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    Microsoft Hires Peggy Johnson To Head Global Business Development

    She gave a 30 minute talk during my division's all-hands meeting last year, and it was incredibly boring. Basically her, on stage, reminiscing with our department's SVP about their careers. It was like listening to to two people talk about the vacation you didn't go on and couldn't care less about.
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    Microsoft Natural Ergonomic Keyboard 4000 $25

    Staples also has this deal, and you can reserve it for in store pickup to avoid shipping costs.
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    Looking for a ~$300 video card recommendation

    Thanks guys, that was what I was looking for. I have my eye on a Asus 280x and will probably pick it up.
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    Looking for a ~$300 video card recommendation

    My AMD 6870 appears to have died on me, and I'm looking for a replacement around $300. I haven't been paying much attention to the video card market over the last several years, so I'm now a little lost on what my best options are. I have seen very few video card related [H]otdeals or Slickdeals...
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    Argentinian 'Super-Hacker' Arrested Over Online Scams

    "sophisticated computers" The fuck? Was he hoarding Gibsons?
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    Epic Uptime Achievement: Can You Beat 16 Years?

    Several years ago a coworker of mine, who did contract work for Southwest Airlines, mentioned that they had an old Sun box with an uptime of something like 13 years, running some horribly outdated version of SunOS. The box was critical to some sort of functionality within Southwest, and any...
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    2600K $230 @ MicroCenter B&M (Facebook coupon)

    Used the coupon yesterday to snag a 2600K and a P8Z68-V/GEN3. Posting from the new rig now. Thanks, OP.
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    Microcenter 2600k Deal Is Back: Buy 2600k at $279 and get $60 off MOBO purchase

    I got this in an email from Microcenter. I don't think this is quite as hot as before (it was $80 off before, right?), but still worth posting.
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    Judge Overturns $625.5M Patent Suit Against Apple

    Seriously guys, this was in east Texas, land of the patent trolls. Any time you see a story about a patent lawsuit that includes the word "Tyler" or "east Texas", you should turn your skepticism dial to 11.
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    Leaked Intel Roadmap Says X79 Chipset in Q4 2011

    New chipset without native USB 3.0 or PCI 3.0? New SSD line without SATA 6 Gb/s? WTH, Intel? Am I mistaken that leaks like this usually come from Chinese or other south-east Asian websites? It really seems like a disproportionate number of leaks relating to road maps, engineering sample...
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    SilverStone GF06 HTPC Chassis

    Currently waiting on my GD05B to arrive in the mail, so thank you for the link to the review. I was more or less shooting in the dark when I picked it, so it is reassuring to see the series has a good reputation.
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    Amazon 20GB cloud service 69 cents for the year PRICE ERROR?

    I would imagine you could simply change the extension to .mp3 and it would work. Just dont try to play it. Does anyone know what the normal cost for this is? ~$0.50 for a year is nice, but I'd like to know what the year over year cost would be, and I'm having trouble finding that. *Edit to...
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    Hardware recommendations for an HTPC slash (tiny) NAS build?

    Now, before your knee jerks and you stub your toe, I'm well aware that the general consensus is that an HTPC and NAS should be in their own disparate systems. I understand (generally) the arguments against doing it, however I feel that in my circumstance combining the two into a single system...
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    [warm] Samsung F4 2tb @ egg $75 AC FS

    I'm thinking about getting one or two of these for a NAS setup. Does anyone happen to know if there are any 'tricks' involved with this particular drive? For instance, do jumpers need to be set, or does it need to be configured with windows only proprietary software to be usable? I did some...
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    New Device May Revolutionize Computer Memory

    It seems to me that, after blowing the dust off of my memories of FET architecture, this 'solution' would cause significantly more problems than it would solve. I'd imagine it would require a significant change to things like chip fabrication, read/write algorithms, OS operations, etc...
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    Frys In store deals 50PK DL $19.99 Radeon HD5770 1GB $169 etc Take a look YMMV

