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    AT&T Samsung Galaxy Note II 99¢ (Refurbished)

    *with 2-year contract
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    Eyefinity nVidia Surround vs Large 1-screen IPS

    I've been eyeing the Catleaps on eBay, but at $380, I feel like I can do better just driving to Micro Center for a warrantied Auria 27" for $20 more. Pretty much nailed my opinions, and confirmed my decision to return the Dell's. I am at the week-in mark, the pure novelty has worn off, it's a...
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    Eyefinity nVidia Surround vs Large 1-screen IPS

    I am debating whether I made the right decision with my monitor purchase. I went ahead and got three 22" Dell s-IPS displays (in my sig) for an nVidia 2D surround experience. I am wondering now if I made the right decision. I played some World of Warcraft, some Dirt 3, some Saints Row: The...
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    Hot - Microcenter Phenom II X6 1045T @ $79.99

    In store only. Micro Center consistently offers their CPU's for way less than you can buy them online.
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    Better Hurry! Nexus 4 is Free from T-Mobile

    This requires a 2-year contract on a sub-par carrier. Not sure I'd call it "free".
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    AMD Phenom II X6 1055T = $89.99 shipped.

    For someone who is overclocking, would getting the 1045t @ 95w TDP be better than this 1055t @ 125w TDP? It's $10 more for the 1045t @ 95w TDP.
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    Were you the one with some money already in your steam wallet? I'm interested, but I am at work...

    Were you the one with some money already in your steam wallet? I'm interested, but I am at work until 5pm CST today, so I won't be able to discuss exactly what we might be able to work out until around then.
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    Is it worth upgrading to 1440p? FPS loss worth the higher resolution?

    Well, I was in a similar boat. I couldn't decide on what display setup I wanted either. The thing I liked (and still like) about 3 monitors is it feels "different" than what the majority of folks are doing. It's something that still has a certain "wow factor" for me. Sure a fantastic looking...
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    Is it worth upgrading to 1440p? FPS loss worth the higher resolution?

    I was debating 1440p, but instead ended up with a triple head 21.5" monitor setup. Similar pixel density on my 21.5" as a 27" 1440p, but much wider field of view. It's awesome.
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    Dead Island GOTY $5.43 @ Gamefly

    This activates on steam? Wow, nice deal!
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    Helping me (and others?) streaming media at home

    Ok, I this thread is basically an advice seeking thread. I am also going to try and share my actual experiences as I take action as result of advice. Over the course of the last 5+ years I have tried to get my media collection streaming to various places in my home, for little cost, and relative...
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    Another Bundle! Choose own price!

    first bundle i actually only paid a penny for .. and to be honest, these awful games will never get touched. but it makes my steam library look cool
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    Sharp 42" LCD $200 Best Buy BF special purchase

    To get one of these at my local Best Buy you'd have had to go Wednesday evening and camp out the entire Thanksgiving day. I drove past at 4pm yesterday just to see what sort of chance I had, and the line was already around 200 people deep. The line winding around the entire building and down the...
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    200+ Labels Withdraw Their Music From Spotify

    I am assuming these are small/unknown/largely independent labels? If no major artists have been pulled, nobody will notice. 200+ labels who have sold less records in their lifetime than 1 major label sells in ~month or so I'd imagine. But damn if 200+ Labels doesn't make for a good...
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    Google Music Open For Business

    I've tried having Google Music "match" some of my current music and I don't think that feature is functioning as advertised. Everything so far has just uploaded to the cloud the oldschool way (uploading the actual copy to their servers instead of using the Google Music master file). Also the...
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    Free copy of Brink if you work at Wal-Mart, Best Buy, Gamestop, or Target

    One of you awesome guys should PM me with a stub, I wanna see how bad the menu system is in Skyrim after reading the mound of complaints! Thanks in advance teehee
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    Quick, which SSD is a better deal?

    Vertex 3 MAX IOPS with the newest firmware which prevents the BSODs is the better deal. You would need to step up to an Intel 510 to get a better drive, which means a significant step up in price as well. That being said, if you already have the Force GT, don't worry about it, you likely won't...
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    OCZ Octane Release Date?

    The only drives that compare with the M4 in terms of reliability and speed would be the Intel 510 and maybe the OCZ Vertex 3 Max IOPS now that they have the BSOD fix.
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    OCZ Octane Release Date?

    OCZ paper released those drives on November 1st. According to their sales department, we likely won't see them available for purchase in stores for aprox. 2 months. So hopefully you can wait til the end of the year. My advice? Just buy the Crucial M4.
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    Battle of 3 Solid State Drives

    For that price and size, you won't find better than the Crucial 128gb M4
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    Bit-HDTV invites

    I'd love an invite.
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    Importance of Secure Erases on SSDs

    I just finished up with my first SSD install. I dropped a Mushkin Callisto Deluxe 240gb (SF12xx based) drive into my laptop. I had some difficulty getting everything setup properly. Turns out the version of Intel RST (rapid storage technology) was causing slowdowns, BSODs, and system...
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    LTWT on Sandforce 12xx controller?

