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    which Z77 motherboard are you already planning to get and why?

    Biostar TZ77XE4 because it has great VRMs and can OC. The matte black pcb looks sick as well. Also I am poor so a great overclocking board under $150 with features found in 200+ boards is the definite choice.
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    AsRock Z77 owners poll re: ASRock Digi Power PWM scam

    Their caps are most likely Japanese but the digipower is only partially true. If you read indepth reviews on their mid-high end motherboards, you will find that their motherboards have a hybrid design with both digi and analog voltage regulators.
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    Could running a fan connected to mobo affect overclock?

    There's no way that a fan plugged in can affect your CPU OC stability. BSOD 101 is always associated with voltages. Either go up or go down.
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    GTX 680 In Stock Thread

    Nvidia should do a price drop once they get their yield issues resolved.
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    GTX680 - Stock "blower" fan or "custom" fan?

    definitely non reference coolers are better because they have a custom PCB, OC'd version with better VRMs, and also not much more than reference cards.
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    Catleap 27" Monitor

    They are basically Apple's 27" Cinema displays. They are actually rejected panels because they do not meet the strictest standard to be an Apple Cinema display so these small Korean companies buy them up and assemble to sell. Super high resolution IPS displays at an affordable price. I can't...
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    Buying RAM: My Three Choices

    G. Skill is excellent and their customer service isn't bad either. I emailed their sales department and asked for free stuff, a week later I get package containing G. Skill dogtags, G Skill Stickers, Pens, Lanyard, and other assorted goodies.
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    My Corsair Vengeance heatspreader came off, warranty?

    Just buy some thermal pads and stick them back on.
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    Project: Queen of Blades

    So what does one do to be able to afford this kind of build?
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    Project Super Midget Rig: SG08 Powerhouse

    Your gf needs a GTX 680? ohh I want the Asus Z77 ITX so bad but it's waay out of my budget.
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    Cooler Master Cosmos II Case

    Yeah well for me too, I'm trying to downsize even from a midtower because I can't imagine lugging around a Cosmos II case on the train and bus for 5 hours when I go home during school breaks.
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    Too good to be true?

    The biggest thing I'm worried about is the one year warranty. Even though it might be manufactured by a quality company, there is always a chance that something could go wrong after a year of hiccup free operation.
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    A [H]ard Look at Power Supplies

    The link on the first page for A [H]ard Look at Power Supplies is dead.
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    Seasonic 1k platinum, antec 1k platinum, or seasonic 1250 gold?

    Never heard my x650 coil whine ever, however, my MSI GTX 560 Ti TFII did have really bad coil whine when I used them to fold 24/7
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    Modding all in one kits

    You can reference to this guide.
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    Passion Leads Army- Chinese DX11 Benchmark tool.

    Awesome bench marks, it's greater than equal the graphics of the BF3 benchmark.
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    which Z77 motherboard are you already planning to get and why?

    I'll be getting a Biostar TZ77XE4 because it has a 13 phase VRM and it has all the features a midrange board from other companies would have without the insane price. Honestly, I love to OC and tweak but I can not justify spending more than $150 on good overclocking motherboard unless I were to...
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    [Kepler/GTX 680] Info's in... $400-450? + benches + thermals (56k warning)

    My body and wallet are ready for you Nvidia. TAKE ME NOW!
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    Applying thermal compound to an exposed GPU core?

    I apply the paste on the heatsink base rather than the CPU itself because the base of the cooler has the machining imperfections on them. I then use a credit card or a hard thin plastic object to spread the thermal paste evenly all around the bottom of the cooler.
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    GK104 fake performance benchmark slides

    Why do people post fake slides? What's the point? to sabotage the product prior to release or create hype?
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    Side panel fan - intake or exhaust?

    When you set up the schematics for your case, you should always strive for positive airflow. This means that the amount of air being sucked into the case is more than the exhaust. However, this is not say that it could create such a huge deficit between intake and displacement that hot air gets...
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    Ivy Bridge tested at

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    MSI Z77 Lineup

    Such a nice looking board compared to the Asus Z77.
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    GK104 = GTX 680 (confirmed), paper launching soon [SA]

    *drools* I can't wait for Kepler to destroy the 7970!
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    Removing drivers when switching from nvidia?

    you could try driver sweeper.
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    Overclocking Coverage Available From Intel

    That's really good considering how much a new chip costs, but then again I don't know of anyone who has officially melted their chip while overclocking, provided that they have adequate cooling and know what they are doing.
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    Should I upgrade my CPU?

    I would recommend a i3-2100 as I used the same chip to build a rig for my sister. It is less than $120 and might be able to get a steal for $100 on one. It's a really good gaming chip for the price.
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    New XFX commercial AMD 7000 series - X-Rangers

    I. Want. To. Stab. My. Eyes. Out.
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    New Rig setup 7970 x 3 and Sandybridge e 3930k

    holymotherofgod.jpg I'm jelly.
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    Uninformed people

    I think somewhere a troll is laughing his ass off...
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    What's the best gaming laptop that won't break the bank? That might suffice but at $1000, you're not really going to get a good laptop gaming experience.
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    Moving to a Mechanical Keyboard

    Check out DAS keyboards, I think they have a keyboard with MX Browns if I am not mistaken.
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    Thermaltake Level 10 M Mouse

    Hmmm another attempt at fancy schmancy gimmicky mouse? No thank you, I'll stick with my MX518.
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    Corsair Vengeance 2x2GB Modules OR 1X4GB Module,Which Runs Cooler?YIKES!

    RAM doesn't run hot unless you are running on high voltage and high clocks, which I doubt since it's a Intel Sandy Bridge E. Not going to make that much difference even if one configuration is warmer. If you are that concerned, buy a RAM fan.
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    NZXT Officially Reveals the Switch 810

    Looks awesome but I don't want a huge case, I hope they come out with a mid tower version.
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    Corsair 500R Mid-Tower Case

    As that price, I'd look else where.
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    New build power supply

    Seasonic X850 or Corsair AX850 would be good.
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    1050HX AX850 XFX850....

    Go with the AX for the 80 PLUS GOLD certification.
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    Possible to replace Zalman fan?

    The time and effort and money spent to fix that cooler, you could just buy a new one and be done with. In my opinion not worth it.