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    The Ouya Is Basically Dead

    I have an Ouya, and I've used it almost every day the past week. I have mine loaded with emulators and VLC media player. I use it up at my cabin and just was on vacation there this past week. Bring up a USB drive with a bunch of movies on it and I am ready to go. They "gave" me a bunch of...
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    PETA and Hunting Groups Face Off Over Drone Rights

    I went deer hunting during gun season once and only once on public land. Never again. I bought 40 acres of wooded hunting land to hunt on. The only person I let hunt on it is my father, I don't let the rest of my family hunt on it.
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    Unifi 802.11ac AP's

    I am having lock-up issues with my 802.11AC unit I am testing with it. Overall I love UniFi equipment. I have 115 APs set up at work and have had really good success. It is a mix of UAP, UAP-LR, UAP-Outdoor, and UAP-Pro units. Basically their whole product line.
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    Future for IT pros?

    I've been in IT for 10 years now. Virutalization and the Cloud have really reduced the need for how many IT people a company has to have. I am on my 7th year at my current job. When I started we had a tech crew of students and 2 full time tech people. We had about a dozen servers and a...
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    Daylight Savings Time Ends: Time to Fall Back

    I like DST. In the summer we get daylight until 9pm and in the winter the sun rises before 7am. Not having DST would suck because of how early the sun would set in the summer. Having DST year round would suck because the sunrise wouldn't be until 8am or later. However if you live in the...
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    Seasonic Platinum-1000 Drawing

    Season is the only PSU that I will use. Reliable, silent, and very uniform DC output. What isn't there to like?
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    T1 vs Cable

    We have Charter's dedicated Fiber service. 200mb/200mb with guaranteed bandwidth and 31 static IP addresses. We get notices of when any work is going to be done that may effect us. It we are down more than 30 seconds they call asking if there is a problem. A bunch more other services I can't...
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    20% off all PCIe Graphics Cards & DDR2/DDR3 @ MicroCenter

    That's what I do too. It is a 45 minute drive so I like to make sure they are holding on to at least one for me when I show up. Works well for getting 2 CPUs at the full discount.
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    Consoles Have Just Become Sh**** PCs....

    I gave up on PC gaming completely about 5 years ago. It just stopped being worth the cost. Priorities changed after my mid 20s. Most of my friends are married and have kids. Spending money on a "gaming PC" just isn't going to happen. Sure, many of them still game, but it needs to be...
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    GIGABYTE's Entire 6 Series Ready to Support Native PCIe Gen. 3

    It would depend on which PCI-E slots you are talking about. When you put in an Ivy Bridge CPU you are putting in a new PCI-E controller for the GPU slots. The board only has the traces that go from the CPU socket to the slot. The PCI-E slots that run off of the southbridge will need an upgraded...
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    Brands - Who Do You Use At Work?

    That's what I did. Cisco to ProCurve. I couldn't tell the difference between the 2 brands when it comes to performance or reliability. HP has been nothing but awesome when doing replacements. I don't understand why so many medium sized places shell out the cash for Cisco.
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    GIGABYTE's Entire 6 Series Ready to Support Native PCIe Gen. 3

    That makes me really happy. I really like my GA-Z68X-UD3H-B3 board and would like to keep it for a while. I couldn't care less about PCIe Gen 3 (I run onboard graphics) but I love the fact they confirmed that I will be able to throw a Ivybridge in it.
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    Brands - Who Do You Use At Work?

    I work at a private school. We host everything onsite. 450 students + 200 staff/teachers/etc. We have our main Upper school campus that houses all the servers and most the offices. Our middle school campus is connected by private phone and fiber. We have a 3rd campus that we rent to a...
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    HP Procurve layer 2 trunks

    I think the better way is whatever you are used to. I've been managing all HP switches for 7 years and like the OP said, can do everything on them in my sleep. I get any Cisco and I don't know my head from my ass. Luckily I just have to get the config because the only time I deal with Cisco...
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    Xbox Live Enforcement: Behind The Black Curtain

    I have a lot of tattoos and I have several friends that look similar to the dude in the middle. You show up to the interviews looking normal and then after you are hired you slowly start to show your ink, sport a mohawk, etc....
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    Which next gen console do you have the least interest in?

    +1. I own all of Nintendo's consoles and handhelds. All purchased within a year of launch. All of them still work perfectly. I love both the Mario and Zelda series. I couldn't give a shit about what the hardware specs are or what it looks like; I love Nintendo's first party games. There...
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    Gigabyte Z68X-UD3H-B3 Motherboard Review @ [H]

    I'm using this board and love it. I don't PC game, so I am using the onboard displayport to drive my 30" Dell. Its been 100% stable and I can't tell the difference between it and having dedicated graphics. I have to say having the CPU be the only major source of heat inside the whole box is a...
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    Any Z68 based MB NOT have the Sleep problem?

    Its much faster from off to running. Its literally a few minutes for a cold start vs a few seconds for sleep. Multiply that by 2-3 times a day and it is a huge deal. On top of that I usually leave tons of things running. I would have to save/bookmark/remember where I was in everything. Big...
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    quick question about onboard video

    Nope. I drive my 30" Dell from the on-board graphics and a 2600k. As long as I don't try to game, everything is great.
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    on board HDMI in Z68 board? Why?