    Maybe I'm missing something, but it would appear to be cheaper to have this shipped (for free) from the Egg at $175 than to buy it at my local Fry's and pay the sales tax.
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    Newegg Shellshocker: Q6600 for $170 w/ FS

    Got an email from the Egg, advertising their double shellshocker for today. Q6600, Retail, for $169.99 with free shipping. Note that the sale is from 3:00 PM PST to midnight, for today only.
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    FRYS Antec 300 ATX Case - $50 shipped

    I was able to add it to my cart, enter my zip code to estimate the shipping, and then select free ground shipping.
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    Chrome Browser Extensions Coming

    Love me some Chrome, and I'll welcome the add-ons. The one thing I really wish I had was the ability to add options to the right click menu. For instance right now if I highlight some text and right click it, there is an option to "Search google for '<text>'". That is incredibly useful, but...
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    4gb ddr2 800 $13AR

    Showing as $35 for me.
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    In Store Only Frys: Raidmax Iceberq

    I've had a couple Raidmax cases in the past, and they were all quite horrible. Poorly designed and poorly built, quite the disappointment, really. Have things changed and now Raidmax makes descent cases?
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    Demand for Intel Atom Processors Slowing

    Same here. I'd love to upgrade from my eee 701 4G, but I'd rather put if off a little until the next gen proc is out.
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    Fry's B&M: EVGA GTX 260 for $159.99 AR

    Fry's B&M has the EVGA GTX 260 graphics card for $189.99 with a $30 MIR. This is from the Dallas area Fry's add, but likely exists in other markets.
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    Acer Aspire One Netbook

    You know the outrageous outfits you see worn at fashion shows that no person would ever actually buy or wear? I get the impression these netbooks fill a similar role.
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    (warm?) OEM Q6700 $155.98 shipped (+ tax) at MicroCenter

    Mine just arived. SLACQ, so it is indeed a G0 stepping.
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    Best DDR2 800 w/ Q6600 & DFI P45-T2RS?

    If you have a Fry's nearby you can order online and then pick up this Corsair kit for $15 after $25 MIR. Rebate expires on the 26th.
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    (warm?) OEM Q6700 $155.98 shipped (+ tax) at MicroCenter

    For what it's worth, my estimated ship date was 3/23, but I got an email an hour later saying my order had shipped.
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    (warm?) OEM Q6700 $155.98 shipped (+ tax) at MicroCenter

    Does anyone know if this differs in any significant way from the QX6700? I'd assume a locked multi on the Q6700, but anything else?
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    (warm?) OEM Q6700 $155.98 shipped (+ tax) at MicroCenter

    At the top of the page change your location from Dallas to "Please Choose a Store", and it should then show up for shipping only.
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    (warm?) OEM Q6700 $155.98 shipped (+ tax) at MicroCenter

    I ordered this morning expecting to get an apologetic email saying they didn't have any in stock. Instead I just got an email saying my proc just shipped. :) I went to put this on slickdeals, and it looks like one of you SOB's beat me to the punch ;)
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    (warm?) OEM Q6700 $155.98 shipped (+ tax) at MicroCenter

    OEM Q6700 for $149.99 + $5.99 standard shipping + tax (in some states). Not available for in-store pickup. This is hot to me because I have a 975 MOBO that wont accept any quad other than a Kentsfield. I was...
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    MicroCenter and "Private Label" parts?

    I've wondering this for years: what does MicroCenter mean when they list some parts as being "Private Label"? How is a "Private Label Intel-based" MOBO different from an "Intel-based MOBO"? They are the only e-tailer I've seen list computers parts that way. For example:
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    The PC of 2019

    Ha, good to know.
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    The PC of 2019

    Who knows what the intent was. It's a non-functional mock up, much like the fancy concept cars seen at auto shows that look like super cars but could never move under their own weight.
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    The PC of 2019

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    Intel E6850 $49.99 Fry's B&M YMMV

    Checked at the Fry's in Plano, TX, and they don't have any.