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    AD CES site not working

    UPDATE: Okay the CES site still isn't working as far as I can tell but my renewals are going through so... don't care as much. What did I do? The one thing we tell everyone to do and they think we're giving them the business. I restarted the CA. Now to my credit I thought I restarted the...
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    Wireless enterprise auth, keeping devices off without MAC Auth

    Thought I'd ask you guys while I'm thinking. We use NPS at work to do authentication for wireless and I'm about to redo the entire network so I decided to change lots of things. Right now we authenticate the device or the user ID, once someone logs in the user ID takes over, this is great as...
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    OpenCL, windows 10, 32 bit. (SOLVED!)

    I just upgraded my cards so I'm shuffling them around between my machines and I decided to put my cold card in my DVR (as I can't put it in my second/portable computer) even though it's way over kill but at least it can fold right? No, I'm having trouble getting OpenCL going and I've worked on...
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    SMTP Relay for clients that don't support encyption.

    Hello, I thought I found something for this years ago (don't remember the name or where I put it if I downloaded it) What I'm looking for is something to sit between between a client/device and the server and it relays the email because the source doesn't support encryption. I'm not even sure...
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    Recomendation for DNS host?

    So I have to leave my DNS host as we are going to be dropping their access and I think Their rates for DNS hosting without service are insane: Perhaps they aren't? I've never seen a bill before. I've heard about cloud...
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    Recovering raid help and recomendations.

    I had an ASRock X58 Delux3 According to the manual the southbridge was the Intel ICH10R I had a raid 5 with three drives done by the Intel chip and software on this board. I'm looking for a solution to import and recover the array. Basically if there is another mother board or add-in card...
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    Anyone good with windows firewall?

    Stop laughing! Here is the deal and the why of why this post is here and not OS (hopefully the mods see it this way too) I've been having a problem with win8 and my domain network at work. Metro/Modern UI apps are blocked but not classic apps. I'm not sure if this is completely window's...
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    Microsoft surface pro

    did anyone actually physically pick up a 128 model today? I went to staples and the only had one 64gb model, the other stores only had 64s as well and they told me their online portal says the 128 was sold out? I am wondering if the 128s are in short supply or are even sold yet.
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    Microsoft KMS/Key server Help needed.

    Has anyone done a KMS server on 2k3 yet? We are trying it and after reading through a week of documentation I'm trying to setup my first host and I am not seeing what I expected. We are trying to serve 3 products from one host: office 2k10 (14) pro plus Win7 Server 2k8 R2 I install the...
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    crashes from video driver

    I have been going nuts. I'm at wits end over this! The boars is a second hand Asus p7h55 pro, the card is an Mai gtx 450. What happens is I can boot just fine windows actually gets to the log in screen just fine everytime. However when I go to enter any account it dies. I have tried to...
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    youtube making the800lb gorilla sleep?

    Hello, I work in a school district and we have recently allow wide access to things for teachers and secretaries, without going into it and calling peoples names we have a terrible problem with use of heavy bandwidth sites like youtube and other streaming sites. I don't want to block them...
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    Watchguard Firebox Bandwidth meetering.

    Hello, I'm poking around my watchguard because... well it was going to take me 25 minutes to download the latest firefox! Come to find out our bandwidth is gone... again. During these times I really want to see what my users are spending it on but hostwatch is no help. Anyone know how to...
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    Roll you own DSL help. (planning)

    We have a branch office a blocks from another one, its going to cost too much for an optical and I suggested we see if we can get a try to get a dry pair from AT&T and do our own DLS.... I can't find the modems or would they be called transceivers? I'm trying to spec out what we'll need and...
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    Setting default registry setting?

    So multi-user environment, xp, I need to set something for users by default and lucky its a registry setting. I'd not like to run a script in the background every time but set it once in the default user so when new accounts are created on the computer they get the setting. Where? I've always...
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    UAC and Networking.

    I've been banging my brains out for the past couple of days of why I can't connect to admin shares on my vista box (and win7) I already figured out the nt lanman issue with 2000 from them to 2000 but I couldn't access shares from xp to vista or win7. I just now turned off UAC on vista and... it...
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    Opinions on Fortinet?

    Hello, My boss is looking to possibly move to Fortinet, I've never heard of him, he says it will do firewall duties, VPN, Content filtering, Spam Filtering and gateway virus scanning. Although the unit we are looking at is 10k the updates for it would be less than the combined cost of updates...
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    LGA775 Coolor parts

    I can't be the only one to have done this. So because of other reasons I had to remove my stock heatsink and put it on another mother board to test the cpu then when I went to move it back one side of one of the cooler pins broke. Does anyone know if you can just buy the retaining pins? Has...
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    outlook 2007

    Quick question How can you send mail back to the inbox on the server? I've used outlook to do this before, actually now that I think about it that may have been outlook express and I know thunderbird, but usually it presents the inbox in the personal folders and you can see an inbox of the...
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    Windows 2003 x64 problem.

    Sorry the title can't be more descriptive I don't even know what keywords to use. The server is timing out on things, lots of things I think its an internal issue but I don't know what. The network doesn't function, its connected and it will tell you so but it won't pass traffic. I've done...
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    Exchange 2007 Offline Maintenance and more.

