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    Eyefinity nVidia Surround vs Large 1-screen IPS

    I am debating whether I made the right decision with my monitor purchase. I went ahead and got three 22" Dell s-IPS displays (in my sig) for an nVidia 2D surround experience. I am wondering now if I made the right decision. I played some World of Warcraft, some Dirt 3, some Saints Row: The...
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    Helping me (and others?) streaming media at home

    Ok, I this thread is basically an advice seeking thread. I am also going to try and share my actual experiences as I take action as result of advice. Over the course of the last 5+ years I have tried to get my media collection streaming to various places in my home, for little cost, and relative...
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    Importance of Secure Erases on SSDs

    I just finished up with my first SSD install. I dropped a Mushkin Callisto Deluxe 240gb (SF12xx based) drive into my laptop. I had some difficulty getting everything setup properly. Turns out the version of Intel RST (rapid storage technology) was causing slowdowns, BSODs, and system...
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    LTWT on Sandforce 12xx controller?

    After pounding the internet to find the right deal, I bit on a Mushkin Callisto Deluxe 240gb. It's a Sandforce 1222 based drive with 34nm NAND. I got it under the $1/gb I was looking for, which is nice because other drive manufacturers would list 256gb as the size, making the price even sweeter...
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    Help me choose a value focused SSD

    Hey everyone, I am in search of a little advice. I just recently had an Alienware m17x r1 replaced, and while most of the components are massive upgrades, I accepted a WD 5400rpm hard drive in place of my old WD Black 7200rpm. I notice the difference tremendeously on World of Warcraft load...
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    Forza makes me ask; How do I play this?

    Ok, so I've seen all the beautiful screenshots and videos from the third Forza game coming out this fall. I went back and put in my copy of Forza 2 that I got with my Xbox 360, and I found myself asking the question "What is the proper way to play this game?". Is the point to collect the most...
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    Refresh rate problems with 1080p and DX10

    When I attempt to run DX10 video games in Vista x64, apparently the refresh rate is being changed to something my monitor does not support. I am using an ATI 4870. I am trying to run Crysis Warhead in 1920x1080 resolution (the exact same as my desktop), and when I change from the default...
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    Black Level / Leaking lights on LCDs

    I have had my Hyundai L90d+ for going on 5 years now. It was one of the first low latency 19" LCD's and I really liked it when I got it for gaming. (FarCry looked amazing on my 6800). Now something I have noticed and it's slowly bothered me more and more over the years is that you can see the...
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    Interesting experience with Dell tech support

    I have a laptop which I purchased new 2+ years ago from Dell's website with one of those good 20% off coupons. I put together a $1300+ system and have been using it daily since. The battery obviously isn't what it used to be (Dell officially says they have a 1-year lifespan which I believe)...
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    Pentium 4 based PVR

    Here's the deal. I recently inherited a P4 based system from a good friend who upgraded to a new system. It's actually in a small form factor case and I was planning on simply putting it to use as a NAS (network attached storage) box. Recently however, I got the idea that maybe I could turn...
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    Help with networking at home I need the Xbox 360 to be able to see the Dell Laptop .. anyone have any ideas? I have the Dell Laptop setup on the MN-700 Router's DMZ at the moment so that I am not dealing with port forwarding issues at the Router end. The goal here is to be to...
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    What happened to the RPG?

    Seriously, what happened to the RPG genre?? I was just watching a video review for a game I was somewhat looking forward to. Infinite Undiscovery. The review bagged on the game hard for pretty much doing some stuff that's already been done, but worse, and with a bad story. That seems to have...
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    What is the most replayable game of this generation?

    Ok, we all have our favorite games. There are two kinds of games that I have an affinity towards. First off there are the games that make you glad you played them. The kind of games that look insanely good, or play insanely good, or even do something new that surprised you. These games are...
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    Gapless video on PS3

    Is there a way to create a playlist for video files to have 2 videos seemless and gaplessly playback? My problem is the file size limitation of Fat32 due to the fact that the PS3 will not read any modern filesystem. 4gb max filesize means I am unable to watch high deffinition content from an...
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    XBLA October 10th Release

    PUZZLE QUEST! Puzzle Quest for XBLA out on Wednesday! Puzzle Quest will be released on Xbox Live Arcade this Wednesday, the 10th of October, which is less than two days away! It will be available to download from the Marketplace for 1200 points.
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    Interesting flamebait article from Wired.

    The October issue of Wired Magazine contains an interesting article which will surely cause some anger and controversy. Fanboi's will likely dance an irish jig, or think about listening to some Dashboard Confessional and visiting the local hardware store for razor blade replacements, depending...
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    Halo 3 actually runs 640p no matter what.

    I honestly don't know enough about this type of stuff to back up what this guy is saying, but I believe it. What he's saying is that the game renders at 640p and upscales in the console itself. He's done testing on grip of...
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    Console gaming on an LCD TV???

    Ok here's the story guys. I just purchased a nice 32" LCD TV in anticipation for Halo 3 but I have a question. Why don't consoles output native resolution for these televisions? The listed native resolution for my TV is 1366x768. As I understood, 720p was 1280x720. Now this isn't just a...
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    XFPS 360 keyboard/mouse adapter for 360

    Has anyone used one of these devices and have opinions on them? I am looking for a good online dealer to pick one up after looking at a video of Call of Duty 4 being played using one. It looks so much smoother than gamepad control (I am like a monkey smashing his fist on a DDR pad when it comes...
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    Upcomming PS3 games that have you excited.

