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  1. AltTabbins

    Windows 11 beta thread

    Windows 11 just rolled out its official beta release. If you are in it, what are your thoughts on it? I was in the Dev channel but will be reinstalling Windows 10 and going with the beta channel instead. Surprisingly I haven't had any problems beyond a few minor inconveniences. I don't really...
  2. AltTabbins

    Microsoft event on June 24th for new version of Windows.

    Edit - already a thread on this topic.
  3. AltTabbins

    Nvidia allowing GPU passthrough in VM's. This is a huge win for Linux. No more dual booting on my gaming computer. One more step...
  4. AltTabbins

    Apple M1 SOC platform discussion

    Apple announced the M1 chip today along with a refreshed Macbook Air, Mac Mini, and Macbook Pro 13". Lots of big claims and loaded phrases like "Up to 5x faster than the best selling computer in its price range" have me a little worried. I'm also split since I like Macs for enterprise and...
  5. AltTabbins

    Dear Nvidia, I'm sorry, what was that? You say you care and that you were doing everything you could to prevent bots from buying-out right? Where's the captcha in your store? Where's the...
  6. AltTabbins

    Pop_OS! 20.04 releasing soon. Loving the beta so far.

    18.04 didn't play well with me so I have been using 19.10 for a while. I wanted to get on an LTS version so I jumped in the beta for 20.04 since Ubunbtu 20.04 is being released today. So far I love it, its been every bit as solid as 19.10 for me. Good stuff, I highly recommend it. Especially if...
  7. AltTabbins

    Lian Li customer service

    Is amazing. I have an o11 case from them. The bracket that holds on the glass panel fell off (its glued on). I emailed their customer support and heard back the same day. 3 pictures attached to an email later and they are shipping me a new glass panel. I just wanted to bring this up since we...
  8. AltTabbins

    LG V60 I don't get why LG gets the flack that it does. They are the only brand out there that I feel like consistantly listens to what people wants and puts them in the their phones. Amazing DAC...
  9. AltTabbins

    Backwards compatibility in the next generation of consoles discussion

    With the new Xbox and Ps5 news trickling in, it seems like the rumor mill is spun up again on backwards compatibility. The lack of backwards compatibility for me has been a huge issue with me investing in consoles much. Xbox One had a very limited selection of backwards compatible games with...
  10. AltTabbins

    Private Internet Access sold to Kape Technologies (a shady company known for bad privacy ethics).

    Kape Technologies is very well known for their lack of privacy ethics, selling user data and including malware/spyware in their software. Here is a snippet of their TOS (Credit: /u/VADept on reddit) Needless to say, as a 8 year customer.. today will be my last day with them.
  11. AltTabbins

    After years of fighting with carriers, Google rolls out RCS. Chat features are already available for some of you in Messages, and today we’re starting to broadly roll them out in the U.S. If you already have Messages, you’ll also be prompted to enable chat features in the coming...
  12. AltTabbins

    Ubuntu 19.10 release

    Anyone else getting their systems ready for this? I am an early adopter with linux and primarly use Pop OS but System 76 said it should release on the same day as Ubuntu 19.10.
  13. AltTabbins

    GameStop stores are turning into retro gaming cafes. Home News Gaming GameStop stores are turning into retro gaming cafes GameStop stores are getting big redesigns including couches and retro gaming stations By Derek Strickland from 1 day, 2 hours ago...
  14. AltTabbins

    World of Warcraft Classic

    Whos playing? I thought I'd log in, remember everything that sucked about it, and then log off. Instead of played a couple hours last night, played during my lunch hour, and can't wait to go home and play more. It's a feeling I haven't felt in a long time.
  15. AltTabbins

    How do you like updating your kernel.

    I just got an intel AX200 to replace the killer wireless nic in my XPS 15. I dropped it in and booted into Pop Os to find there wasn’t a driver. No big deal though, I looked into the documentation and Intel says they will support it in kernel 5.1. I grab the .deb’s from Ubuntu’s site and install...
  16. AltTabbins

    Jony Ive leaves Apple This will be interesting. I don't know how much say he has had in current Apple products, but I do know some of my favorites from them have been designed/influenced by him.
  17. AltTabbins

    Pop!_OS confirms continued 32bit library support.

    This distro continues to amaze me. Hands down the best distro I’ve ever used. The only thing I miss just a little bit is the AUR, but not enough for me to switch away from Pop.
  18. AltTabbins

    Google created an iMessage like messaging system called "Chat". Finally. Especially since RCS is pretty much a bust since individual carriers liked screwing with it so you couldn't use it to send RCS messages outside of their network, or just straight not enabling...
  19. AltTabbins

    Private Internet Access 2 and 3 year deals (2yr $60, 3yr $80)

    I've been using PIA for years now with not a single complaint. The client works on all my Windows, Mac, and Linux boxes with simple setup. If you don't want the client, it works great using your own or just setting it in your VPN settings. 2 year - $60...
  20. AltTabbins

    Apple finally releases the new Mac Pro Looks good. I like the logistics of the case design. I don't do music or video creation/editing so it wouldn't make much sense for me to get one, but its nice that they finally released it.
  21. AltTabbins

    Another Pop OS thread.

