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    ERL / Mikrotik / Gargoyle / Other

    I am looking to modify my home network by adding in some content filtering. Initially I am looking at something that can implement a blacklist. I want to be able to keep my wired network at gigabit speeds for transfers and backups to my nas while at the same time applying the filtering to...
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    What is the threat involved with changing the background?

    My office just "upgraded" to XP. We already had XP, but they ordered the new systems and then could not figure out how to run Win7 on them with our in house software. My old system was the same version of XP, we could change the background, no issues. Now, they removed the ability to change...
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    Need help opening encrypted files

    Prior to moving to my current system I did the usual backup everything. I have a WHS which had a total system backup and I backed up my desktop to a separate drive as an easy access solution for that data. Somehow, the WHS backup of the desktop is empty, no idea why, probably a setting I never...
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    WHS problem, router or nic?

    Ever since I have had my WHS server running it has caused me issues. It would occasionally crash, log off the network, just work flaky. Recently I used another system I had, (dual core intel etc.) that I had setup for the wife and kids to make another server. It always worked fine, no...
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    Win 7 AMD driver conflict?

    Win7 64 system with a 5870 on latest drivers. This is a fresh install on a clean drive a month ago. After a fresh boot I have no issues. The longer the system is on the longer the problem lasts. The problem is that if any program requires a change to the video/screen image/resolution the...
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    Need help on opening backed up desktop

    Made a copy of everything in my desktop directory because I needed to re-install windows. So, I copied everything to my server, no backup utility just a copy and paste. I put my desktop directory on a second drive, attached to the system, now it is locked and nothing I seem to do will allow it...
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    Alternate or minimal drivers for Creative?

    Just put a new system together. I have an Audigy2 sitting around doing nothing and I would like to use it instead of the on board realtek. But I hate creative bloatware. Any alternative or minimal driver sets that people have used and like? I use a logitech Z-3 and some Audio Technica AD700's.
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    Other mice with similar scroll wheel as G9X

    Do most of the other high end mice have the same type of freespin/notched wheel or is that just a Logitech thing? Do any other mice have it?
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    Why is my 2500k not clocking up when in games?

    Just picked up a 2500k and the Asus P8P67 and put it together last night. I let the board do auto overclock but that was after I noticed that the proc was not up-clocking when I was using it for anything besides a stress test. I have a 5870 and when I ran dragon age the cpu stayed at 1600...
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    SB Ram comparison test -Opinions? Looks like very little difference except that SB is a little bit faster than everything else with any type of ram. Nice comparison in general since the CPU clocks are all the same. Thoughts?
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    Big SSD or Small SSD and new system?

    So, if you had $500 sitting around and had a solid e8400 @3.8 / 5870 system that you primarily game on what would you do? Get a large SSD, 120gb or larger or build a nice little i5 2500k system with a small 64gb ssd? I do multitask with TV on one screen while I game on the other with lots of...
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    5870 keeps switching clock speed, how stop?

    Got a 5870 a month or two ago, probably my last ATI video card. Card is great but as everyone knows the drivers suck. I forgot how bad because I just have not worried about drivers at all the entire time I owned my 8800gt. Anyway, I am playing dragon age and keep getting this graphical half...
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    Gadgets run but don't show up in control panel

    Did a search came up with nothing. For some reason my gadgets don't show up in sidebar manager. I picket up a G15 a couple of weeks ago and at first it was great, all my gadgets that were running were automatically recognized by the G15 and displayed, (time, cpu, fps etc). Then they...
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    e8400 @3.8 & 5870 only pulling 250w at load normal?

    I picked up a Sapphire 5870 in the recent sale to replace my aging 8800gt. I was confident that my Antec Earthwatts 380 could handle it but figured I would be pushing the cap on the PSU at load or at least be close. Using a KillAWatt I was surprised to only be drawing about 20 more watts at...
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    Undeleted .mov files won't play

    Wife "accidentally " deleted 8gb of movies off our HD digital camcorder. I was able to undelete them, but they will not play. The few pictures that were on there can be read fine after being restored. The movies can't be read by quicktime or anything else. Any idea what I should do to...
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    Good deal at MC on a Gbit switch

    Just picked up a Trendnet Gbit switch from Microcenter for $12 after rebate. They price matched a Newegg deal for $21.99 and MC has a $10 rebate. Newegg's deal ends today.
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    Asus Atheros Nic help needed

    Win7 Pro 32 bit on a network with a WHS and a Win7 64bit PC. The 32bit system can be found and accessed using username/passwords from the WHS and the 64bit system. The 32bit system can not see the server as a computer, only under "other devices" does it show up in explorer. I get an error...
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    Calibration for a 2509m?

    Anyone take the time to do a real calibration of this monitor and if so what are the values you ended up with? I picked it up a couple of days ago from Micro center, it is very nice, great text but as is typical for a TN panel the colors are off of ideal for what the monitor can probably...
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    22" Died, What should I look at for a replacement?