    I have Gigabytes GA-Z68X-UD3H-B3 board. I don't PC game, so I use the onboard Intel graphics. The display port drives my 30" Dell's 2560x1600 resolution without any issue.
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    Will Linux finally get a break?

    Why in the hell are you still running Exchange 2003? Exchange 2003 is garbage compared to Exchange 2007. It improved everything by leaps and bounds. Exchange 2010 is even better than 2007. I am running a fully VMWare infrastructure. I've gotten support from Microsoft no problem, but then...
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    Video: Microsoft Kinect Enabled Ads Explained

    Here is the thing about Hyundai. The US branch of the company pronounces it "hun-dai" and the also do so in their commercials here. So how are we pronouncing it wrong when that's the way the company does itself?
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    painting a wifi panel antenna

    So I have an issue at work. 1) I link 2 of our campuses using a WiFi bridge on top of our clock tower. 2) Headmaster saw antenna after a year of it being there, declared it an eyesore and demanded its removal. 3) CFO won't shell out the money to run a hard line. 4) Clock tower is the only...
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    Verizon Unlimited Data to end on 7/7

    +1 Hopefully by the time I am up for a new phone, all of this cap shit will have blown through.
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    anyone here use both a Mac and PC?

    +1 Same here. Windows on my desktop and media center, OS X on my laptop, and Android on my phone.
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    Verizon LTE waiting for a good phone to switch, anyone else?

    $23 for the unlimited Data plan NOT the whole plan. :eek: 1 Smart phone + Data and a feature phone for my Dad. I am an educator and we get 20% off of the plan + 18% off of features since our school uses Verizon. I pay a tad bit over $100 a month.
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    Verizon LTE waiting for a good phone to switch, anyone else?

    Didn't wait here. I got a Thunderbolt. Absolutely love it. I don't really have any battery issues and I am stock. I charge every night and it lasts all day. I handle all of our cell phones at work and we have Verizon. The tiered data packages aren't going to be pretty. Not bad for $23...
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    Which of the big 3 won E3?

    Nintendo>Sony>>Microsoft. I am a huge Zelda fan and I listen to game soundtracks on a regular basis. Also I am excited for the possibilities of the Wii U. I hate Sony hands down. However The amount of new games and the Vita pricing gave them a close second place. I love my 360, but I...
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    Nintendo E3 2011 Keynote

    Also, how long before the controller is hacked and we are all using it on our PCs.
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    Nintendo E3 2011 Keynote

    Did anyone else play any of the Gamecube games that used a GBA as a second screen? Done well it was great. My prediction is this: Nintendo will use the controller really well and make awesome games that properly use it. 3rd parties will badly shoehorn its use into their games and it will...
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    Apple Sees Tablets Soon Outpacing PCs

    Its not just data caps. I work in a town of 22,000. About 1/3 of my users don't have access to decent broadband. Its either dial up or edge speed wireless. They have to have all of their files on their computer to get any sort of productivity. Our business fiber service gives up...
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    One Out of Eight People Use Chrome

    +1 for Firefox customization. I hate Chrome, IE 9 and Firefox as the are default configured. Firefox is the only browser that lets me setup the browser how I want, not how they think it should work. The best example is I want the tabs at the bottom underneath the address bar. I hate, hate...
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    Email Notifications...again.

    Same here. No email again. I am sure they are sorting it out, but it would be nice to have announcement when it does go down.
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    Macbook Pro Options for Second Hard Drive Installation

    There really shouldn't be a difference between them. All the bay is doing is acting as a mount and converting the hard drive power connector to the shorter laptop optical power connector. The Optibay just has a few traces on a tiny piece of circuit board. The only difference that would matter...
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    Macbook Pro Options for Second Hard Drive Installation

    I just bought one of them. I'll let you know in a month or so when/if it shows up.
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    Microsoft Tossing Hat in Skype’s Ring?

    Microsoft Lync. I've been running it for a while at work now. It has a bunch of features that are better than Skype, but is really lacking is some places that Skype excels. Combining Skype and Lync would produce an awesome product.
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    Email notifications

    Same here with Google Apps. If it helps at all, I have also lost several other notifications from a few other companies that send me daily updates at my work email. Our spam filtering service keeps a log of every email that hits the system. We got like 15% total drop in email coming into...
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    TV Ownership Down For First Time in 20 Years

    The funny thing about that is that the cost of an uncapped business connection is still cheaper than internet + cable. I could even could add a second cable or dsl account just for netflix and I'd still be saving money vs cable TV.
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    Sony "Rebuilding" PlayStation Network After Attack

    Mine works too. It asks me to log in, and fails. I log in a second time and it lets me in. Watched 3 movies over the weekend on my PS3.
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    Do/Don't you overclock?

    I did up until I got my first P4. At that point in time money stopped being such an issue. Now I just buy the CPU at the speed I want, I don't need to buy a cheap CPU and ramp it up because that was all I could afford. Also, outside of benchmarks does it really matter for most anymore...