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    This Gas May Erase Bad Memories

    There are drugs they can give you if they know they're going to cause you trauma, which is kind of scary. They do it for most surgeries now. There are some horror stories out there like hospital staff giving it to people, doing horribly painful things without pain killers, but the person...
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    The most stupidly named video card of all time ?

    Diamond Multimedia ATI Ultra Pro Turbo mach64
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    Sony Execs To Take 50% Pay Cut

    Their projectors are good. They were the first with a reasonably priced 1080p projector which forced DLP to reduce prices. I like Bluray, which they were a large part of. PS3 wasn't bad, and so well supported with feature based upgrades that I never had to pay for new hardware. And they've...
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    Electronic Arts announcing that they are shutting down the servers for...

    Is this for online play, or will the games not work anymore because DRM can't phone home?
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    Microsoft Speeding Up Windows Release Cycle

    Never been a fan of Linux on the desktop, but MS seems intent on self destructing. My next work laptop will probably be a Mac.
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    Netflix Begins 4K Streaming

    Netflix 1080P brought DVD quality to streaming. I had hoped Netflix 4k might approach broadcast 1080i OTA. To bad they limit it to people with 4k displays.
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    Aeron chair

    We have the Aeron at work and I don't like. The springy mesh thing is comfortable, but the rigid edges it attaches to cut in on my legs. So it's super comfy, other than this strip of metal digging into the back of my thighs. I bought a Human Scale Freedom for home and it's comfy. I was...
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    USB keyboard/mouse switching? Not KVM!

    Same question. Can I get an updated recommendation for 2014? I would like a 4 port model. USB. Pure hardware solution, no software. Would like to hear from anyone that has experience with a particular KM switch that works well.
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    Looking for a keyboard with keys that don't move around

    I know this sounds weird, but it bothers me. I like the key cap to be rigidly attached. I don't like that there is a little bit of play before the key starts to travel down. It's like I have to balance my finger on the key for a split second, to stabilize the key before it goes down. My...
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    Best monitor for work regardless of cost?

    The doctors say my vision is 20/20 but I have been suffering from headaches and now nausea from looking at the screen too long. I bought a Dell 24" 6 years ago and it was great for spreadsheets, but recently it started making me sick to look at it. I've increased the font sized which helps...
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    Best monitor for work regardless of cost?

    For office type work. Excel, e-mail... basically text. I'm not doing anything that requires color accuracy or a wide gamut. I just want something easy on my eyes.
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    what's the best motherboad for 980x

    I considered getting a workstation motherboard, but pricing on the Xeons make the 980x look like a bargain. The x5680 is essentially the same chip as the 980x with dual socket support for $1700.
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    what's the best motherboad for 980x

    There are unresolved issues in the Asus forum with the bios for 980x on P6T Deluxe v2. Mine is even older. I was hoping to hear what others are using. I consider the Intel, but that board seems to have issues across the board with the latest bios... and unfortunately you pretty much have...
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    what's the best motherboad for 980x

    I have highly parallel CPU bound code that will eat up as many many cores as I can give it. I will also game on it when not working. I have Asus P6T Delux (v1) which I'm fairly happy with overall. Can anyone recommend a motherboard that's not stupid expensive? All I want are 2x16pci-e...
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    what's the best way to tunnel through XP laptop?

    The laptop is slow, but has access to stuff. I can't upgrade the laptop, but I thought maybe I could tunnel through it.
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    fastest way to image a drive?

    I'm using an Intel 80GB G2 SSD as a backup drive for various drive images. i.e. work, games, internet, etc. The images rarely change, but I switch frequently. I'm currently using Acronis, but the time it takes to boot into windows & step through the menus takes longer than the re-image...
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    500hp Hybrid Porsche 918 Spyder

    I bet it costs like one too. $300k+
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    Why Modern Video Game Armies Lack Women

    Apparently you're not married. ;)
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    Sony Still Loses Money on Every PS3 They Sell

    The new Oppo @ $500 matches it and even slightly exceeds the PS3 in some areas like load time. But the PS3 has a great track record of upgrades and I still recommend it to friends over anything else. I don't game on mine at all.
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    Follow the Law, China Tells Internet Companies

    At least they're headed in the right direction, unlike US. We have new laws every year that take away rights and restrict what we're free to do. Lawmakers put them in like it's their job (it is). Compared to 50 years ago, US citizens have far less freedom.
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    The Early Adopter: Trendsetter or Sucker?

