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    24-pin on Seasonic PSU -> MSI 790FX Mobo melted

    The PSU is a Seasonic X-1050 and mobo is an MSI 790FX-GD70 I was running 3x 5870's which were mining until yesterday, when I smelled burning. This has happened before and I'm on my second X-1050 (got my RMA two days ago). The 12v connector to the mobo just melted. This is the third time...
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    Untangle or something of the sort

    Why would you spend $220 on an Atom mobo and CPU? Sure it's "server" grade and all, but the Intel D945GCLF2 for $70 gets the job done the same and it uses 240-pin DIMMs. You don't even need a dual core Atom, you could just go with single core to get the price down. 1GB is way more than...
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    BGP? Gettign a T1

    Not as big as availability. Business wouldn't depend on the internet even if it was just slightly unstable.
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    Realistic timeranges for CompTIA certificates and...

    If you're dedicated: Any Comptia cert - Less than a month CCNA level - a few months, maybe 3-4 if you have basic knowledge MCSE, CCNP level - 8-12 months. Comptia certs are notoriously easy. You need to set your bar higher if you want to distinguish yourself from the crowd.
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    Wireless network for 20,000 sq ft office

    55 users, 20,000 sq ft. Depending on the construction of the office, you'll be looking at somewhere around 5-8 APs going off a rule of thumb for a solid network. Is this network for critical data or just for leisure? You want to build something future proof that won't fuck up because once you...
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    building server rack?

    Make a lack rack with stuff from Ikea if you can get it.
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    What was/is your Cisco cert path?

    CCENT > CCNA > CCNA Wireless > CCVP (working on now) CISSP is laughable compared to CCIE security IMO. In terms of difficulty, the CISSP is easier. The CISSP goes over information security as a whole with lots of theory and it's geared towards the management side of things.
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    2 internet connections, bridging?

    It's not called bridging, it's called load balancing. Channel bonding or LAGG is not what he's looking for and it will not work. LAGG is for combining multiple interfaces into one virtual interface that has only 1 address associated with it. OP needs to look at load balancing. Pfsense...
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    Degree suggestions

    Some real-world experience here; I just accepted a job offer for a network consulting position. The description said it required a Bachelor's in an IT related area, x # of years of experience, and certain certifications were preferred. In all the three rounds of interviews I went through...
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    CCVP in 6 months - Feasible?

    So I was offered a job as a network consultant and one of the things they would like me to do is obtain my CCVP in 9 months. If I do it in 6 months, I get a nice bonus in addition to the extra work. I've got a CCNA & CCNA wireless, which I did in a fairly small amount of time. Primarily...
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    OpenVPN + Windows 7

    Right click on icon, "Run as administrator".
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    If safe practice is to change passwords regularly, why is it so difficult to do so?

    If you're going the route of keepass to store only 3 passwords, I think you should just memorize them. I have different passwords of low, medium, and high complexity memorized. I only use keepass to randomly generate and store separate passwords per website. There's pretty much one password...
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    new construction, "future proof" with fiber?

    As p3n said, run your conduits, then you don't ever have to worry about the medium or whether its "future proof" or not.
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    What defensive measures will you take to protect from password brute-force attacks?

    Brute-force means you're trying multiple attempts at trying to crack the password. A dictionary attack is a subset of brute-force methods, therefore, answer E is correct. Any dictionary word is vulnerable to brute-force methods provided you have a good wordlist.
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    Making use of 2 (or more) wireless APs in home?

    To do roaming the right way, you need to have a centralized architecture where the core knows who is connected at what AP and what state they are in. When a client connected to AP A moves to AP B, the client only has to authenticate to AP B. After authenticated, AP B knows that the client is...
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    Lead-Lined House causing connection problems

    What's the square footage of the house? Lead can and will mess up RF pretty badly depending on how much is actually there. It's the other way around. 5ghz has better penetration (that's what she said :p) and 2.4ghz has longer range. You won't be able to look at 5ghz traffic unless you...
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    Intel 5300 and Dell D630

    Definitely the drivers if it works in Ubuntu.
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    Wake on LAN strange problem

    I know you haven't physically unplugged the power cable and that this isn't the same mobo, but you could have a similar issue:
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    Password management/memory

    KeePass. A no frills password vault that's free, open source, portable, and runs on mobile devices.
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    Just ordered FiOS...

