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  1. Thermite Paste

    Crossfire Temp Creep?

    I've been struggling with this issue and figured I would ask [H] for advice... I have two XFX 7950 DD's in Crossfire, and no matter what I do card 1 (the top card I'm assuming) will keep increasing in temperature until it hits ~100c and everything crashes. The problem doesn't seem to follow...
  2. Thermite Paste

    Replacing Keys (Mechanical Keyboard)

    I took my keyboard (Steelseries 6GV2) apart for cleaning and noticed that the insides of the keys had started to crack... emailed customer support and I was only able to get them to send out the keys that had broken at the time, despite most of the other keys feeling loose and ready to crack. A...
  3. Thermite Paste

    Replacement Monitor Stands? (Removing Bezels)

    I'm going to be removing the bezels on my 3x2209wa's for portrait eyefinity, the only problem is I'll need new stands that screw on to the back since the stock ones use the plastic to attach to. So far the only decently-priced one I can find is this, which won't work since the base is xbox...
  4. Thermite Paste

    Blown driver?

    I have a set of Infinity SS-2001 speakers, and I'm not sure if one of the drivers is blown or not... all of a sudden it started bottoming out, but the cone and foam are in perfect shape and it moves freely up and down. I swapped it with the driver and the other speaker, and the problem seems...
  5. Thermite Paste

    Skyrim Collector's Edition - $94.99 + FS at Newegg (All Systems)

    Did not want to spend this much but I couldn't pass up the CE for this price :p Got mine for $90.94 shipped after the newcustomer10 coupon. PC: Xbox 360:
  6. Thermite Paste

    Klipsch Promedia 2.1 Speakers - $94.99 + FS at Best Buy

    Saw this on slickdeals... this is an amazing deal for this price, as these are pretty much the best all-in-one set of 2.1 speakers you can get. The bass alone is amazing, I know because I have a set :p Lowest I have ever seen these go is ~$120, and they were a sweet deal even then...
  7. Thermite Paste

    Leatherman Freestyle CX $15.99 + SH at

    I thought this was a pretty good deal... It's not as fully featured as the Skeletool, but realistically what I find myself in need of most of the time is a good pair of pliers and wire cutters, and this fits that role perfectly. This also has a 154CM steel blade as opposed to the 420HC steel...
  8. Thermite Paste

    Headphone Wire

    So the microphone cable on my Sennheiser PC-350s kicked the bucket, and I would like to replace the cable, however I can't find a source for replacement wire. At this point I'd like to just tear out the original cable and replace it with something new, but everything I can find is insanely...
  9. Thermite Paste

    Promedia replacement driver?

    I have a set of Klipsch Promedia 2.1's, and recently the 3" driver in the left satellite crapped out on me. My options seem to be at this point to either order an entire new satellite from klipsch when (if it ever) comes back in stock, or try my luck with craigslist or ebay for a new set. Does...
  10. Thermite Paste

    XFX 6850 Hyper Transport Issue?

    I decided to take the plunge on a 6850, and after installing it in my rig and loading the latest catalyst drivers it would constantly crash and reboot, giving me the error "A Hyper Transport sync flood error occurred on last boot." in the bios, prompting me to continue. Now, I figured it...
  11. Thermite Paste

    Corsair H50 CWCH50-1 $47.19 AR + ACB + AC

    Corsair CWCH50-1 Hydro H50 CPU Liquid Cooler So this is a bit complicated... but I got one for the above price :p First go to, and search for " Corsair CWCH50-1." Click on the first link, and click through to the tigerdirect entry. It should show $7.80...
  12. Thermite Paste

    Enable K8 NPT C1E in Bios

    I found this option in my bios while setting up raid... It's disabled by default, and the manual and google both fail to explain what it does. Does anyone have any idea? My system is a barebones Shuttle SN27P2.
  13. Thermite Paste

    Shuttle 400w PSU and system upgrade?

    I want to upgrade my system, but I'm not sure my PSU will be able to handle it. Currently I have a 65w processor, and a 7600GT (not sure how much power it draws) in an SN27P2. I'm looking to upgrade to an Athlon X2 6400 (125w) and an 8800GT (not sure, but I know it draws more than my current...
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    windows on a mac?