    We all work 40 hours a week. The suckers are the guys that trade their time for so little money that they have to worry about paying a premium for something they want.
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    Supreme Court Blocks Video Coverage of Prop. 8 Trial

    Would that include getting married to a family memeber? Both citizens.
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    Google Pulling Out of China?

    You can go to Nevada and have sex with a prostitute without fear of reprisal. Not so much in Florida. Local governance matters even within the US. You are free to say bad things about the government without reprisal, but not a fellow citizen. Against a fellow citizen or business owner, it...
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    Google Pulling Out of China?

    Lots of examples at Low hanging fruit would be anything that violates DMCA, race/hate, or the continuously evolving definition of child pornography. In general, anything that violates US law. China wants censorship (for China) to include anything that violates...
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    Google Pulling Out of China?

    US and Google censor content here. Why is it so terrible when China wants to do it?
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    intel 160GB ssd or 80GB x 2 ?

    Price difference is negligible when using x58 onboard raid 0. I make regular backups, so drive failure isn't an issue. My only concern is speed. For real world performance is a single drive better or a raid of 2 half size/priced drives? I have 2 hardware ram drives raided now. It really...
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    Baby Boomers Are Shaping the Future of Technology

    If boomers were shaping technology, shit was just work. Almost every electronic device I own shipped with problems that had to be fixed through a firmware update.
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    Man Allowed To Mod Wheelchair With Gun

    You make it sound like it's a humanitarian effort for deer. That you're somehow doing the species a favor by shooting them. If it was truly a kind thing to do, then people wouldn't be so offended at the thought of doing the same to a human or child. Tragic, but on the bright side it is one...
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    Man Allowed To Mod Wheelchair With Gun

    So you would be a proponent of letting a 5 year old own a gun (irresponsible)? What about a mentality retarded adult with the intelligence & reasoning of a 5 year old (stupid)? Don't you think there should be some restrictions? Is it that unreasonable to question the safety of mounting a...
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    Man Allowed To Mod Wheelchair With Gun

    Donate now, for the price of a cup of coffee you can buy a single round of ammunition which will be used to mercifully kill a starving child in Africa. Starvation is a world wide problem that affects all living things. Thining the population by hunting down the strongest and killing them...
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    PETMAN: BigDog gets a Big Brother

    It looks gay to me. Like a homosexual Imperial Walker from Star Wars/
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    Sun to Lay Off Another 3,000 Employees

    I suppose Oracle will now develop that super computer interconnect that the US government awarded $300 million to Sun for instead of Intel.
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    The State of NVIDIA's Chipset Business

    Most people aren't hoping they fail, they're just not giving them any sympathy. Nvidia has been laying the ground work for their own failure for a while now. How long can you insult everyone and not expect a back lash? Nvidia is like the kid at school that talks a lot trash, picks a...
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    The World’s Best and Worst Places To Live

    The student has well-being or the student gets the tank.
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    AMD's ATI Radeon HD 5870 Video Card Review @ [H]

    I would rather have 3D than wrap around monitors. Cheaper too. Multi-monitor is easier for ATI with less compatibility problems so I can see why they're going that route. Just too bad, since games are nearly 3D ready anyway. But we won't see developers coding for it except as an after...
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    IBM Forcing Employees to Drop MS Office

    They did the same with Visio a few years back. Network engineer and you need Visio? How about a pay cut instead.
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    ASUS P6T7 WS SuperComputer @ [H]

    Maybe I missed it, but are all the PCIe slots "video only" ? I would like to run 2x 16x for SLI / crossfire and have a second free 8x slot for a RAID card. The P6T6 forces one of the PCIe slots to 8x. Does it matter? My P6T6 Deluxe does the same, but unfortunately completely prevents the...
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    Gunman’s Webpage Describes Plans

    Living in PA is enough to make anyone suicidal.
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    Kopin Announces New Breakthrough in Shrinking Display Size

    The supporting electronics around the perimeter of the chip prevent it from being useful in a grid arrangement. Micro displays are used in head mount gear where the chip is so close to your eye that it fills a suitable FOV. i.e. my hand looks huge 2" from my face. They're also used as...