    Well, there is always a failure rate with hardware. I am not worried about a catastrophic failure as it's just a gaming laptop with nothing of importance that needs saving. If it dies in the next 3-years, Mushkin will send out a new one. I do appreciate the opinions, and I can understand...
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    LTWT on Sandforce 12xx controller?

    After pounding the internet to find the right deal, I bit on a Mushkin Callisto Deluxe 240gb. It's a Sandforce 1222 based drive with 34nm NAND. I got it under the $1/gb I was looking for, which is nice because other drive manufacturers would list 256gb as the size, making the price even sweeter...
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    Warm...Crucial M4 128GB $177.99 FS

    Pretty good price for this specific drive. I have a bunch of amazon cash, so it sure would be nice if they'd match. I'd be on this in a second.
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    Help me choose a value focused SSD

    First off, thank you geok1ng for looking into that. I've learned quite a bit about SSDs over the last few days, and your comments have facilitated that more than most information out there. So what you are saying is that Intel sort of overprovisions their drives to help with reliability...
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    What is the best performing, most reliable drive out right now? 120GB+?

    Solid State Drive I would assume judging from the small size? I think the combination of best performing and most reliable would be the Intel 510 6Gb/s SATA 3, but it comes at a cost. 120gb ~$300 250gb ~$600 I have been struggling to mix in value, and at ~$200 the 128gb Crucial M4...
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    Help me choose a value focused SSD

    So, the Kingston looks a bit dated and isn't really that fast, but it is pretty reliable and has high praises for it's garbage collection. I am going to be running Win7 Ultimate 64 so I would imagine being able to use TRIM limits the usefulness of the controller garbage collection. The one...
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    Help me choose a value focused SSD

    You pretty much sold me on the 96gb Kingston. I do see an 80gb Intel 320 that I could get for $15 more than the Kingston, but I don't know if it's worth the extra few bucks? So are you saying the 96gb Kingston and the 80gb Intel are actually the same size?
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    Help me choose a value focused SSD

    Well, when going for budget I was keeping it under $150, and both the 64gb Crucial m4 and the 96gb Kingston V+100 show up on the next page of that review @ Tom's.,2998-3.html So, it seem's the Vertex 3 is overkill for a...
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    Help me choose a value focused SSD

    Hey everyone, I am in search of a little advice. I just recently had an Alienware m17x r1 replaced, and while most of the components are massive upgrades, I accepted a WD 5400rpm hard drive in place of my old WD Black 7200rpm. I notice the difference tremendeously on World of Warcraft load...
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    MMA Guy Flips Out On Game Developer

    Ex-MMA? Mayhem's got an upcomming fight next month on Strikeforce's CBS debut (undercard on the Fedor/Rodgers fight night). It was also a big setup that most everyone in the room was in on. The ballpit was indeed the best part of that video tho.
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    Forza makes me ask; How do I play this?

    Ok, so I've seen all the beautiful screenshots and videos from the third Forza game coming out this fall. I went back and put in my copy of Forza 2 that I got with my Xbox 360, and I found myself asking the question "What is the proper way to play this game?". Is the point to collect the most...
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    COD World at War, Worth buying??

    If you have COD4, you have the better game already. Don't bother. Not that this is entirely accurate, but according to xfire today: COD4 = 292,306 mins logged. COD:WaW = 44,608 mins logged. Looking at the xfire numbers are usually a pretty good indication of player habbits. There is...
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    What games are you looking forward to in 2009?

    Only games to be excited for are Modern Warfare 2 and Need for Speed Shift. Why the hell didn't someone make a reasonably good multiplayer FPS with the Unreal 3 engine? I'm tired of the CoD engine =(
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    Phenom X4 2.6 GHz to Phenom II X3 72BE?

    Not saying it isn't the motherboard, but lots of folks are using the same board I am, and I haven't really heard of anyone citing their board as a stopping mechanism. Brand name board with a proven NB/SB combo on a matured platform. Could be that I just got a bad sample of the board, but it's...
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    Phenom X4 2.6 GHz to Phenom II X3 72BE?

    Just wanted to say, my 720 BE didn't unlock the 4th core, and won't overclock past 3.1ghz. Not all of them are overclocking allstars. It is however a great processor at default clocks. I have mine running stable at 3ghz just for the hell of it, but yea, they aren't all super overclockers...
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    Games you wish they'd make a sequel to?

    World of Warcraft 2. It's time to update the graphics engine to something newer than circa-2001 simplicity and reboot the series with some better balancing that Blizzard sticks with instead of trying to fine tune. I understand why expansions are a bigger money maker than an entirely new game...