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    Is this normal for a 34UM67?

    I don't mind the backlight bleed but the yellow discoloration on the bottom left is distracting... Edit: I'm getting it replaced by newegg, hopefully the next one is not as bad or I'll just end up getting a refund.
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    FedEx hold at location (my phone)

    No one will be home that day to sign but wondering if the name on my drivers license is enough the pick up the package at a FedEx office? It has my old address and I don't have any utility bills under my name...
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    Looking to upgrade from my Galaxy Nexus

    I've had my Nexus I9250 for about 2.5 years now and I think its time for an upgrade. I'm using tmobiles prepaid plan so I need an unlocked/no contract phone. I thought about the oneplus one but trying to get an invite plus the bad customer service is not sitting well with me. Anything around...
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    Looking for a 2pin female connector

    Anyone know what kind of connector this is circled in red? Its a 2pin female fan connector for a pro amp. I'm looking to replace the fan but don't want to butcher the original fan for the connector just in case I need to put it back in. These are photos I found online This photo has the male...
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    3.5mm mono plug voltage rating

    I bought a 3.5mm mono plug for my receivers 12v trigger but noticed after I received it that the plug is rated for 6VDC 1A. The 12v trigger is going to hookup to a relay which consumes 30mA...
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    Is it possible to exclude a SSD from sleeping?

    I have a media server that runs Windows 7 x64 and have my hard drives to sleep after 1hr. The SSD is used for the operating system only but because of the way windows power options works, the SSD will also go to sleep after 1hr. Is there a way to exclude the SSD from sleeping? I was thinking...
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    How to test if monitor supports 72hz?

    I use a nvidia 560ti and tried to set a custom resolution but all I changed is the refresh rate to 72hz. Once I applied the settings the picture was squashed and didn't look right. I think I need to change the timings manually but I have no idea what I'm doing. I watch lots of movies on my pc...
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    Cheapest ssd for media server?

    Need a cheap ssd for Windows 7 install, 30gb is perfectly fine as my current install is only using 15gb. What do you guys suggest?
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    Will I ever switch to LCD?

    I've been using this Samsung 19" CRT for 5-6 years now and want an lcd, problem is I'm very picky about blacklight bleed. I don't want to play the blacklight bleed lottery, buy/return a monitor a hundred times till I get the perfect one. Is there an lcd that doesn't have blacklight bleed and...
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    Media stickers exist?

    I'm thinking about buying my first mechanical keyboard and will probably go with the Rosewill RK-9000 with brown switches. Since it doesn't have media keys I will map them using auto hotkey. Wondering if someone sells media decals/stickers so I can place them on the front of my F keys. Key caps...
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    Corsair 400r owners, I have a question.

    I see that the 500r hard drive cage can be removed in sections. Can the entire hard drive cage be removed on the 400r? If so, is it screwed on or riveted?
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    ATTN: All people who own a sound card with Dolby Headphone, I have a question...

    Sometime in the future I plan to buy a sound card which supports Dolby Headphone. Can your sound card be configured so the Line-out has Dolby Headphone enabled? Right now I have an old go-vibe amp which I plan to use. Later on I'll build my own amp when I upgrade my HD555. For this reason I...