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    Mushkin PC3-12800 Blackline DDR3 SDRAM, 6GB $30 CAD

    This place is a Canadian retailer and has some great deals from time to time, plus epic price matching. I have never seen RAM so cheap.
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    Does anyone know what kind of connecter this is? I would like to buy this NZXT LED product to light up my FT02. I have gone to a lot of trouble hiding all the cables away and it looks great. The problem is that the power connector...
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    Computer overheating, how do I figure out which component it is?

    Lately my computer has been shutting down while I am gaming, doesn't matter what game it is. It only does this on the hotter days, and I can't turn my computer back on for about 15 minutes. This suggests to me that my PC is overheating and shutting down of a safety feature. When I use...
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    Wondering about HDMI cables

    So we all know that monster cables are wayyy to much money, but I am wondering about minimum standards. As long as something is HDMI 1.3, will it play 1080P perfectly, or is there more to it then that. For example, I bought a 15 foot ION hdmi cable 1.3a for about 10 dollars on sale. This...
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    Need some help deciding what sound card to get

    So I am having some problems deciding what sound card will be best for me. I currently have an ASUS Xonar DX but it is having some problems right now, with sound cutting out randomly. In fact, it just happened again while writing this sentence. Assuming I can't fix my card with technical...