    From the site: . Holy crap. Specs?
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    Internet only working if I connect to my work vpn network?

    Well, your routes are fine. It's a DNS issue somewhere not on your computer. Probably the router.
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    Internet only working if I connect to my work vpn network?

    You could have a funky situation where your VPN software makes a route on your system to send ALL traffic through the VPN, not just certain stuff like file sharing. Happens if whoever set the VPN up was being lazy or incompetent. If it's not DNS, open a command prompt and do "route print" and...
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    How loud are 24 hard drives?

    (24) 15k RPM drives - vacuum cleaner (24) 5.4k RPM drives - a fan on low (24) SSDs - silent
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    Does AV really do anything

    Good habits, policy, and user education trump any anti-virus program. Shit doesn't happen for no reason.
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    Apology to calling the Comcast bandwidth violators, pirates

    To all the people saying: Needs to read their contract. You have a residential connection and basically, you aren't entitled to shit. If your connection goes down, the ISP can take their merry time getting it back up. If you clog the pipes, they can throttle or cut you off at will. Don't...
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    Is RHCT worth it?

    In what fantasy world does a CCNA wireless make $94k? That chart is pretty high even if those people are experienced. Back on topic. . . I guess Linux certs could be good if that's what you wanted to do and learn. Simply using Linux for a variety of things is a learning experience itself so...
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    Wireless network setup issues with WDS

    Ever thought of not using WDS mode? Just configure the APs with the same SSID and security settings and give them each a different IP. Also, you don't want them to be on the same channels. Use 1, 6, and 11 and make sure you don't have two APs right next to each other using the same channel...
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    How easy or difficult is it to intercept mobile broadband

    Your standard 802.11 wifi networks use an unlicensed, unregulated spectrum range most often in the 2.4 and 5ghz ranges. These are public bands available for any one to use - that's why there's so many security concerns over your typical wireless network. Anyone can get a device to...
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    What's the fastest speed you've actually gotten out of your Wireless setup?

    27mbps is about the highest you'll ever see on .11g. Wireless is a half duplex shared medium, so you cut the total bandwidth in half. Add in any interfering devices on the same channel and your throughput drops even more. Add a .11b client and see your throughput drop once again. The reason...
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    HP 1810 vs. Dell 28xx vs others?

    Hehe there you go :D I might have to try that as well. . . What features does the 5324 have that warrant 2x the price of a 5224? For someone looking for a gigabit switch able to do VLANs, would the 5224 suffice?
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    HP 1810 vs. Dell 28xx vs others?

    Why not get a Dell 5224 from ebay for ~ $125?
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    Portable console client needed

    Get 4 netbooks because they're so cheap and the total cost should be less than a Toughbook or comparable alternative. If one breaks, just throw it out and pick up another one. 4 should last you many years until you do another refresh. If you want something sturdier yet still cheap, look at...
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    Fresh Prince of Bel Air Network Rap

    hahahha pretty sweet
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    Passed my NET+

    Yes, you are correct about the score break down and that you can deduce which questions you missed. What you cannot say, with 100% certainty, is if those questions were even counted towards your score. Or if they were, you still couldn't say by how much. As you already know, one question may...
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    Passed my NET+

    And what questions were those? I passed my CCNA Wireless less than a month ago. Once again, it is impossible to know what was counted towards and against your score, so you have no idea what knocked your score down. Also, missing one or two WCS questions shouldn't have you fail if you were...
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    Passed my NET+

    You barely passed while using brain dumps? You and your cert are worthless. Shame on you. Also, you don't know if those route summarization questions were even counted towards your score, so it's impossible to say what knocked your score down. To the OP: DO NOT USE BRAIN DUMPS.
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    Home Server Question

    Write a batch file and schedule it with the task scheduler.
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    Are wireless N routers worth it?

    Yes, N is definitely worth it if you get a good access point and a good N client card. 802.11n has some way cool features that G doesn't. N has MIMO which lets it use transmit beamforming that sends the same signal out of multiple antennas to increase the reception on the receiving end. This...
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    Locating 802.11 wireless device

    I'm looking for a tool or software that can locate a wireless device by providing the RSSI of all devices in the area. Software like Netstumbler, inSSIDer, and even Cisco's Spectrum Expert only show devices that send probes, which are mainly APs. However, I'm looking for client devices causing...