    How is this distro so good!!? I literally can’t find a single tiny bug to bitch about. Literally. I have been running it on my laptop for about 3 months now and it’s been great. That’s kind of cheating though since Linux has been very simple and forgiving on my laptop. I’ve tried to get Manjaro...
  22. AltTabbins

    Pop!_OS. How do you say it?

    Pop!_OS "Pop OS"? or "Pop Bang OS"? One of my first desktop linux distros was #! (Crunch Bang).
  23. AltTabbins

    Micrososoft Edge Chromium

    Anyone else using the early versions of this? I have been playing around with it this morning and I am very impressed. Its really fast and I get pretty much all of the conveniences of Chrome. I've slowly been removing Google from my life and I know that Microsoft doesn't exactly have a good...
  24. AltTabbins

    RCS. How is it working for you?

    Anyone here use RCS? How is it working? I know it’s kind of a new tech that hasn’t had a lot of usage yet but I’d love to ditch my iPhone and iMessage permanently, and RCS will let that happen if it’s as good as it sounds.
  25. AltTabbins

    $290 - Monoprice 32" QHD 1440p 144Hz VA Frameless Monitor

    $290 Today. Usually $399. Not a bad panel at all. VA, 140HZ Freesync (now works with Nvidia).
  26. AltTabbins

    AMD RYZEN 5 2600X $179 Best price I have seen on this CPU. Super tempting to buy this and build a few systems for family members.
  27. AltTabbins

    RTX 2080 Ti Founders Edition available on

    Snagged my 2. Thought I would pass along the news.
  28. AltTabbins

    iPhone XS and XS Max Benchmarked: World's Fastest Phones (Again),review-5745.html Not much new here. Apple chips have been faster than snapdragon and intel year after year. I wish they would lower the walls in the garden a little so the SOC scan stretch its legs a little more without jailbreaking.
  29. AltTabbins

    Apple Special Event (Sept 12 2018) Stream works on IOS devices, Safari, or Edge. Starts at 10am San Francisco time (PST). Rumors and what to expect - 3 new iphones. rumored to be called XR, XS, and XS Max. I figured I would make a thread for people who want to join...
  30. AltTabbins

    Ubiquiti ER-X router $38 from Newegg. Use the code. $38. Not a bad deal at all. Especially for someone who is looking to get something more powerful than their consumer router but doesn't want to break the bank. Pair this with a...
  31. AltTabbins

    All Apple IOS 11 capable devices will get IOS 12.

    WWDC was today. They announced a few things that I thought were interesting. First is IOS 12. There are various small features but nothing that reinvents the OS. One of the biggest being they are finally fixing the notifications. They will stack in IOS 12. Another being if you have Apple...
  32. AltTabbins

    Switch to Linux

    With all the back and forth about Linux, I figured we could use a little funny stuff.
  33. AltTabbins

    OnePlus huge credit card leak.

    Hopefully you OnePlus owners didn't buy directly from them. If you did, I would start looking into getting a new credit card.
  34. AltTabbins

    Wine 3.0 released Now with D3d 10 and 11 support. This (theoretically) opens up a lot of titles that are holding people back from switching. Should make it a lot easier to get Witcher 3 and GTA 5 going.
  35. AltTabbins

    Edgerouter X. $60 Newegg with code.

    Use code - AFEMPEPT43 Great price on a fantastic router. I have been using the POE version of this router for over a year now.
  36. AltTabbins

    HUGE flaw in High Sierra. Default root password is blank. B00nie I think I remember you mentioning you admin a Mac environment?
  37. AltTabbins

    New firefox.

    Working great on Mint. I had to manually install it, it's not showing up in the mint Software Manager yet. Its snappy, give it a shot.
  38. AltTabbins

    Iphone X users thread.

    ** Please do not use this thread to argue about IOS vs Android. Thank you ** Hows everyone's experience with their X so far? Mines been great with my only gripe being the white bar at the bottom not going away for video. Anyone know how to get rid of it? It fades away during web browsing or...
  39. AltTabbins

    World of Warcraft Classic

    This is huge! I can't wait to see if they did it right.
  40. AltTabbins

    Apple Special Event 9/12

    Anyone else going to watch it? We are an Apple house for our company phones so I will be the one upgrading/purchasing for everyone here. Not a bad deal considering I get one too.