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    Microsoft's Rural Broadband Strategy - UHF

    Sorry MS, if you wanted to get into this you should of bid on the spectrum that was being auctioned offed. You didn't so good luck. the white space you talk about most likely can't be used because all broadcast, LPTV, and translators are stuck using channels under 38. They get to claim anything...
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    Multicast IGMP/PIM

    New to this MC video stuff. trying to setup a MC stream to go to two different locations. At the head end I have a device the generates the MC video from there it goes into a cisco 3750 port 24. Port 1 goes to one remote site same subnet and is working at the site. It then gets put out over...
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    Apple Is Talking to TV Programmers About Its Own Web TV Service

    Well a la carte will never happen. well in the next 20 years. Because 90% of the content is created by 3 different companies. You want history channel, you must take discovery and animal planet(every channel is setup with way) you want fox, gotta take fox, fsn, and all of the local fox channels...
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    Four Weeks of Galaxy Give-Aways!

    need moar display action!
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    Battlefield 3 Caspian Border Gameplay

    I just hope it lives up to the classics like 1942, DC, BF2. looks like they thought about that point so it could. just hope it does because i still play bf2, every now and then 1942, dc final mod. Still want to know about mod tools because some of the best 1942, and bf2 were mods that extended...
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    LulzSec Claims CIA Website Shutdown

    you think the CIA takes the time to get a warrant or lets anyone know if they want to hack something? no... remember 95% of people caught for "hacking" now work for them.. although I doubt they take the time atm to hunt them down. they haven't really done anything for them to waste time on them.
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    TSA Can Copy Files Off Your Computer

    I happen to travel a lot (within the USA) i was asked to unlock/unencrypt my laptop at the check point. I said not a chance, guy chukkeld and sent me on my way. This was only flying from MN to NYC. So i wouldn't put too much into this.
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    Pirate Bay Founder Devises DDo$ Attack

    x2 there is nothing illegal about this from what I know. But there might be something on the books over there but i don't know for sure.
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    Remote file shares

    Ok I have run into a little problem. I have two remote sites one in NYC and one in MN. I wanted to set up a single file share(that resides on both servers) that users at both sites would use. To keep down on traffic over the mpls. Problem is keeping all files current and only let one person edit...
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    Remotely resetting a computer

    PS tools, telnet into it shutdown -r , or iboot i have used them a few times they work good. but i'd stick with pstools or the telnet way easy any free.
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    Pranks on IT Dept

    hey i like a good joke just as much as most people, but don't take it too far. One guy thought it would be funny remap my keyboard on sunday night. came in monday with tones of work to do....... first thing I did once i fixed my keyboard, cut off all access to outside the company. for about 2...
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    Open VPN connecting to firebox

    my boss didn't take my advice and get a cisco concentrator or even a ASA so i have to make our watchguard vpn work.. which is kind of crap.. anyways i'm trying to get open vpn working with it because the ssl client for firebox's is kind of lacking to say the least. now i'm having some slight...
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    Can I have some viruses??

    lol don't have time to write one lawlz just a fyi if you don't know what your doing, or your computer isn't really secure don't mess with these guys.. they do some nasty ish. but you can get just about anything there.
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    Can I have some viruses??

    hit up the russian business network lol
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    Search and Seizure of Laptops at Airports

    well not a surprise here... they have been able to search anything coming into the country since 1776... been on the books for a long time, they just now started to look at laptops, but they always could...
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    Rack Power Distribution

    apc ups > stepdown > apc pdu's
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    1) Renaming Domain 2) Moving Exchange

    hmm odd i could of swore i read something about that and sbs 03 and server 08.. o well i like not having sbs anymore anyways lol
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    1) Renaming Domain 2) Moving Exchange

    sbs 03 freaks out when you try to add server 08 DC to the domain(sbs doesn't support branch office DC's ect.), i wouldn't got down that road. my network traffic went nuts when i tried that. so don't do a dcpromo on it, get the transition pack makes it much smoother to do it .
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    Music studio NAS

    make it easy on your self, get a lacie network drive...
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    Folders/Files Disappearing?