    I am leaning over to the PS3 side more and more every day. Reliable hardware that has a fantastic feature set ... and an utterly lackluster catalog of titles. What is left this year that has you excited? I am hoping I can find more than 2 titles that motivate a purchase so far I am very...
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    High Def UT3 running on a PS3 .. Amazing Well, looks like they were not lying about UT3 running very well on the PS3. The idea of vehical CTF with a controller sounds awesome. The idea of using a Sixxaxis for motion controlling the redeemer is also pretty awesome. I CAN NOT WAIT!
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    LCD Display options for gaming.

    I am looking at getting a smaller sized display for playing video games. It will function primarily as a gaming display, however possibly would be used as a TV. I am trying to find some information on if going for an LCD TV is the better option for GAMING than it would be to just get a LCD...
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    Anyone have direct feed UT3 footage?

    Topic asks the question. I am looking for some actual gameplay direct feed. Does such a thing exist? Curious to see how this will stack up to Quake 4 in terms of competitive gaming .. curious if this is the future of tournament play, or will Quake 4 remain the "go-to deathmatch style" FPS...
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    BioShock makes me want to buy a 360

    God it was truely depressing to see how poorly this ran on my 7900 GS. I was still dillusional in thinking that @ the lowest settings, I would play at acceptable framerates @ 1440x900. Certaintly not the case. I'm just glad I was able to find this out playing the demo. I was contemplating...
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    E1505 w/ x1400 vs. World of Warcraft

    Well it's crunch time. I need to make some decisions about my Dell E1505. Tomorrow morning the money for my new lappy goes into my checking and I'll be ordering a system. Basically everything is how I want it *except* I am having second thoughts on spending the money on a 2.0ghz Core 2 Duo vs...
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    Minimum laptop card for playing WoW

    What is the minimum card you guys would think is needed to play WoW at a playable framerate (30fps) at 1280 x 1024ish?
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    A few questions about "gaming" laptop's.

    Some beginner questions. As far as dedicated graphics go, does gaming capable graphics card = hot laptop? Every time I read about a laptop that has a gaming capable card it seems everyone complains about heat. Does a gaming laptop always have to be a "luggable" instead of a "portable"? Is...
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    Need a laptop, no idea where to begin.

    Well, I have an aging desktop system that is getting ready to die (2500+ with 512mb ram and a ti4200 gfx card). I have a good LCD screen that would be nice to hook the laptop into as this purchase is actually going to totally replace my desktop as far as home computing needs go. What this...
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    BFG Support, a new perspective.

    Well, I am now quite paranoid about this whole BFG "greater than star" tech support I've bought into. I have a story to tell, and while it isn't quite over yet, so far it's not been a pleasant journey. First of all, I have always been a firm believer in BFG because I've seen nothing but good...
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    HP ZE4560us users?

    Exteme longshot here. but does anyone happen to own an HP ZE4560us laptop and have their restore CD's for XP Home and all the drivers/apps/etc. I recently moved and I misplaced the first CD of the 5 CD set. I am still under my HP warrenty (only until late November!! YIKES) but they said...
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    Testing Overclock Stability

    What can I use to test full stability on my graphics card overclocks. I have a 6800GT and come from a world where ATI Tool reliably and consistantly can find the maximum stable overclocks and does so via long streneous testing. Is there anything similar for the nvidia cards? I have a feeling the...
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    Doom 3 + 6800 series = Buzzkill?

    Uh, oh. So after all I have read I started to realize something that is going to be a MAJOR issue for me. I guess instead of coming at this from a "omgz0rz .. nVidia is teh sux" I am going to try to get some information straight first. Is it true the 6800 series cards do not support triple...
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    PNY 6800GT for only $332 (Backorder)

    Hey for anybody who missed out on the deal, there's a store selling PNY 6800GT's for $332.00. They expect a shipment in 12 days (July 26th). Here is the link...
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    Bottelnecking at the CPU

    After reading through the cpu scaling article on [H] it got me to thinking. I have a 2600+ XP-M runnning @ 11x220 = 2.4ghz. Is this going to limit me from truely taking advantage of all these new cards? I was thinking very strongly about going for a 6800GT but now I am concerned that maybe...
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    Two 6800GT questions .. ??

    Question #1: Is there any difference in benchmarks of a 6800GT @ Ultra speeds and a real 6800 Ultra? Question #2: Is there any aftermarket air cooling for the 6800 cards yet?
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    eVGA trade-up program?

    Has anyone done this Trade-Up program deal before? From what I understand, if I were to buy the 6800GT right now, and say in 3 months, I wanted the 6800U, I could simply send back my 6800GT for a full $400 credit towards a 6800U (which should probally be around $450 in 3 months) ? If so, this...
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    HOT! BBA 9800 Pro 256mb Retail $233 SHIPPED @ Newegg

    Well here is an intresting one. Brand new 9800 Pro 256mb BBA card. Retail no less. $233 shipped from newegg. No it isn't a refurb. I guess this might be the start of the older generation cards coming down in price...
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    36gb Raptor or 2 7200rpm SATA Raid0

    I am on a somewhat high-end system and map load times are still pretty slow for Farcry, Battlefield Vietnam, and most importantly Unreal Tournament 2004. I have an AMD Athlon 3000+ and 1gb PC3200. My hard drive is sort of mid level ... its a Western Digital 7200rpm 2mb cache WD400BB. I...
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    Best way to improve map load times.

    I am on a somewhat high-end system and map load times are still pretty slow for Farcry, Battlefield Vietnam, and most importantly Unreal Tournament 2004. I have an AMD Athlon 3000+ and 1gb PC3200. My hard drive is sort of mid level ... its a Western Digital 7200rpm 2mb cache WD400BB. I...