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    X58 Shuttle - SX58H7 First Impressions!

    The first intel based SLI / Crossfire Shuttle is finally here! I have been patiently waiting for the SX58H7 since it was first rumored several months ago to replace my trusty old SD32G5. At the time of this message the SX58H7 barebone system was in stock at Newegg ($709) and MWAVE ($649) -...
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    Shuttle modded for GTX 295 - SLI powah!

    LOL - I got tired of waiting on the new Shuttle SX58H7 or the Asus Rampage GENE and decided to upgrade my trusty old Shuttle SD32G5 with some SLI powah!!! Previously I had modded this Shuttle G5 case to run an 8800GTX and then later upgraded it to use a GTX 280. Pretty straight forward mod...
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    Anyone have a working T-Force 6100-939 FS/FT?

    Not having much luck finding one of these for my spare X2 4200+ and DDR memory lying around...was hoping somebody here upgraded to C2D and had one of these???? PM me any offers!
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    X-Fi notebook: Which SIIG expresscard adapter - USB or PCI-E based?

    I am intersted in the X-Fi notebook expresscard/54 but need to know if it is USB or PCI-E based to determine which SIIG expresscard adapter to use with it on my Shuttle PC. Thanks for any help!
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    Silverstone SG03 new build **PICS**

    Fry's had several BLACK SG03's in stock, so I picked one up to check out and do a quick review for you all... Here's some initial pics (clickable thumbnails) showing packaging and size comparisson to Fragbox2 (SG01) and Shuttle G5, then vs Lian-Li V1000 tower Here's the build specs...
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    My latest [H]Shuttle Mod - 8800GTX in an SD32G5

    I have an XFX 8800GTX installed in my modded SD32G2 now! :D (I had previously used this case mod with a 7800GTX 512 and recently an 8800GTS) For the increased power demand of the 8800GTX, I added a Thermaltake Power Express 250W PSU in the optical bay. I used a PCI-E molex splitter from...
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    Project Fragbox TEC CPU cooler - PICS

    After admiring Craigbru's SG01 Coolit Freezone mod - I decided to install a Coolit Eliminator TEC CPU cooler in my Fragbox :cool: Summary of installation modifications: Removed the HD cage from the Fragbox to make room for the Coolit Eliminator Re-located Coolit pump 1/2" lower...
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    Selling my SLI Micro Fly system

    Shameless plug: If anyone is looking for a kick a$$ SFF - I am selling one of my favorites! (I have way too many systems and needed to clean house)
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    8800GTS in a Shuttle G5 case!

    I never thought this would possibly work but decided to try it out :cool: I have the upgraded Shuttle PC-50 300W PSU installed which is rated at 21.5A between the dual 12V rails - powering an X2 4200+ @2.4ghz, 8800GTS OC, 160GB raptor, 1Gb Kingston HyperX, X-Fi and an NEC DVD/RW drive. The...
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    Finally - A Fragbox for my collection!

    I have always wanted one of these cases but was unwilling to pay $300 for the DIY case as I did not care for the skull logo!!! Thanks to a trade with soundmax - I know have this nice Fragbox case which was originally a system as it has the preferred Falcon Northwest logo! I built it out using...
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    SLI 7800GTX in my Shuttle SN26P XPC

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    7800GTX 512 in a Shuttle "G" - SB83G5

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    BFG 680i - initial impression and gripes

    Purchased from Compusa for $279 with a $30MIR ($249) Configuration: Lian Li V1000B BFG 680i C2D 6400 w/Zalman 9500 8800GTX 2GB Corsair 8500C5 X-fi Enermax Liberty 620W PSU (2) 72gb Raptors (Raid0) NEC DVD/RW 3540A The bad: My first issue started when there...
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    SFF does 8800GTX SLI

    Here's my lastest [H]ard SFF build :) Definitely CPU limited at this point - unfortuanately there are no Intel C2D mATX SLI motherboards on the horizon.... QMICRA Case eVGA NF-44 8800GTX SLI X2 4800+ 2GB Patirot LLK Seasonic M12 700W PSU Silverstone NT06 CPU...
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    P5N32-SLI SE Core 2 E6600 install results w/pics

    Just wanted to post my results with the P5N32-SLI SE Deluxe and E6600: (upgraded from FX-55 Clawhammer, A8N-SLI, 7900GTX 512 SLI) Setup: Lian Li V1000B w/window E6600 OEM Week 25 w/Zalman 9500AM2 2GB Corsair XMS DDR2 800 P5N32-SLI SE Deluxe BIOS 0305 eVGA 7900GTX 512 SLI (2) 74gb...
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    Micro Fly "Ultra Box" s-939 SLI barebone spotted at Fry's

    I was shopping at Fry's yesterday and saw two different Micro Fly barebone systems called "Ultra Box". I checked Ultra's website and they were listed under the barebone section (see links below for detailed specs) Ultra Box s-939 SLI barebone system: features eVGA NF-44 SLI Motherboard and...
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    7900GTX 512 single slot cooling mod for SLI in SG01

    Here's my latest mod - I used an EVGA ACS copper cooler and fan from one of my 7800GTX 256 cards on a 7900GTX 512 so that I could fit two 7900GTX 512's and a Creative Audigy2 ZS in my SG01 :cool: NOTE: I did have to dremel 1-2mm from a small section of the ACS cover next to the fan plug as it...
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    Logitech 5500D + Klipsch Quintet III = WOW!