    Hello, lots of questions. I don't know much about Exchange and didn't really want to manage it but I have to. We have Exchange 2007, don't know if its SP1 or RTM. The problem is that our storage database drive has ran out of space and currently we are running on THE last bit of space we can...
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    System protection/freeze.

    Hey guys, this is not in the Operating system section because I want it from the prospective of a network admin and network considerations. I'm looking at system protection/freezing applications. I have checked the free steady state and now I'm looking at deepfreeze. Some of the same...
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    PCI-E 16x but 8x/8x?

    I bought a new Video card but it isn't working to well in my motherboard and I think its because it is only PCI-E 2.0 4x So I'm looking for a new one. I'm kind of keeping a mind out for possible Crossfire possibility in the future and I wanted to know if what I'm seeing will be an issue. I'm...
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    Trying to learn VBScript

    Hello, I'm trying to find a free place to learn VBScrip but they seem either from the perspective of learning it for the web ( and or not actually mention VBScrip but Visual basic as a whole ( There is an example scrip on this page...
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    Card Crashing in DXVA but not 3D

    Hello, I've started to record some things in HD but found its not easy for feasable to play it back so I decided to get a new card to assist. I went form a x1950 AGP to a 4670 PCI Express. The install went well and everything seemd fine no video corruption no glitches or anything. I tried a...
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    Spam listing lookup?

    Ah gosh I forgot! I found one site a while ago when I was having trouble with my Jobs Ip being listed in a spam email. When you go there you can put in your ip address and it would search multiple lists and return the results. Anyone come across a site like that? I think it used Java as an...
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    Disabeling workgroup users via cmd line?

    Anyone know of a way to disable a user via the command line? This isn't a domain just a workgroup and I'd love if I could automate this. I know how I can add/delete users just not disable/enable them.
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    Data recovery from USB Drive?

    Any recommendation of places to do this? I have a user who happens to have a drive that died on them. I saw that the USB pins had play in them so I cracked open the device to see if they were loose for the PCB, they were not so no luck that way. Just so happens that this person has the...
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    Comdial DXP PBX

    Anyone know how to do password recovery on this? I'm searching but I can't find anything on this. I won't go into how I think it happen because it makes me insanely angry but on of my remote locations has this system in our network room. We try to have this room secure but for recent work and...
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    Finding files by Ownership.

    I'm asking for help but a quick rant. I find it really odd and weird that I can think of ways to classify files but whenever I look at windows search its never an option to find the files or object. Anyone know a good way to find files by ownership? I have a user I had to impose a quota on...
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    Exchange 07 borking html attachements.

    Hello, I need some help with Exchange 07, for some reason lately it is scrubbing html attachments and making them useless. Thing like IMG takes will have no source! I haven't configured this Exchange server, we had a company do it but we no longer have them under contract. I don't know of...
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    Parental Software - free.

    If it were for an entire network and for lost of money I'd know suggestions :D I'm looking for some free software to put on a computer to stop them from getting to general smut sites and pirating. I've heard that OpenDNS has this, any experience with that, does it do a good job?
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    Watchguard Firebox, Bandwidth by IP?

    Hello, Got a quick question does the watchguard Firebox give bandwidth reports by IP? I know I can see total IP but I'd like to know just where the heck is 87% of my bandwidth going right now.
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    USB Speed utility?

    Hello, anyone know any good free tools that show the current connection speed and possibly capacity of USB devices / hubs? IE: I have two drives connected to the computer, it would show me that one is working at 2.0 and the other is not. I'm transfering files via the 2.0 one and it shows me...
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    Listening on a port and wirting or logging information.

    Hello, I'm running a windows box and basically I just needed to and still might need to listen to a single port and log what comes in. Anyone know of any programs that do that? I don't really want to run a whole protocol analyzer and if I could have program just listen and display / write any...
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    Computer sending Spam.

    I have a computer and I think its sending spam, I can't find what is doing it. The only reason why I noticed is a went to do a routine check on it as it had been marked as trying to access a spyware page and possibly having a Trojan. When I loged it it was fine but then I logged in as an admin...
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    Leaning Mac tech.

    Buddy of mine just bought a mac, he is wondering what can he learn about it technically and where can he go, he is mainly looking for free info for now. I should explain this better, we are Technicians windows and a bit of Linux experience, we want to know about learning technical information...
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    Vista Tip - Raid Drivers.

    You may already know this, the short answer is in the second to last line. I just spent the last 45 minutes trying to get vista to take these RAID drivers, now I don't have official vista raid drivers and out of everything I heard vista would take them from XP after it was installed not while...
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    Offline files sync issue.

    I have a user, pretty high up too go figure. He got a new laptop instead of a desktop and we setup offline files for him so he can undock and work from home. However whenever he creates a new file at home when he comes in they won't sync. I can't find any specific messages that would explain...
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    Dumb MS SMS question.

    I will just swallow my pride and ask a dumb question. Is Microsoft's SMS a free, downloaded or pay program? We are running 2003 and now just as many 2003 R2 servers. When I go look through MS's site I find client downloads and service packs, when I search Newegg for it all they give me are...
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    Dumb MS SMS question.

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