  15. Thermite Paste

    help with internet connection

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    HP Jornada 680

  17. Thermite Paste

    argh. help me with win 98

  18. Thermite Paste

    playing a prank on a friend

  19. Thermite Paste

    peltier = proc cooler?

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    Halo Pc

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    halo pc help

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    thunderbird help

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    DVD drive problems...

  24. Thermite Paste

    Strange issues with a Shuttle SN41G2V3 mobo...

    The bios will not detect any IDE drives on startup. If I go into the bios and hit auto detect, everything shows up, but when I restart they're all gone again. This is preventing me from booting from any ide drive, and I'm not sure of the cause of the problem. I can boot from a SATA drive, and...
  25. Thermite Paste

    Which games currently support Dual Cores?

    I tried to find a list, but I can't find anything.
  26. Thermite Paste

    I must be doing something wrong here... (Vista RC1 download)

    I'm getting a constant low speed on my downloads from microsoft. In the past, it was in the high hundreds of kb/s, now it averages 60. I'm on 15/2 cable, and it shouldn't be going this slow. I don't think their server's overloaded, it was constanly at 60kb/s when I downloaded the x86 pre-rc1...
  27. Thermite Paste

    Problems reading/writing usb hard drive?

    I put together a usb hard drive for a friend, and it's been giving him problems lately. These are the parts I used: Now, whenever he tries to play a file, he...
  28. Thermite Paste

    Better video card for ~$100 than X1600XT?

    I'm in need of a PCI-E video card, and I've been looking at this one: Is there anything better than this for around that price? I'm open to ATI or Nvidia, as long as there are benchmarks proving it better. One restriction...
  29. Thermite Paste

    Better way of transferring files?

    A friend and I want to transfer some files, but I was wondering if there was anything faster than AIM. We both have 15/2 cable, and AIM gives us ~150kb/s transfer rates. Is there any way to do a faster over-the-internet file transfer?
  30. Thermite Paste

    Running Deus Ex at 1280 x 1024?

    Is there any way i could do this? If not, is there any way to get black bars on my lcd, instead of stretching the picture at 1280 x 960. Thanks!
  31. Thermite Paste

    Connecting two PC's using telephone wire?

    Well, one of them is a Jornada 680 handheld PC. The reason I need to do this is that I don't have the sync cable for it, and it only has a telephone port, no ethernet. I have a wireless laptop card that will work with it, but I have no way of getting the drivers on. So, is there any...
  32. Thermite Paste

    Anything to do with a Jornada 680?

    Well, I've had an old Jornada sitting in my basement for a while, with no use because I don't have a sync cable. I finally broke down and ordered a wireless adapter for it, which I should be able to network and transfer files (I might have to borrow my friend's laptop with an IR port to put the...
  33. Thermite Paste

    Any Halo PC Texture packs?

    I have the game, and i'm wondering if anybody has made any Halo PC texture packs for singleplayer. I'm hoping that somebody has at least re-skinned the vehicles. :(
  34. Thermite Paste

    How to convert all 5 game install cds onto one dvd?

    I would like to know if there's a way that I can put all of my install cd's from a game onto one, executable dvd. I have a lot of games like this, and it's a huge hassle to get all of the cds out whenever i have to reformat.
  35. Thermite Paste

    How much power does a X1600 Pro draw?

    I needed a cheap upgrade for my shuttle sff system, and i chose an x1600 pro. I have the shuttle silent x 300 watt power supply, and it was able to run my previous card, a 9800 pro, fine. So, will my 300 watt power supply run the new card? System info: Shuttle SN41G2 V3 300w silentx...
  36. Thermite Paste

    Good audio management program?

    Is there any free program that will let me manage my speakers, like choose which ones are used, and customize levels and everything? I have 5.1 speakers, but i don't have the surround ones hooked up. I'm using nvidias NVMixer right now, but it just doesn't feel customizable enought. A media...
  37. Thermite Paste

    AIM won't install on vista build 5831.

    I'm having some problems installing aim. Every other program seems to not have any issues, but aim is always a pain in the ass. It gives me an incompatibility error, but lets me install it anyway. Once i get to it, it freezes on imagehlp.dll. It worked fine the first day i installed it...