    do you run logs on who does what on your network? if so check that to see if it was moved, "dragged and dropped somewhere ect." but its SBS i have seen that do really strange things before.
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    corporate Anti-spam

    <50 users, and somewhere in the 5k a day range. and one day a month add 2500 to that for news letter.
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    corporate Anti-spam

    We are almost up on our current out sourced IT contract. He handled most of the needs of the company before I started. We are redoing all IT stuff because its just a mess and cheap. The company is doing well enough that they said the want everything done right this time around, to keep the...
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    laptop internet problem

    dell likes to turn stuff off to save power, go into the properties for the nic and uncheck let windows turn off to save power. do this in the dell settings too, sorry can't remember where they are on dells :( but there should be some kind of dell utility of some sort.
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    Qwest is out of the internet in my neighborhood

    i know how you feel man, personally i'm waiting for quest fiber to come west of the city. for now you might just have to deal with crapcast, i do :(
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    Do i need physics?

    i went all the way to advanced physics, i loved it and did find it useful for many reasons. i'd say stick with it.
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    Anyone using SBS over a WAN?

    thats how the place i work at now was set up. NYC, and MN. NYC held the server it worked ok. but they are getting to close to the limits of sbs and i hate sbs so we are getting real servers in mn. it works but with sbs you can't have branch AD, DFS replication that works right so its a pain...
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    Reigster Machines on College Network

    .... i was more talking about someones wifi, or a air card. nice try on the insult tho lol.
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    Reigster Machines on College Network

    i have no problem with AV, i just have a problem with symantec. but you are right their network, their rules. i'd figure out a way to get on the net with out symantec.
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    Reigster Machines on College Network

    sorry but i would laugh at you if you told me to install Symantec, thats like telling me to put aol on my computer... much easier to adhoc someones laptop/computer.
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    Recovery of Information/Disgruntled Employee

    encase, helix , fdk come to mind. most of the time you will be able to get some data from it.
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    Ipcop box, ideas wanted

    i'll just tell you about the ipcop that was at the company i work for when i got here. NOTHING but trouble. in fact we just went office space on it when we got our cisco's in. most fun i have had in a long time, that thing got destroyed lol.
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    What is your IT department doing about

    i have a strict rule, you want vista, you support your self lol. good thing dell will still give us xp
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    My ISP is "managing" my internet traffic; read: "slower than dial-up" latency

    call them and remind them comcast just got slapped by the FCC for doing that. if they won't unblock you tell them your going to cancel service. traffic shaping is illegal at the moment from my understanding, unless of course there is something in the TOS about it.
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    I want my CCNA

    i didn't take any class's for ccna and i passed my first time. but then again i taught my self networking, programing, ect. and i had access to cisco eqp. to test, train, and mess with. having access to cisco eqp. is a huge help so if you can't get any, i would say take the class.
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    BTU's on Dell m600 blade center

    any know off hand the BTU's on a full 14 slot m600 blade center? i can't find it anywhere from dell. IBM says 18k per/hr but thats only 5300 wt. 14 blades is 14k wt.. thanks for any help. i know i can do the WTx3.41=btu but i would like to know the exact number.
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    Dell Bladecenter m600

    any know off hand the BTU's on a full 14 slot m600 blade center? i can't find it anywhere from dell. IBM says 18k per/hr but thats only 5300 wt. 14 blades is 14k wt.. thanks for any help. I know i can do the WTx3.41=BTU but i would like to know the exact number.
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    How to employers verify certifications.

    comptia certs can not be verified. you can try to call them but they will not. only way is to show the card. other certs just call the company and they will tell you.
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    comcast or qwest internet?

    don't make your choice on so called burst or download boost. they only last 1-3 at max.. stupid ad ploy that people are jumping on. once they find out what kind of download or stream it is, it always drops back to normal speed. so unless your downloading 4mb documents all the time speed boost is...