    OK, My Acer 22" just died. In the middle of a cut scene for Mass Effect 2 it goes black. Power button does not even light up now. Can't get too mad, I lugged the thing across the globe a couple of times over the past two and half years. I have a backup I can use for a bit but I would like to...
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    PS3 controller Help

    Is it possible to set up the controller so the left thumb controls use the buttons instead of the joystick? I know jack about the PS3, the last console I owned was an NES64 so I am a bit out of touch. I imagine I will get used to it if I have too but having the option would be nice.
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    Really slow up and downloads to WHS

    I know a lot of people have dealt with this before so I wanted to pick some brains. Dual core intel desktop with gigabit nic connected through a Trendnet gigabit router to WHS in a Shuttle XPC with gigabit built in nic. Now,I know there are some things that are not ideal here but I am...
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    WHS in a Shuttle?

    I was considering a Synology NAS for $199 or so and my research kept pointing to WHS. The easiest solution technically and the smallest as well would be to take my mostly unused backup system, a Shuttle SN25P and throw in one or two 1TB drives. My intent is to backup specific items off of my...
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    WD 1tb Black 2 platters?

    I have seen a few comments from people to the effect that WD is shipping or soon will ship two platter versions of the 1TB black. Looked around a bit and can't find anything to this that's official, anyone heard this and have a link or info?
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    i7 920 Retail $199 no rebates Microcenter

    Did not see this listed yet.
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    Safely Ship a system long distance

    I am returning from the middle East soon and I am going to have to ship the desktop I built here home. I have the original box for the case and most everything else. I had originally intended on putting everything back into original boxes but I figured Dell and everyone else sends their...
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    Stuck in Kuwait

    So I am stuck in Kuwait for the rest of the year. I have concluded that there is nothing here to do but watch movies, sit around and scratch myself or have some real fun and then get demoted and an other than honorable discharge for my efforts. I am seriously considering building a simple...
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    Some Bioshock results, no spoilers

    For whats it's worth, be careful about spoilers in the official forums. Some idiots posting crap in thread titles, just a heads up. Anyway, I could not decide what video card to buy so I waited until the release knowing my macbook pro met minimum specs. On my core duo at 2ghz, 2gb ram and the...
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    lend a brother a hand - SN25P 3800 X2 and temps,

    Is anyone using this combo with the stock ice cooler? I just dropped in one of these Newegg $69 3800 X2's and my temps at stock are (idle 40->60+load). If I Overclock at all my system is shutting down. I have tried three different TIM's and made sure I had good contact between the sink and...
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    Video Chat, MacBook Pro

    I currently have a MBPro. I have not used the video chat capability of IChat at all up to this point. However, in the not to distant future I am taking a trip to the Middle East, for about a year or so. My goal is to use video chat to hook up with my family on our MBPro at home. For those who...
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    What type of LCD screen is in the MacBok Pro

    I have searched and googled but I can't find anything beyond "24 bit". Is it MVA, IPS, PVA?
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    Two 22" or one 24"?

    Just had to warranty and old 21" Trinitron CRT and it got replaced by a crappy non trinitron crt with major image issues. I will probably RMA the damn thing at least once more before I give up and give it to my nephew. So, 24" of glorious widescreen for $ 6-700. or Two 22" of less glorious...
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    Bootcamp help

    Is there any way to have OSX boot as the default OS? Right now I boot into windows unless I hold down the option key. I only have windows installed to play NWN2, which pays pretty well though at lower res. Anyway, is there a way to change the default boot sequence?
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    Normal or not?

    I picked up a refurb MacBook Pro a month or two ago and have been happy with the switch from MS except for one thing, the keyboard. It is great when it is one piece but I keep having problems with it. At first keys kept popping off, Mac support was great and I eventually had the keyboard...
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    Bent or normal? Macbook Pro

    Just received my refurbed macbook pro. Looks fine but just above the button on the front, (cover release) the aluminum comes out about a 16th of an inch. It looks like it was bent out, is this normal? Should it be completely flush?
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    Macbook a waste of Money?

    Looking to pick up a notebook for the spouse/house/work. Primarily it will be for my wife so she can do the bills and whatever without going into our “computer dungeon”. I figured I could finally cross over into the notebook world and get something she could use casually at home on occasion and...
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    Vista and PCI-E not playing well together

    Just loaded up the recent Vista release, some miner headaches with getting my internet connection to work and then I realize that it will not recognize my x800xl. I play with it and figure out that all my PCI-E slots are showing the "!". Vista is telling me that I do not have enough resources...
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    SN25P fans

    Does anyone know the replacement sizes for all the fans in the SN25P off the top of their head? I need to replace the 60mm fans in the rear for sure but not clear if I can just buy a couple and pop them in or need to do some wire work. I am not too impressed with the other fans as well and was...
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    Stock fan replacement in a SN25P?

    I need to replace one of the 60mm fans in the rear, and was about to get some vantec stealth fans, can get two of those for $13 at directron but I started to worry about the fan settings in the bios. If I put in a vantec, and the bios slows it down like it was a stock fan, I would not get much...
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    Network question about renewing IP

    OK, I am a total network noob. In my office we have computers that randomly get disconnected from the network. The big office out of state says that we need to renew the IP address on the system, because they cannot even see the system on the network to remote fix it. When using the command...
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    HL2 and Envy 24 = lockup?

    I cannot get HL2 to run on my new build. SN25P, 3200 venice, msi x800xl, fresh install of windows xppro on a new hd and I have tried both the Shuttle envy drivers and the Via drivers. I am guessing that it is the sound drivers because it always crashes/locks up to a sound loop. I have set my...