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    AMD have aktiv adapter to debut during summer for HDMI 2.0
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    Samsung 850 EVO coming soon..

    1tb listed at 499. Using the new V-nand flash (3D)
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    samsung 840 EVO new FW fix slow down

    For those with samsung 840 evo ssd drive note, the upgrade takes some time, an hour or more depending on size of drive content. Make back up before updating FW is recomended. Scroll down use the "Restoration performance software". FW...
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    Star Trek Online - Eyefinity done right

    Star Trek Online works really well using eyefinity, I would have to say, its the only game out there that works flawlessly out of the box. I run 5760x1080, and can run it, play it, adjust HUD and use my extra screens for text boxes, information and such and change stuff in game, and it works...