    After reading posts here and on the Klipsch forums about upgrading the Ultra 5.1 Satellites with the RSX 3,4 or 5 speakers I decided to buy a set of Klipsch Quintet III's from Best Buy At first I swapped them with my Promedia Ultra 5.1 satellites and in PC games I could not tell a...
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    SG01: RaptorX Special Edition - Cebit

    Silverstone SG01 RaptorX Edition - Link Not sure I like the RaptorX "tumor" on the top of the SG01
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    dworley's extensive SFF Gallery

    Falcon Northwest Fragox - 8800GTS SLI Fragbox with Coolit Eliminator TEC water cooling system QMICRA - 8800GTX SLI
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    Silverstone SG01 - Evolution (updated model)

    Saw this updated SG01 model at FRY's today and took a picture of the new features / specs. Looks like they added two 80mm fans to the top to help with air flow.
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    7800GTX 512 in a Shuttle "G" chasis - SB83G5

    Edit: Updated picture
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    7800GTX 512 in a Shuttle "G" chasis - SB83G5

    Fits after a few minor mods to the G5 rear chasis frame (had to trim a small section from the rear side support for the heatsink to clear. I also swapped a single slot bracket panel from the rear of my 6800GT to fit it in the single slot. So far it is running great - I can't believe how much...
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    7800GTX 512 in a Shuttle "G" - SB83G5

    Fits after a few minor mods to the G5 rear chasis frame (had to trim a small section from the rear side support for the heatsink to clear. I also swapped a single slot bracket panel from the rear of my 6800GT to fit it in the single slot. So far it is running great - I can't believe how much...
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    MATX SLI - pictured in Monarch Hornett at CES!!!!

    Here's a link to the article on the inquirer of a Monarch Hornet with an MATX SLI Motherboard with (2) EVGA 7800 GTX cards! Link to Inquirer article Anyone have more info on the Motherboard? I suspect it may be the ellusive EVGA MATX SLI that there were previous pics posted of a prototype.
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    SLI 7800GTX in my Shuttle SN26P XPC

    Well, so far with my fan mod of adding (2) 60mm fans directly above the SLI Video cards - my high temps observed were 74C for the inside card and 78C for the outside card and 48C for the CPU. This was after a 2 hour game of BF2 this evening with all video options set to high and several other...
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    SN26P SLI Goodness!

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    SN26P - User Review (coming soon)

    There have been ALOT of unanswered questions regarding the SN26P: 1. Can the PSU handle (2) 7800GTX cards in SLI? 2. Will it run stable for extended periods of gaming? 3. What kind of heat problems will exist with (2) high end video cards dumping heat inside the case? 4. How loud is it at...
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    X-Qpack MSI RS480M2 build = Success! **PICS**

    Newegg finally received a shipment of the latest X-Qpack (solid black w/no windows) in stock so I took a chance and ordered one with a refurb MSI RS480M2 MB - total cost $136! I must say I am very impressed so far, the Qpack runs very quiet and all my high end components are installed and...
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    Shuttle ST20G5 Performance / slowdowns running BF2

    I am experiencing severe slowdowns that last for 10-15 seconds in BF2 that drop my framerate to 10-20 fps only on my ST20G5. By swapping hardware between my other systems - I can not duplicate the problem on my SN25P or my SLI PC. I had a few other performance issues with the BIOS in the...
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    71.84 WHQL does not fix SLI Widescreen DVI issue

    Tested the latest official 71.84 WHQL driver and it did not fix the "jittery" rolling screen issue when running HL2 and CS:S widescreen resolutions: 1680x1050 DVI or 1280x768 VGA with SLI. Worakaround is to select 1280x1024 or any other 4:3 resolution or run 1680x1050 in a window. NOTE...
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    SLI - does not work with Widescreen Resolutions?

    After getting my new PC up and running I discovered that I get a "shimmering" effect when selecting any Widescreen aspect ratio resolutions in HL2 or CS Source to use with my Dell 2005FPW Monitor at 1600x1050. (I suspect this is a problem in any games). The display problem acts like the refresh...
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    Samsung 243T - 24" Widesceen Gaming bliss!

    Finally found a great deal on a 24" LCD to replace my defective HPL2335 that I sent back due to the infamous "Black stripe" of death. Was Shopping at Fry's today and came across the Samsung 24" LCD on sale for $1699 with a $100 MIR. Unfortuanately they were out of stock, but after...