition. It's like you get the fourth game free!
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    Cooler Master CM690 Case - $40 AR FS @ Egg $64.99 - $25 Rebate = $39.99 w/ Free Shipping Solid case, awesome price. This seems to be a pre-Black Friday deal, so its gonna be quick!
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    EVGA GTX295 CO-OP 1792MB - $429.99 AR @ Frys $449 - 20MIR = $429 Haven't confirmed B&M, but saw this on their online store.
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    Shell Shock - Logitech Fatal1ty USB Headset - $19.99 EDIT: And right as I post this thread, its GONE!
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    NOD32 Antivirus Home Ed - $19.99 FS @ Egg $29.99 - $10 coupon code (EMCLVNR55) = $19.99 Taxes may apply. Free Shipping. Now there's no reason not to. =)
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    HITACHI 1TB SATA HDD - $75 FS @ Egg Use coupon code EMCLSNT27 . It's an ok drive for purely storage uses. And for this price? Makes it sweeter.
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    NZXT Alpha Black Steel Case - $29.99 AR FS @ Egg It looks like a neat mid tower, decent cable mgmt, nice price. $49.99 - $20 MIR = $29.99 Free shipping code = EMCLSLW22 (thanks steve) :D
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    NOD32 Antivirus OEM - $29.99 FS @ Egg I love this antivirus, small footprint, and very efficient. It's back at $29.99 + Tax again, Free Shipping. Its v3.0, but when you activate the license, it can automatically update to v4.0...
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    Dynamite Data - A Great Shopper FF Addon! This neat-o plugin automatically shows you if there is a better deal on the web if you're on an e-retailers website. It's non-biased, and it works fantastic too! This should be a great tool for all you frugal [H]unters out there. Check it out...
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    World of Goo ~ 75% Off : $4.99 @ Steam

    DEAD =( I really liked this game. Funny concept, strangely addicting.
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    Fry's Electronics VP Embezzles $65 Million Do you just love corporate America?
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    Shell Shocker: 68-in-1 USB Internal Card Reader - $9.99 FS Supports all Sony, SD, CF, xD, MMC, SmartMedia that are out today. Shell Shocker = One day only @ Newegg.
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    Seagate 500GB 7200.11 OEM - $59.99 FS

    Seagate Barracuda 7200.11 ST3500320AS 500GB 7200 RPM 32MB Cache SATA 3.0Gb/s Hard Drive - OEM At checkout, enter in promo code: EMCBCBCAG...
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    GTX 260 Core 216 SC Edition - $119 @ 'Zon

    **EDIT** Deal is definitely dead now. So congrats to those who put their orders in, and good luck to those who got theirs confirmed. **NOTE : If you have any questions, only call the customer service helplines at Amazon or TigerDirect. Do not call EVGA, they cannot answer any questions...
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    Battlefield 2142 Deluxe Edition for $17 FS @ BF2142. Free shipping, $17. It includes the Northern Strike expansion as well. - Matt
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    2GB MicroSD w/ Adapter - 2 Pack: $12 $6.49 + $5 shipping = $11.49. So thats 2 x 2GB MicroSD's for ~$12!!! Still though, if you really need some more memory... It's Woot, so one day only. - matt
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    Eset NOD32 Antivirus - $29.99 FS @ Egg If you haven't tried this alternative antivirus program for Windows XP/Vista, give it a go. It's at a great price right now. :o
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    Warmish? Antec Three Hundred FS from the Egg - $60

    Antec Three Hundred Case on Newegg Back-to-school specials. $59.95 with Free 3-day shipping, just like they always do. Pretty nice for a quality midtower, imo. :p
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    Ultra 400W Modular ATX Power Supply - $32.99. Warm?

    Found this on while browsing TigerDirect's page for [H]. Seems like theres only a few left. LINK Thoughts? :p
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    PC Club Anaheim - iPod/iPhone Accessories Sale

    I heard that the PC Club store in Anaheim has lots of iPod and iPhone accessories in stock that they want to get rid of. Some of these make great gifts for people who just got the Touch or the 3G. I talked to the manager there, and confirmed it. He gave me permission to post these prices...