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    painting a wifi panel antenna

    So I have an issue at work. 1) I link 2 of our campuses using a WiFi bridge on top of our clock tower. 2) Headmaster saw antenna after a year of it being there, declared it an eyesore and demanded its removal. 3) CFO won't shell out the money to run a hard line. 4) Clock tower is the only...
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    Anyone else running the Intel DP55KG MoBo?

    I've been running the Intel DP55KG in my main system for about a month now and I have to say I'm impressed with it. Intel motherboard have come a long way from being the bland feature-lacking motherboards they once were. FYI I usually run my CPUs at stock. So I don't know how this board...
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    Vista -> Win 7 upgrade install vs new install.

    Usually when a new OS launches, I will do an upgrade install at first to get it up and going and then will usually do a clean OS install a couple/few months later. Every time there are some little annoying problems that crop up because of it being an upgrade install vs a clean fresh install...
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    Intel I7 searches

    Is there any way to make an exception for I7 so that it doesn't get blocked in searching for being too short of a word? For example I want to go in the FS/FT subforum and do a search for just I7 so that I can find all of the related motherboards, CPUs, etc for sale.
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    Well, I did it.

    What kind of shipping? Broken forum. See post below. :D
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    Rosewill not so Rosey

    My question is why you would risk your system with such a cheap PSU. :confused: Yay broken forum posting.
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    Help Diagnose my LCD problem

    I have started to have problems with my Dell 3007FPW. I want to make sure that I am blaming the right component before I start RMAing things. The problem is that I am starting to have flickering pixels. I have uploaded a video to You Tube (Linky) that shows the problem. I don't have a real...
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    Sound card for Swan D1080MkIIs

    A little background. I used to do a lot of gaming on both my PC and consoles, but about a 2 years ago I basically moved completely to my consoles and my PC hasn't seen a game for that long. I have started to "de-game" my PC. The first thing to go were my surround sound speakers. I sold off...
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    Vista 64-bit Antivirus: Symantec Corp. 10.2 or NOD32?

    I have narrowed down my choices for what anti virus I am going to use. But want some input. 1) Symantec Corporate 10.2. I get this through work for free, they have a license for every employee to have it on their home system. I have used Symantec Corp for years and it has treated me well...
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    2x2GB How long should I wait?

    First a little history. I want to make the jump to 4GB in my main system. (see sig) I need to put my current ram in another system so just adding 2GB isn't an option. I don't do any overclocking at all so the ram will be running at stock speeds and latencies. I want to go with a 2x2GB kit...
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    Dual Monitor: 2 PCI-E or 1 PCI-E and 1 PCI GPUs?

    I currently am running dual LCDs on my system. My main LCD is a Dell 3007FPW running on a 7900GTX GPU. My secondary monitor is an old 15" LCD that is basically just for menus (think Photoshop) and other crap I don't want on my main screen. I am torn with how I should drive the 15". I had...
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    Dell Small Business: 25% off 2005FPW

    Woke up to this little deal in my inbox: 25% OFF DELL 2005FPW FLAT PANEL MONITORS! Enter coupon code* Q$50QXDN$62JF6 at checkout for 25% off Dell 2005FPW flat panel monitors. Expires 03/22/06. * One coupon per customer. One time use only. Non-transferable. Offers not combinable with...
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    Do you have any Game based Tattoos??

    I was just wondering if anyone one here besides me had any Game based Tattoos. If you do, post them!! In a post that is sure to forever label me a Nintendo !!!!!!, check out my new Super Metroid Tattoo:
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    Vista: How many CPUs?

    I was reading some articles about quad core processors coming out next year, and that got me thinking. Does anyone know how many processors/cores Vista will support and does this differ between the different versions of Vista? I'd love to get my hands on a quad core Opteron (or even just ;)...
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    Getting second internet connection. How do I setup my network?

    First a little backround. I work and live at a private highschool. I live on campus and have full access to the school network. Since the school has more public IPs than it needs I am running my server off of the connection. The problem is the connection is shared by about 400 people and...
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    Das Keyboard or Unicomp Keyboard?

    I am looking to get a new keyboard. My IBM model M is getting a little finicky and I don't want to get another one off of ebay. I want to go with a nice new keyboard. I got it narrowed down to 2. Since I don't have personal experiance with either, I want some input from people that actually...
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    What should I upgrade my server to??

    Right now I have the server listed down in my Sig. I want to convert it over to a SFF PC, because it would just work out much better for me. I want to keep most of the components in it. I have 2 "upgrade" routes I can take. I can either reuse the Socket 478 2.4ghz P4 (800mhz fsb HT) in my...
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    Love your Socket 478?

    Well I got my self all caught up in the whole socket based fan club. See my Sig. While I have switched teams, I still use and work on a few socket 478 machine. I love my Socket 478!! This is a support group for all us Socket 478 users. And yes we get to have all the fancy things the...
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    2 computers, 1 case

    I run 2 servers in my house. I had just been running them in 2 cases. I access them using remote desktop, so they only need to be connected to power and the network. I figured that I could mount both of the computers in one case to save space. The victim: I have 2 sides for this...
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    Current and next gen consoles

    What current generation consoles do you own and what consoles do you plan on buying when the new ones are released? Give reasons if you want.
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    Help: Smoothwall reduces upload speed 50%

    My old netgear router has become flaky, so I decided to use smoothwall on an old pc instead of getting another router. Heres the problem, when I am hooked up through my netgear router I get a connection speed of atleast 1200/210 kbps every single time I test it. As soon as I run everything...
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    6 Dellf Flat Panel coupons

    I've been saving all the Dellf LCD coupons that I have gotten so far. I am not going to use them, so here they are. If you use one, reply saying it is gone. 25% off: $M34LZJ5M3WNBS $RPHWSCJLZZ746 06VWM5DVRC?6DB 0DC1VDH7J00MWZ 20% off: $HZ?32F1G91LVT $LRVR4J9040R9W
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    Is your broadband dsl or cable?

    I am just interested in finding out the ratio of dsl to cable users here. I have 1.5/256 adsl.
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    Free Dell 2001FP for me

    I thought I'd share my story: A month ago I bought a 2001FP LCD. When I got the e-mail that it shipped, I saw that the address was messed up. I called them and talked to someone in India. He said he would take care of it. A week passes with no reponse. I call their small business support...
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    NintendoDS at Target.

    I was at the Target in Apple Valley, MN and to my surprise next to the GBA was a NintendoDS. It had the demo version of Metroid hunters. I was impressed by the ease of the gameplay. Using a stylus instead of a mouse was quite easy. The music didn't sound that good and pictures spanning the...
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    Are you going to buy a NintendoDS?

    Just a poll to find out when everyone else is going to buy a DS, if you are going to get one at all. I know that I am going to wait until it comes out and I can test one out before I buy one right away or wait until more games come out for it.